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  • Steering Wheel Challenge - Winners Announced
    3 days ago



    Hi everyone. Wow, some outstanding entries. Well done everyone. The winners are:


    1st Place - mrmoose

    1st Place - mrmoose
    1st Place - mrmoose
    2nd Equal Place - OriginalGem
    2nd Equal - OrigianlGem
    2nd Equal - OrigianlGem
    2nd Equal Place - mad
    2nd Equal - Mad
    2nd Equal - Mad
    3rd Place - Deztiny
    3rd - Deztiny
    3rd - Deztiny
    Honourable Mention:
    Looking forward to see lots of entries in our 6 week Metal Slug Tank Challenge. My advice for anyone not sure where to start is to rough out the overall shape with primitives. Then go back and model part by part in detail.
    Nigel / 3DKiwi





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  • Challenge - Metal Slug Tanks
    5 days ago



    Hi everyone. Time for some heavy metal!! What we want you to do is model and texture a Metal Slug Tank.


    Check out the attached images below for the style we're after. Also do a Google search and you'll find plenty of cool images for inspiration.

    We're going to give you 6 weeks for this challenge. This gives you plenty of time to come up with something awesome plus with R16 due to be launched in September people will be busy playing with that. The challenge runs until midnight Friday 26 September 2014.

    No prizes, just the glory of having your image featured in the Cafe's gallery and a shiny badge in your profile if you are one of the top 3 winners :)

    Judges: Cafe admins.

    Note: Judging is on modelling and texturing. We're not terribly interested in originality.

    1. Deadline - Midnight Friday 26 September 2014 P.S.T.
    2. No time limit i.e. take as long as you like.
    3. No imported models / meshes / scenes.
    4. Members can enter multiple times.
    5. The Cafe judges reserve the right to disallow any entry if in their opinion the entry contains objectionable, offensive material or blatant advertising.
    6. At least one WIP image is required as a reply to this topic just to keep things interesting. You can post more WIP images if you want. Please disable Subdivision objects (previously called HyperNurbs objects).
    7. All final entries must be made in the proper "Final entry" thread located here. You are required to attach a maximum of 3 final rendered images in 1920 x 1020 resolution or less and no more than 800kb, plus 1 only Cel / Wireframe rendered image. The Cel / Wireframe image is to be a Cel render. Please disable Subdivision objects (previously called HyperNurbs objects). We want to see your polygon construction. A viewport wireframe screen grab of the model is not acceptable.
    8. You cannot use models etc that you have previously modelled before.
    9. You can use imported bump maps, displacement maps etc. Sculpting is permitted provided it's done with Cinema 4D. Painting etc is to be done in C4D / Bodypaint only. You can however create decals / stickers in an external program e.g. Photoshop or a vector drawing program but these decals or stickers must be all your own work. That means if you want to use a manufacturers logo you've got to make all by yourself.
    10. If you're doing sculpting we're fine if alpha images used for brushes and or stencils are imported but those alpha images must be your own work. e.g. rivets and bolts. You can use any software program you like to make the alpha images.
    11. You cannot do any post work on your rendered images i.e. Photoshop
    12. You can use any HDR image of your choice.
    13. You can use any CINEMA 4D compatible renderer e.g. V-Ray. You can also use any plugin within CINEMA 4D.
    14. We're fine if you want to base your tank on an image you find on the Internet. All modelling and texturing obviously must all be your own work.

    Good luck!
    3DKiwi & Hsrdelic

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    Topic Started By: 3DKiwi   Last Reply By:  Igor  

  • New Tutorial - Dice Modelling
    6 days ago



    Hi everyone. I was having a look through some of the cafe's older modelling tutorials and came across a Dice modelling tutorial I did way back when Release 10 had just come out. The resulting dice / die from that tutorial was pretty boring i.e. a cube with bevelled edges. So I've made a new Dice modelling tutorial but this time I thought that I would do something a bit more challenging. The result is the rounded style dice ("die" singular) you see above. Not as easy to model as you may think and at the beginning I show why just bevelling the 8 corner points of a cube doesn't produce acceptable results.


    So I'm very happy to present a 1 hour 34 minute tutorial on dice modelling with Subdivision surfaces. The tutorial was done using Release 16 but I don't using any of the new modelling tools. This means that people running older versions of Cinema 4D can follow along without any problems. This is a good tutorial for beginners and intermediate users as I show a range of tools and try to give some reasoning behind some of the things I'm doing. Without blowing my own trumpet too much, I reckon this is one of my better modelling tutorials as I cram a lot of stuff in and the final model comes out really well in my opinion.


    At the end I show applying materials. I actually do this twice, once using Release 15 and then again with Release 16 since materials have changed in Release 16 with Specular being integrated into the new Reflection channel. The bone coloured material on the dice is done with Sub Surface Scattering and I show how to do this.


    As a test of promoting the Cafe, I'm hosting the video on Vimeo. You can either watch the video streaming or head over to Vimeo and download the original High Res version (1gb). The link below is to the downloads section where you can down the final scene file (R15 and R16 formats). I suggest downloading the high res version as you'll likely want to replay some parts of the tutorial.


    Nigel / 3DKiwi


    Final Scene file download


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    Topic Started By: 3DKiwi   Last Reply By:  Edouard  

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