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Animal watch station


Jan Walter Schliep

Animal watch station

wanted to create some sort of modern "shelter", where hikers and visitors can sit down and watch the wildlife and landscape around.
Rendering was done with Vray for Cinema4D.
A bigger version can be found right here: http://www.wallis-eck.de/2009/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/wildlife_scene29.jpg

    by the way, on my site you also can find the autumn tree on the left (and some other objects) as free download.
    I am always envious of your beautiful work :)

    How long have you been doing digital art like this?
    Hard to tell, I started to dabble around when I was at university. When I got my first PC I stumbled over POVRAY and then remembered the Amiga Juggler and other raytracing and grafix stuff and demos on VC20, C64 and Amiga.
    My first 3D on PC was with POVray and actually Blender (I think it was a first free version released by NaN) and then I got Cinema4D Go.
    So I started to do that stuff for fun and somehow got a 3D freelancer after a while. In short this means I started about 15 years ago, I just seldom find the time to work on private scenes.
    tres joli travail
    more than beautiful I still can't believe that you create with c4d it's amazing .