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  • CV-Layer Comps Plugin is now Available!
    Sep 18 2014 01:37 PM

    Hey Everyone,

    We've just released CV- Layer Comps, a full suite of Cinema 4D plugins and commands developed by Donovan Keith to streamline your workflow when working with layers.

    What's included:

    · CV-Layer Comps Manager: Provides an easy interface for quickly saving and loading layer states that is similar to Adobe Photoshops' Layer Comps Manager.
    · CV-Active Layer: Assigns new objects to the selected layer in the scene layers manager.
    · CV-Load Layer Comps Palette: Loads a palette containing all of the CV-Layer Comps - ideal for docking into your Layers manager.
    · CV-New Layer Comp: Creates a new layer comp based on the current layer states.
    · CV-Next Layer Comp: Activates the next selected layer comp in the Layer Comp Manager.
    · CV-Update Layer Comp: Updates the selected layer comp(s) to reflect the current scene layer states
    · CV-Mute Layer: Mutes/unmutes the currently selected layer.
    · CV-Reset Layer to Defaults: Restores all layer properties of the selected layer to default settings.
    · CV-Select Layers of Active Objects: Selects the layers associated with any objects selected in the viewport/object manager
    · CV-Solo Layers of Active Objects: Turns on solo mode for any layers associated with the selected layers, if other layers are currently soloed it turns them off.
    · CV-Solo Next Layer: Loops through all selected layers - soloing them in turn.
    · CV-Solo Previous Layer: Like the one above, but in the opposite direction.

    As with all Cineversity plugins, CV-Layer Comps can be installed from within Cinema 4D's interface in just a few clicks through the CV-Toolbox unified installer.

    CV-Layer Comps is available exclusively for Premium Cineversity members.

    Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cv-layers_comps

    The Cineversity Team

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