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Realistic Falling Feather With Dynamics In Cinema4D

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Hi. I'm trying to make a feather realistically fall by keyframing the fall and then using dynamics for the subtle movement of the individual feather strands.

My plan was to bake down the feathers into hair, turn on the dynamics for them so the individual feathers will have some subtle movement. Then, I'd keyframe a null object of the feathers+the spine for the fall. However, I can't seem to get the individual hairs on the feather to stay attached to the stem when I keyframe the stem to fall? I've uploaded two files. One has the feather keyed and falling similar to how I want it to fall without dynamics on. The other has dynamics attached to the individual feathers but as you will notice it is all messed up. Not sure at all how to set this up. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Note: I am using C4D 12

Feather without dynamics

Feather with Dynamics


Joel H.

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In the second file with Dynamics go to the Guides tab of the hair object. Drag the "spine" sweep nurb into the Link field and everything should work as you expect it.

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