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  • 2 Hour Speed Modelling Challenge - Model & Texture a Coffee Table
    2 weeks ago



    Hi everyone. Time for the new challenge. For this challenge we're going back in time to how the cafe's challenges started with speed modelling challenges. These were usually an hour in duration. This time around we're being generous and giving you 2 hours but we do want you to do texturing.


    Okay, so the theme if you haven't figured it out is "Coffee Table". You are to start from scratch and model and texture a coffee table. You need to time yourself from the moment you start with an empty viewport until 2 hours is up. This 2 hours includes modelling, texturing, adding lights / HDRI's. Final rendering is after the 2 hours is up and there is no time limit on how long the rendering takes. Obviously we rely upon your honesty for not going past 2 hours. We also rely upon your honesty not to use someone else's models (as we've had in the past).


    What you can do prior to starting is having all of your resources ready e.g. textures, HDRI's, notes and hand drawn sketches that may include dimensions. This would be the smart thing to do so you know exactly what your plan is.


    Judging will be based on modelling, texturing and visual appeal. This means a cleverly designed table could beat an entry that might have better modelling. This is code for, the judges will pick the table that they like the best.


    The rules are:


    1. Challenge ends midnight 21 November 2014 (Pacific Standard Time)

    2. Judges: Cafe admins.

    3. You can enter as many times as you like.

    4. No WIP images / wireframes are required. You just submit your entry to the final entry thread here.

    5. You can use any imported textures that you like e.g. downloaded textures from the net can be used. Textures created in Photoshop can be used. You can use wood materials / textures from the Content Browser. You can use wood materials that you may have created previously.

    6. All modelling (and sculpting) can only be done in Cinema 4D. No imported models. Feel free to copy a coffee table design that you like off the net. All modelling is to be done within the 2 hour limit. No exceptions.

    7. Post your final entry here. 2 final rendered images are required plus 1 Cel rendered image showing polygon construction. Maximum render size is 1920 x 1080 and no more than 800kb. Please disable Subdivision (aka HyperNurbs) objects so that we can see polygon construction. All disable any Bevel deformers that you may be using.

    8. Plugins are permitted.

    9. Rendering can be done with any C4D compliant renderer e.g. V-Ray and Octane

    10. You are welcome to model accessories and add them to your scene but you must stay under the 2 hour limit.

    11. If you go over 2 hours then you have to disqualify yourself. We reckon 2 hours is plenty of time to model a decent coffee table.


    Have fun and let's see those coffee tables. A Christmas themed challenge isn't far away :)

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