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  2. Hi. Its a combination of everything that makes it look so good and textures play a role as a component of it so even a great texture on a poor model won't make it good. Your find that it's a little like music production. First the sorce material has to be very good, like a good singer you need to be a good modeller and sculptor so the model is really good. Then there is the mixing getting the ballance of style and bump detail that gels it together. Sorry if iv added too much detail there but it needs to be in context. The texturing in a painters hand can use any app and it will look good and as such your find most if not all will have Photoshop at hand even if then don't use it for the complete process. At the top end is MARI the maps can be huge and hold very high detail plus Udims are used which c4d still don't have. Substance is being used more and more but for human skin I use Zbrush because I go back to and from photoshop with a click of a button. I create 8k maps and combine bump detail from the sculips high surface detail. Photoshop is the one that becomes my mastering tool while zbrush lays down the base. I at times use photo patch texturing in photoshop this gets me the fine results combined with hand painting. If you can draw, paint then even in c4d your do ok but not in the class of MARI and your still need photoscope at some point. Dan
  3. Yes you can paint your model using bodypaint. I personally use Zbrush for that. but I am sure bodypaint is fine. But just painting it wont get you those results. What you want to do is export your painting color information to an image. tif, tga etc. And then use it in your materials. for instance in the color channel of the material. But you still need a good shader/material with sss, and bump, reflections and all that.
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  5. Poser and Daz Studio are dedicated to character work. Cinema 4D is a general tool set, which allows you to do much more, but with less pre-made content. Stability is certainly superior to Poser, but Cinema 4D works differently and you have to adapt your workflow. I'm working on getting Genesis 3 to Cinema 4D. While this can be done quite easily via FBX import, you have to attach joint controlled morphs manually (e.g. via Xpresso) to the joints. The new quaternion weighting of Genesis 3 equals to spherical weighting in Cinema 4D. Morphs can also be exported via FBX from Daz Studio. Unfortunately I found some issues with the FBX import of Daz characters, but with the help of python scripts it seems that I may be able to solve that. Cinema 4D is very flexible, but you have to invest effort to get the best out of it. @Rectro is certainly one of the experts regarding characters here...
  6. Any Idea why the texture doesn't revert to the latest saved version in the material editor and how to fix it?
  7. Hi there, I am familiar with materials and applying them to objects, but how do people traditionally paint their models? Is this done with Body paint 3d? The photo i've attached, is it possible to achieve that level of realism using said painting tools ? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  8. Howdy, In my current rig, I wanted to keep the head separate from the skeleton of the body. So far its just a simple test but I was wondering if there was a way I could constrain my head object so that as the mesh of the body moves with the skeleton, the head moves en-suite. Thanks and all the best Kitteh with rig.c4d
  9. I think his problem is that he wants to do it on all objects in a scene at once... that's why I didn't suggest phong break selection myself...
  10. Thanks Cerbera. I am using the same version, so no idea why it isn't working for me. I don't know if it matters, but I am using Windows 10 64 bit and 12 GB memory. I am wondering if I have something either installed or missing on my PC that could be causing this?
  11. Alright guys I got it, thanks!
  12. Hello Lennoz There are many reasons why this is the case, but all amount to the same thing and thats the needs for the target applications be it different game engines, and software such as Poser, DAZStudio. They all go by a unit of scale and that can be inches, cm, meters, mm. When you import a model into C4D by default its assuming its using the unit of cm where as the model may have been made for meters like Zbrush. There is no saving on file size. When I bring in a model into Zbrush exported in from C4D in cm zbrush assumes that its meters by default and scales it up. I model real world scale as this gets me better lighting, and expected outcomes from light sensitive materials such as SSS, as well as real world physics. Here are a few things to give you more on it. Dan
  13. Hello, I would like to populate a specific user data under another userdata group with the name of "Options". I manually have created this userdata group and it is static. It's cycle drop down list item which shows spline names (located under specific null object group. -Edge Profiles) I am able to dynamically change this user data but I cannot manage to reach other userdata group. It always affects on first user data group. Briefly; - Read multiple spline names under specific null group. - Populate drop down cycle user data which is located under another user data group. Please check my file; Thank you, Regards. modify_userdata_another_group2.c4d
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  15. Hello, this is my first topic on C4D, i'm pretty excited! I'm still learning how C4D works in general, and have been downloading some online models to study them for a bit. What i find remarkable is that some models are really really small, compared to default objects. For example, this hand model could easily fit thousands of times into a default cube object. What is the reason why people do this? are smaller objects easier to render? Does shrinking down everything shrink the filesize too?
  16. Poser, DazStudio figures are built to be adaptable between genders, are are made very skillfully. To build a character rig it with all the controllers in place then try and re target just does not work well unless you know expresso very well. Morphs for facial and body deformation no problem, corrective morphs needs a bit more work, and binding clothing over a figure without any issues again will need some skills. It's a huge task that is a team effort, but can be done. Unfortunately there are so few experts in this area when it comes to advanced rigging. If you know poser well and know how to rig weight add corrective driven morphs, can sculpt well, texture. Uv map. Then your be able to compare the two programs and use the best of each. Dan
  17. Another way can be use Advanced Selections plugin for selecting polygons with adjusted normal angle. Then converting polygons to edges is just question of single click...
  18. Yeah, I know that it's not currently present in C4D, but there used to be a plugin script called "angleselect" back in 2006, however that no longer seems to be available nor do I know that it would work with R18. I was wondering if maybe one of the scripting gurus on this forum would be willing to create something like this for the community. I appreciate the phong break selection comment, but that really won't work for this application.
  19. Phong Break Selection isn´t usable?
  20. Using xpresso how can I get a list of objects from the assignment tab of a material?
  21. I have never done what you are attempting, so my suggestion is based on general familiarity with C4D. Try your idea and you will certainly expand your knowledge of C4D.
  22. Making the scene bigger was a good idea. Here's what I have so far.
  23. We specialize in archviz and photo-realism. This means everything must have some sort of bevel to it. When you are talking about tons of walls, doors, etc. there are lots of edges to select in order to hard bevel, because of course with the bevel deformer polygon selections do not work so well, and the bevel tool doesn't allow the selection by angle like the bevel deformer does. BTW, checked out your work ... really beautiful stuff.
  24. hehe no problem. Thanks though, you've helped out!
  25. No. Character stuff not really my thing, sorry...
  26. yeah I definitely am. Do you have any idea how retarget works? That might help me attach clothing to the figure (of a similar shape)
  27. C4D does fine with as many pose morphs as you like, and you can even have multiple PM tags, each containing hundreds of morphs. You should try this in the demo to make sure it works in a way that is helpful to you...
  28. I'm looking for the ability to select edges of an object based on their angle (for example, select all edges at 90 degrees of a single poly object). This is the exact functionality the bevel deformer has when you select the "use angle" parameter and then set your angle threshold. Why this doesn't seem to exist in a standard C4D select tool, I don't understand, but I think it would be incredibly useful if Maxon would create it. In the meantime, does anybody have a script that would be able to do this? I now the community at large would be incredibly grateful to have this ability. Or, if I'm just being thick and this functionality does exist as of this latest R18 revision, please enlighten me.
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