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      C4D Feedback summary response

      Hi folks

      Thank you all for taking precious time to give feedback. What I gathered here and summarized is now sent directly to Oliver and Bernd in MAXON Product management for direct examination and will be taken seriously into account as any other feedback we receive from various inputs. They are also informed and aware of opinions expressed in this and many other topics here on cafe, cgtalk and other forums. At this point I am not in position to provide you with official response but hope I will be able to give some information soon in form of response that doesn't violate current company policy and NDA. Hope you understand :)


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      C4D Feedback summary response

      Thank you. Hopes that feedback will make new branch or fork of development if will be possible. I mean if you go any hub like git, you will see main branch or other branches and their forks...to get solid release

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    • Reflectance totally bugged with Xpresso?
      By ScottishCpt · Posted
      So it is or isn't glitched? I know all about how "unfinished" everyone thinks R16 is. I wanted to make a last ditch attempt to actually get my money out of my MSA this release. If there's no way to make this work properly, then some of my scenes are hooped and I'm not switching if I don't have 100% compatibility with R15. Right now I really need to know if this has anything to do with my systems or if someone else is experiencing the same problem. -SC
    • rigging a growing plant
      By Freeheek · Posted
      ​Yes I understand i can't expect an easy answer but a place to start is what i need, i checked digitvisions tutorial before but setting up procedural growth is the 2nd step in the plant growing phase, this is the part of the animation i understand how to make, altough i gonna use a different techniek for this just to have more control over the animation. But First i need to bend this little sprout to pop it out of the soil like in the example below. This is exact the animation i want to make, it;s the bending that i want to archieve. Iám able to bend the stem with a Ik Spline but i also want to control the 2 branches and the leafs seperatly to bend them towards each other, when i add a 2nd IK spline tag to the model and drop the end joint in the tag like i suppose to do it pops right away in a totally different position, the model is totally offset and parts are glitching and i can't control it anymore. I used this tutorial for this technique and it works but i wonder how to rig a model with multiple ik spline tags and splines.    
    • Making of Taken 3
      By Horganovski · Posted
      Pretty cool making-of showing some of the VFX for the movie Taken 3. Cool to see how much of the stunts were practical effects with CG mainly used to fill in the gaps by the looks of it.      
    • C4D Feedback summary response
      By ingvarai · Posted
      ​I would like to comment on this. I program C++ plugins for C4D. These will (or will not) be released, depending on circumstances irrelevant to this discussion. Nevertheless, I have some understanding about the innards of Cinema 4D. From my viewpoint, a Motion Tracker added to C4D does not interact much, perhaps not at all, with the central C4D machinery. So the development job can be carried out separately, and there is a low risk to implement it. The last point is very important. BodyPaint, on the pother hand, will obviously be a completely different beast to handle, an unwieldy creature perhaps. I have been programming now for about 20 years, all kinds of applications, several languages, from assembler to C#. I suspect, but am also just guessing, that the C4D concept of doing things, they way the C4D building is reinforced, might be a two edged sword. On one hand, it makes it as stable as Mount Everest, on the pother hand, it might be as hard to dig into as a mountain too, to follow up the analogy. Please note, what I write here is my personal opinion, I am just guessing, albeit with 18 months experience using the C++ SDK.
      Now, the motion tracker is very handy, I use it sometimes, because it is built into C4D. Mostly, almost always, I use SynthEyes. SynthEyes is to the C4D tracker what Adobe Photoshop is to MS Paint. And, I use Paint a lot, even if I own Adobe CS6 ;)
    • What's the deal with parenting? (python/xpresso)
      By Tanzola · Posted
      I'm trying to create a parent / child relationship in python (or xpresso) without using the object manager, specifically the rotation relationship. If I have a cube at the world origin and a child object 200 cm away, I'd expect the child object to 'orbit' the cube when the cube rotates. I'm curious about the math behind this. This is a stepping stone to my final desired result which is to get the direction of an object's rotation. This may be a very vanilla solution, but here's how I plan on getting it: 1. Get object position, then get a dummy child position 50cm (w/e) away on the x axis. (Dummy child, haha) 2. Find object's rotation, then use the parent/child formula to get a new dummy position that's correctly orbited around the parent object. 3. Dummy child pos - object pos = **a vector pointing from the object in the direction of it's rotation** (fireworks) I hope I was clear. If anyone could even just point me in the direction of some documentation that would be great. But i'd really appreciate if someone could tell me whether or not my solution will work so I'm not wasting my time. Thank you.