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Is It Possible To Save A Backup Of An Entire C4D Workstation?

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I bounce back and forth between several facilities and also home, and am a constant fiddler with my layouts, preferences, shortcuts, and plugins.

I was wondering, is there a way to effectively clone a C4D workstation, with every preference, .lib4d, plugin, layout, etc... so that once that bundle is copied onto a new machine, Cinema will open and work exactly as it did on the other machine?

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Essentially, yes. :lol:

For that, you have to save your complete preferences and copy it on a new machine replacing the existing preferences there.

MAKE SURE you save the preferences on the target machine in a zip file so you can later restore them once you are finished

This procedure works most of the times, but I had few situations where there was a significant hardware mismatch or similar issue and it did not work.

Hope this helps,


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