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  • Metal Slug Tanks Challenge - Winners Announced
    A day ago



    Hi everyone. What an awesome challenge. This will go down as one of my favourite challenges. Just a pity only 5 people submitted final entries. There were more members working on tanks and some of them I thought were finished enough that they could have been submitted. Judging was tough and to be honest there's very little between them although both judges clearly thought Bigbot's entry was clearly the best.


    The winners are:


    1st Place - Bigbot

    1st Place - Bigbot
    2nd Place - Deztiny
    2nd Place - Deztiny
    2nd Place - Deztiny


    3rd Place - ion

    3rd Place - Ion
    3rd Place - Ion
    Honourable Mentions and as I say there's very little in it. Either of these could have placed second or third. It just came down to personal preference on the judges part.
    Well done everyone. Looking forward to some scary Halloween images being posted soon.
    3DKiwi and Hsrdelic


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  • New Tutorial - The Knife Tool
    3 days ago



    Yet another updated tutorial. Like the rest it's a lot longer and more comprehensive.


    Here's a 55 minute tutorial explaining and demonstrating all options of the knife tool. Recorded with R16 but users of earlier versions should be able to follow along without too many problems.

    This tutorial is hosted on Vimeo. If you head over there you will be able to download the original high res version rather than watching the low quality streaming version.



    Have to say that after recording this tutorial how disappointed I am with the knife tool. It badly needs updating and some of its options I can only describe at best as being clunky, at worst buggy. The equivalent tool or tools in other 3D apps in most cases work better.

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  • Halloween Challenge - Graveyards
    4 days ago



    Hi everyone. It's that time of the year again and time for our Halloween themed challenge. This year the theme is "Graveyards". We want a creepy graveyard image. You can go either realistic or have a more stylized / cartoon look to it. It's up to you. For this challenge we will allow some minor post processing e.g. adding fog in a 2D paint program. The bulk of your image needs to be done in Cinema 4D.
    Challenge ends (very appropriately) Midnight 31 October 2014 Pacific Standard time.
    Judges: Cafe admins.

    1. Deadline - Midnight Friday 31 October 2014 P.S.T.
    2. No time limit i.e. take as long as you like.
    3. No imported models / meshes / scenes.
    4. Members can enter multiple times.
    5. The Cafe judges reserve the right to disallow any entry if in their opinion the entry contains objectionable, offensive material or blatant advertising.
    6. At least one WIP image is required as a reply to this topic just to keep things interesting. You can post more WIP images if you want. Please disable Subdivision objects (previously called HyperNurbs objects).
    7. All final entries must be made in the proper "Final entry" thread located here. You are required to attach a maximum of 2 final rendered images in 1920 x 1020 resolution or less and no more than 800kb, plus 1 only Cel / Wireframe rendered image. The Cel / Wireframe image is to be a Cel render. Please disable Subdivision objects (previously called HyperNurbs objects). We want to see your polygon construction. A viewport wireframe screen grab of the model is not acceptable.
    8. You cannot use models etc that you have previously modelled before.
    9. You can use imported bump maps, displacement maps etc. Sculpting is permitted provided it's done with Cinema 4D. Painting etc is to be done in C4D / Bodypaint only. You can however create decals / stickers in an external program e.g. Photoshop or a vector drawing program but these decals or stickers must be all your own work. That means if you want to use a manufacturers logo you've got to make all by yourself.
    10. If you're doing sculpting we're fine if alpha images used for brushes and or stencils are imported but those alpha images must be your own work. e.g. rivets and bolts. You can use any software program you like to make the alpha images.
    11. You can do limited post work on your rendered images i.e. Photoshop to add fog or other post effect
    12. You can use any HDR image of your choice.
    13. You can use any CINEMA 4D compatible renderer e.g. V-Ray. You can also use any plugin within CINEMA 4D.

    Good luck!
    3DKiwi & Hsrdelic

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    Topic Started By: 3DKiwi   Last Reply By:  Rafael  

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