• Marvin the Martian wip
      OMG, that is fantastic really well done.  are you going to get a 3D model of it?
    • Hand Rigging Issues
      Downloaded just fine now. Yes, it was a weighting problem primarily and there were a few irregular polygons. I moved a few points around and the only way I could get the weighting right was to erase it all on several middle finger joints and repaint. It's a little scary but you can't do permanent damage with reweighting. Just double click the weight tag, select the joint to work in the joint tab, then erase and smooth and add, etc. I'm really basic with CA but here's a tutorial series which helped me a lot: Here's my take on it but Cactus Dan or Brian H would probably get a laugh out of my work: HAND RIG ISSUES.c4d
    • Arnold Render Help
      I am creating a short film with C4D & Arnold Renderer.  I need help improving the render of fur and any quick fixes you could perform to make 3 environments look better.  Please inquire and I'll send a sample.  I'd rather not post a scene file without a rough deal in place.   Thank you   djplaymoniez@gmail.com
    • Spline Dynamics Issue
      Any reason you are not using MoGraph for this? :)
      Why not simply clone and create a desired target with matrix and use inheritance effector to set them as you wish. Maybe I misunderstood what you are after, so, can you please be more specific about what you are trying to achieve?
    • Traced typo
      Your splines were heavily subdivided for no reason :)
      Types and interpolations were also the issue, try the modified version.       Trace-Typo_mod.c4d