• Computer build
      @Vozzz, you are the expert for this kind of stuff, or m I wrong?!        Igor
    • Bathroom
      @Sreckom, upload that work or send me one of those images so I can put it on the home page if you want. :) Very nice renders!    Igor
    • Bathroom
      Thank you for the great reply!  I love the kitchen, that is beautiful.  I like Maxwell a lot, but I only have the learning edition.  The speed is what is killing it for me, but the results are nice.  Video is a disaster with Maxwell which is why I went with Octane.  The fact that it supports OpenCL is very intriguing.  Octane is promising openCL, but I have not seen this yet.  I have two Mac Pros, one old one with Nvidia, and a new 6 core with D700.  Again, thank you.  You are very talented.   Mark
    • Thoughts on new GTX 1080
      For games, yes, I am sure there will be some significant difference, but for Cinema, not so sure. Cinema VP is slow so I would like to hear also from pro hardware members, what they had to say about this.  @Vozzz?     Igor   P.S.- and I am a gamer too, so what games do you play? :?
    • Digital Meat - C4D Tutorials
      Hello peeps, sorry i've been quiet for a while, here's my websites new store with a couple of pbr substance asset packs :D

    • Texturing a box from pdf texture
      Hi everybody,

      I'm just wondering if there is a better way to do what I did this week. I had to create a cardboard box in C4D and apply a texture the client gave me (in pdf format). I didn't know how to wrap the texture around the box correctly and I run into some difficulties. So at first (first attempt) I did the box, and I used some bend deformers to be able to open and close it. All good but at this point I didn't know how to apply the texture correctly. I thought I had to make several polygon selections and apply to each one a portion of it. It seemed very hard to place all the bits in the right spot. So I gave up.

      I started again (second attempt), built the box as if it were unfolded, stuck the texture on it and then folded it again using joints like if it were a character. It took me some time but I get what I wanted. (see picture) I'm quite sure this wasn't the fastest way to do it though.     Could I have applied the texture to the first box instead of restart from scratch again? How?

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