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    • Help with rigging!
      By digitvisions · Posted
      Hi, This could help you with the weighting of the joints:https://youtu.be/sz9DC_BzeHU
    • Nike bubble
      By Igor · Posted
      No problem,I am glad if I can help. ;)   Cheers, Igor
    • C4D prices weird
      By 3DKiwi · Posted
      C4D Studio Prices from either Maxon online shops or their authorised reseller Adimex in Australia. Curreny conversion done at today's exchange rates. Australia - A $5,258.00(inc GST) that's US $3841 USA - US $3,695 that's Australian $5057 UK - UK £2,600.00 that's Australian $5557 Considering the Australian price includes 10% GST and the USA price doesn't include any tax I would say the Australian price compares very favourably. Now where you won't get any argument from me is that Cinema 4D is over priced for what you get. So many parts of the program are way out of date that what they are charging is a rip off. I bought Modo 901 for US $1299 from a USA online reseller. Silly Maxon won't allow them to sell Cinema 4D outside of North America.
    • upgrade
      By 3DKiwi · Posted
      Maxon release a new version of Cinema 4D every September. The MSA is essentially a reduced upgrade fee plus the licence allows you to install on 2 computers (but only use one at a time) e.g. your desktop and laptop computers. Check out the upgrade prices at Adimex.com.au  Since a new version is imminent, now is not a good time to purchase. Wait until R17 is out, buy that plus a MSA. Unless they can offer you a really good deal now for R16 with a free upgrade to R17.
    • So what is the mood like at MAXON these days?
      By johnalexevic · Posted
      I have a good feeling that character animation tools are gonna get a bit of love in R17.  
    • C4D prices weird
      By kbar · Posted
      Maybe you have mixed up USD and AUD?  The $3695 is the price in USD on the MAXON online store, which comes to about $5057.15 AUD (using a simple google currency convert).