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  2. Still no answer, anyone? I have the same problem...
  3. I just had a quick check, and in the weight manager select the object, order my Name: From memory I had to press normalise after loading in the weights. It sounds like the point order is different. If you can share the file, I could take a look tomorrow, well in about 10 hours from now. This is from the manual: "Save Weights... Use this command to save the joint weights for the currently selected object to a text file. This command can be used to quickly switch weights between two characters without having to do so using copy and paste (in the Weights Manager). The name (object, Weight tat, joints/object, etc.) and weight value for each point will be saved to the text file. To save weight information in a text file, simply select the object or its joints in the Weight Manager and call up the Save Weights command. A dialog window will open in which you can select the location to which the file should be saved. Save Options Click on the icon at the right of the command to make the following option available. Zero Weights If enabled, joints/objects with no weights will also be saved in the text file. This is the method that is most often used because the correct weight transfer between joint/object hierarchies always exists. If disabled, the file will be smaller and less complex. This can be useful if you want to edit the text file manually."
  4. Thanks a bunch! I tried to copy weight tag but it didn't work, the geo doesn't react on controllers. After that I have 2 weight tags , one from the previous binding that I can't delete for some reason. I'm using Character rig. I also saved weight map(text file) and import it into a new model but again no success.
  5. If the point order is the same I would have thought you could just copy the the weight tag from one to the other. Are you using a custom rig or a Character tool made one? Im not at my PC right now by from memory you open the weights manager, view by Hierarchy , select all bones, and in file save weights. do the same process for target rig but load the weights in. Il have a proper check tomorrow, its midnight here. Dan
  6. I found the culprit! The reason snapping wasn't coming on when enabling the knife tool is because "Tool Specific" wasn't enabled in the Modeling Settings, found under Mesh > Commands > Modeling Settings. Screenshot attached. So, it is indeed not a bug :D
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  8. Thanks Rectro, The point order is the same, I'll try export/import weights.
  9. Thanks guys. I tried bezo's method and it worked perfectly. I never thought of animating from the attributes and object mode like that. Thanks again.
  10. Hello Unfortunately almost identical when it comes to the point order difference is enough for it not to work. The vamp tool is worth a try found in the Character/Manager menu. The other way would be to rig the other character with same rig, and export the weights from the weight manager, then import the weights to the new character. I have to be honest, iv not had much luck with this, and think if the point order is difference the Vamp is your only chance. Go to page 187 from this link, it gives a quick start to Vamp, not sure what the r18 manual covers, maybe the same thing. Dan
  11. Hello, I've got two almost identical characters. The only difference in between them in their height. I've setup a simple rig and skinned one of them. How do I transfer weight map from one model to another ? I've tried just copy/paste weight map tag but it didn't work well. I'm not sure what is the proper way to do that. Thanks in advance! Mike
  12. Annoyingly ive spent more time fixing errors and remodelling than making progress, the most difficult part of this project is proving to be finding reliable and well taken reference images, something ive struggled to find, and due to this some areas where not as accurate as i would have liked, so upon finding some better images ive spent alot of time today making changes to parts of the helmet that where off, after that i finally started adding the linkages to the top of the face mask, aswell as modelling some of the finer details, heres the helmet now, with a little nicer lighting
  13. Hi everyone,I am adding in a MegaScan importer into UV Paint (will be part of the next 1.5 update). If there are any users out there that use Quixel MegaScans and have specific requirements for how you like to setup your materials in C4D then please let me know. I will then add extra features to customise the material when importing. Cheers, Kent
  14. I agree about the lighting, a slight back lighting would enhance the scene your mixing ST and SW reminds me of the joke . . . a fire fight broke out between storm troopers and red shirts, storm troopers missed every shot but the red shirts died anyway. LOL
  15. Good to read its working now. P.S. - its Igor ;)
  16. SLgor. it was a setting in Chrome. I had block 3rd party cookies, unchecked it and the gallery works..
  17. Ah, sorry. "Bones" is the term used in source etc. Also, the enterprise model is by Alex3D.
  18. springs.jpg

    From the album bobc4d

    this is from a GSG tutorial. the spring edges are too perfect, on a list of things to redo.
  19. wicker_basket.jpg

    From the album bobc4d

  20. 587d25028b2ee-spherewreath.jpg

    From the album bobc4d

    this was a quicky for work and testing grouping
  21. happy_new_year.jpg

    From the album bobc4d

    Happy New Year
  22. GI_Spheres.jpg

    From the album bobc4d

    just messing around with GI.
  23. blue_atoms.jpg

    From the album bobc4d

    this is based on a tutorial by Niko
  24. Hi Vozzz,


    Could you help me with this ? No one has replied and I need to get this fixed.


    Let me know!





  25. Have .039 and still getting what looks like a mix of both original and selected geo. You are right about it not following any kind of movement. I put a random effector with noise animation to test and the clones just sit there. Maybe see this addressed in a later update.
  26. Hey guys, I'm new here and I really hope you'll want to a little help me :) So, I'm complete begginer in Cinema 4D and 3D modeling but I learning day to day :) I want to make mascara stick for my girlfriend project but I can't achive result I want. I tried with Hair in C4D but without any luck, I can't get same look so I decide to post my problem here. For better understanding I'm attaching picture. On the left side is my current state without materials, and on the right is what I want to get in C4D. Any suggestions, tricks? :) Thanks for any help! Best
  27. Thanks for the pointers. I did end up getting a cineversity subscription and there was some good info in there. I ended up going with several hair objects for different regions plus manual density map painting, and that's been working out best so far.
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