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  • Planetary Encounters
    4 days ago


    Normally, Andy Lefton works in the field of advertising but with ‘Two Worlds’ he ventures into new territory – with the help of Cinema 4D.

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    Topic Started By: 3DKiwi   Last Reply By:  virtualzapp  

  • The Reflectance Channel Series is now Live!
    6 days ago

    Hey Everyone,

    We've just posted an extensive free tutorial series by Patrick Goski that guides you through the inner workings of Cinema 4D R16's new Reflectance Channel - equipping you to create stunning materials with its powerful functionality.

    The guide covers:

    • Reflectance theory
    • Basic Reflectance set up from scratch
    • Specular vs. Reflection
    • Attenuation methods
    • How to deal with imported materials
    • Layers and ways to work with them
    • Roughness and Reflection
    • Layer Color and Layer Masks
    • Reflectance with Fresnel
    • How Reflectance attributes work and interact with each other
    • And much more!

    Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/the_reflectance_channel

    The Cineversity Team

    Disclaimer: Although these videos and many others on Cineversity are free gifts to the community, some require premium membership to view.

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    Topic Started By: Cineversity   Last Reply By:  cerbera  

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    You still need to run an optimize after using the plugin.
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    i think its ctrl right click or something

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