• clone object along spline with random spacing
      Sorry, question #2:  How did you come up with the Z position in the random effector of  -13.386?
    • clone object along spline with random spacing
      Ah, I haven't worked with Spline Effector yet, so that's a great new one for me to learn.   Question though: The clones seem to be dispersed evenly along the spline. I am not animating this - it's for a model of a set - and I only want to instead of placing individual buttons along a spline at exact spacing (taking a bunch of time) I hoped I could have the effectors help disperse the buttons (spheres in your file) place them for me instantly. Then I could just mess with the seeding of them or something.   Thoughts?   Thanks so much  
    • Arm and Hand rig with IK
      Hi, I'm setting up a character rig and I'm having some troubles setting up the hands. I need the hands to use IK, however setting this up has been frustrating to say the least. I have extensive knowledge in C4D, however I'm accustomed to rigging in blender. The way I used to set up my hands/arms were to have an IK arm to wrist relation and then use blender's Auto IK feature to move the finger joints. This feature essentially takes a native FK bone rig and moves its parents around (poles) which it has already been bent.  I rigged the IK controller's rotation with a rotation constraint to the fingers so that the hand would move accordingly.   Here is my question, if there is no Auto IK tool in C4D, then how could I setup up the finger's IK goals to align or stay stiff to their original pose when rotating and moving the wrist IK. By this I mean, I've parented the finger goals to the wrist IK, but this causes a deformation in pose and shake the finger goals out of place. How would one of you professionals rig an arm and hand using IK?   Thanks
    • Best video card 2016 $200 or under?
      Hey Vozz,    my Nvidia GTX 960 4G OC   came in today!    It's excellent.    Thank you for that recommendation... You really did me a great service here!