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      Things with wheels - Winners



      Hi everyone. Wow, some outstanding entries and judging was difficult. Judging was based on modelling, texturing and the final rendered image. Unfortunately a couple of really good entries were let down by their renders. Otherwise they may have placed higher. Thought we should mention this in case people were wondering how come some entries didn't place as well as may have been expected. The winners are:

      1st Place - Bigbot

      Bigbot_1.thumb.jpg.edfd87563da9253c2f984 Bigbot_2.thumb.jpg.60ae1498dc47adb58e7a3

      2nd Place - mrmoose

      mrmoose_1.thumb.jpg.a8ac5b58279b1e81a30d mrmoose_2.thumb.jpg.633c499c5fce7fae3512

      3rd Place - ion


      Honourable mentions:
      Well done to the winners and to all those that entered. Challenges will now have a rest for a little bit.
      3DKiwi & Hsrdelic
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      Things with wheels - Winners

      Just want to say well done to everyone but I have a couple of quiries.



      Im just curious what the judges thought had let the other renders down???  Before I go on im thinking how to word this carefully as I dont want it mis-construde that im bitter or trying to offend anyone!!!!


      How can a unfinished model/render ( the artisit/entrants words not mine ) be over a finished item. Surely the whole point of a deadline is to work to it and if you dont complete it within the deadline then you havent completed the challenge. If Id known that i would have entered my half finished model in the ' model a jerry can ' challenge last time around.


      I would just like some claification on what the judges criteria is for an entry /  specific items ( textures, modelling, lighting etc etc. )


      In the original challenge breif/rules itwas stated as 'Note: Judging is on modelling and texturing. We're not terribly interested in originality.' Ok, I understand the originality bit.  But at the top of this post you have stated 'Judging was based on modelling, texturing and the final rendered image' . You cant change the rules at the end?!?!

      Just curious on what makes one model better than another or one texture better than another.

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