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    • Redshift for C4D, call for developers
      By Vozzz · Posted
      just make sure you support xparticles, and i guess openVDB and you'll be golden.    i cant help develop, but if you need beta testers i'll happily jump on.
    • 3D generalist / Videographer - London
      By hellicar · Posted
      Hellicar & Lewis are looking for a new studio member to join our team of designers, technologists and makers. Your task will be to model, texture, light, render and animate ideas and spaces as well as creating, shooting and editing documentation of our projects. www.hellicarandlewis.com Wage £15.000 PA (negotiable)
      Four days a week 
      3D generalist / Videographer The below requirements are the basic things we need but most important is for new members of the studio to enjoy making and engaging in new processes. Requirements.
      1: A solid grounding in 3d (C4d, Maya, 3ds etc.) / After Effects / Premiere Pro
      2: The ability to create still and moving images / animatics / films.
      3: The ability to understand and work within film, print and interaction workflows.
      4: Ability to understand a brief, discuss and gather reference materials Bonus:
      1) Experience with working with code an advantage but far from essential
    • Motel room WIP
      By robbing · Posted
      Horror Sci-fi road movie ;)
    • how get HDRI to material manager?
      By Kima · Posted
      I can drag them to the texture field of the material but not to the manager.  Are you dragging the ones that come with R16 or ones you have added to the catalog cause the ones I added work but not the included ones.
    • Animate Rotation around Axis not perpendicular
      By Pfisterer · Posted
      ah, so i first animate the torus' rotation while it is still horizontal, then stick it in a null and tilt that! that works for me, thank you!

      that freezing technique is also very good, no null needed! never quite figured out what the freezing does, but i have a hunch now! thank you!
    • Phone 3D Model
      By Samefield · Posted
      Thank You Igor and Phayte :D RokenPrice, here's a view without HN