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  • Rollin' Wild - New Clip
    A day ago


    Not Cinema 4D but funny and exceptionally well done. More information at the Rollin' Wild site.


    More funny clips at their site.

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  • Power Suit Contest - Win Thea Render
    Feb 19 2014 10:31 PM



    Hi everyone. Time to kick off 2014 with a Challenge. Better still how about a 12 week contest with 3 copies of the awesome Thea Render up for grabs? Thea Trailer below.



    With the release of the new Thea for CINEMA 4D plug-in it has become incredibly easy to use Thea Render with CINEMA 4D.  To help celebrate this break through the good people at Thea Render have offered some great prizes.  In addition Newton Render Farm, which supports Thea Render and Thea for CINEMA 4D, has also offered some time on their farm as a prize.


    Contest ends: Friday 16 May 2014 Pacific Daylight Time


    In total the prizes are:
    1st Place: Thea Render + Thea for CINEMA 4D + 2 nodes + 24 hours on Newton Render Farm
    2nd Place: Thea Render + Thea for CINEMA 4D + 12 hours on Newton Render Farm
    3rd Place: Thea Render + Thea for CINEMA 4D + 6 hours on Newton Render Farm


    Total value of prizes for 1st place is over $708 or €516!


    The theme for this challenge is "Power Suits". There is a great number of suits to get inspiration from like Metroid, Halo's master chief, marines suit in Startcraft, Iron Man, and a ton of different kinds in anime. It can range from sleek and sci-fi to more organic and made of bones. It does not even need to be made for a human. Googling power suits can give more really good inspiration. To give even more freedom the background and pose will also be judged as a whole with the suit. The best looking overall pictures with suit, background, and pose will win. The background should also be 3D and not a 2D picture. If a model is needed to be covered with the suit, the Fred, Lisa, or figure model (modelled by you) can be used to start. Since, making something organic can be hard to make look really good it is left up to the artist how much is covered so long as private parts are covered.


    1) Thea Render and Thea for CINEMA 4D must be used (Water marked Trial version available)
    2) Everything must be modelled using CINEMA 4D. You can make textures in a photo editing program like Photoshop or GIMP.
    3) Any sculpting and textures obtained from sculpting must be done using CINEMA 4D. Other sculpting programs like Zbrush, 3D Coat, and Mudbox etc must no be used. So no imported Displacement or Normal maps that originated from a sculpting program.
    3) No post production can be done on the image though, there are a large number of filter options available in the Thea Render darkroom while it renders through and with Thea Render.
    4) You must have the rights to redistribute all textures used. This would mean using textures off  cgtextures.com would be OK.  Using textures off of thearender.com are also OK.
    5) All 3D models or figures except the Fred or Lisa model must be made from scratch using CINEMA 4D. Fred and Lisa are found in the Content Browser. Feel free to rig your character to help with posing.
    6) 3 works in progress also known as WIPs must be submitted to the cafe as a reply to this message.
    7) Final submitted images should be 800x600. One wireframe with subdivisions off and two to four different angles must be submitted for the final images. 800x600 is the final submission resolution because this is the max resolution available for output from the trial version of Thea Render.
    8) Once the contest is over we will get in touch with the winners to get their scene files and texture files. This is for sole purpose of rendering out high resolution images and un-watermarked images. Your scene files will not be distributed.
    9) Enter as many times as you want. Each entry must highlight a different power suit. Only your highest scoring entry will be used for placement for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. This is so the same person does not win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

    10) Judges for the contest are: 2 Cafe admins 3DKiwi and Hsrdelic plus John Bandi from Newton Render farm.


    Final entry date is by midnight Friday 16 May 2014 Pacific Daylight Time i.e 12 weeks. The judges reserve the right to extend the deadline at their discretion.


    The trial version of Thea Render and Thea for CINEMA 4D is available at:



    It can also be obtained by going to TheaRender.com and clicking on Live Plugins > Thea for CINEMA 4D and scrolling down a little.


    For those not familiar with Thea Render it is recommended to watch the helpful videos found on www.thearender.com.

    Some of particular importance are:

    A) Thea for CINEMA 4D - Getting Started:


    B) Thea for CINEMA 4D: Quick Start:


    C) Other videos and manual found at www.thearender.com  Look under Resources > Tutorials > Overview for lots more tutorials.


    Good Luck to all. Hope you have fun.


    Cafe staff and John Bandi

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    Topic Started By: 3DKiwi   Last Reply By:  TheJimReaper  

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