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      Cafe Challenge


      Hi folks :)

      We are having an interesting challenge this time, and that is the task of creating a Cafe Logo! Only one entry will be chosen and it will be used as a Cafe logo from now on. The member who wins will receive following:

      - Lifetime "Cafe logo designer" member title
      - One free advertisement slot on cafe
      - Free first future training set that will be made available after R18 from VP

      The rules are simple. Anyone can participate, and you can use any software and plugin you like, post up to 3 logos. Although there is no required size, please bear in mind that logo is on the smaller side so use current one as orientation point. Use this topic to post your wip and showcase your work. Final entry topic will be created few days before challenge ends. The winner may be required to do small interventions in final image (size, color space etc.)

      Challenge is open until 11.November Midnight Central European time.

      Good luck everyone!

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    • Multiple deformations on object
      By mistamista · Posted
      My apologies. I wasn't actually meaning for that to sound like I was asking you to do the work, I was simply wondering if you might be able to present an example. That said, I am grateful for your help and I'll give the sweep tool a shot. I've always worked as a modeller and rigging was a distant contemplation...so, I never really spent a lot of time learning. I have, however learned a lot here today and I sincerely appreciate all your effort!
    • after hitting a reflector i want the pacrticles to move back to their emitter
      By aturtur · Posted
      Hello, I am very late with this one, but I used HSrdelic's c4d file and modified it little bit. Emit_and_trace_2.c4d
    • Multiple deformations on object
      By everfresh · Posted
      this one is a bit more tricky, you won't be able to keep everything parametric... i don't have the time to do this for you, but here's what i would do: i'd make the overall shape with a spline and a sweep this time, then "current state to object"...  clean up, make cuts where the cuts need to be, then duplicate that model, delete points in the front so you get the back half of the model, fill the holes to make everything solid again, select the other Model, delete points in the back, so you get the front part, again fill the holes... this Part you can then simply fade with a material or display tag... on the back half model set additional cuts where the corners will be folded in, throw in a few joints, weight your mesh and then happy animating  ;)
    • Geometry distorts when rotating arms
      By BretBays · Posted
      You may want to check out the following link, it might help.  http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_bret_bays_weighting_workflows_for_cinema_4d_character How your character deforms is directly related to the model and weights you paint. Your suspicion is correct about the fingers. One span is limited to deforming like 1 span. If you want to retain more volume, you will need some more topology to work with. About your shoulder, did you model your character arms down? It looks like maybe you have, if you did, I'd recommend going into an A-Pose or T-Pose. I mean there is some twisting that will happen in the shoulder just given the range of motion the shoulder is capable of. But it looks like you have the arm flooded to 100% and then an abrupt stop. so there's no way for that twisting action to propagate really. You will want to work on the weights falloff from the shoulder to the clavicle/chest area. What your image shows is no falloff, and therefor a very harsh twisting occurs. Hope this helps
    • Grow hair on hair.
      By dataflow · Posted
      just add new hair object to the hair object (bush)  just the same as you would with normal geometry object