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    • Team Render Not Rendering Alembic Simulation
      By Walkinghome · Posted
      Very informative post, thank you. Just Team rendering to picture viewer. I have just 5 machines, didn't want to use one for a server, thinking about moving over to Octane for next project. The alembic files aren't on the same level, they are a few levels down. I created a Houdini folder when I started working on the sim and saved them in the default abc folder from Houdini. I could move them. Is there a way to relink assets in C4D. It seems like every time I touch the alembic files they even stop rendering on the one machine. The reason I ask is I have key frames set and probably wouldn't get exactly like it is now if I have to remerge. In the clients, under preferences, do I just set a texture path to my alembic files on my NAS? Since it's s centralized storage, it seems the macs should just access it directly. Also, should "Fetch assets always from server" be enabled or disabled. I have it on right now. My animation is 1260 frames, my sim starts at 960-1260. I've currently rendering 1-959. The plan was to render the rest on one machine since the sim wouldn't render on TR, but would be good if I could get the files working. Been rendering 3 days now, probably will be ready for the last part of the render by Monday morning. thanks
    • Team Render Not Rendering Alembic Simulation
      By renderking · Posted
      are the alembic files in the project folder at the same level as the scene file? that works locally in C4D to render and is what the online manual says - but i think with Team Render Server it may be different. you did not mention if you are using Team Render from C4D or Team Render Server? (thinking the PC hosting the files is running TRS? or is that the C4D app running there?) i think it could be the default setting of Clients get assets on demand that may be the issue if using TRS - as once the job is running it seems to only know to fetch textures when requested, i can't 100% confirm yet with alembic files, but with VRAY and TRD and x particles any externally loaded asset needs to have at full path to it's location so the Team Render nodes can reach out and load the item when needed - since they are not being pre-copied over like the tex are as they are needed. so you can set a full path in the alembic item or you can try turning off the Clients get assets on demand in the TRS preferences under the Render/Team Render preferences - with mac host and pc share point be sure your paths to the SMB is correct - PC using backward slashes and mac using forward slashes etc... but one of those should fix the issue and let them load ok, i know under R14.034 alembic worked and then was broken again under R14.042 - i know users have been running it under R16 and i've not heard any issues but most users of RK know to use the path to one of the RK central file servers to load external assets. oh to get notified of responses to your post - before you click Submit Reply (on the bottom right) you need to turn the little Notify me of replies way over on the left... i too in my haste to reply sometimes miss that way over on the right side and don't get the auto notifications... wish they were side by side. dann
    • Cinema 4D recovery files?
      By SuperBob · Posted
      I was working on a project in cinema 4D for about 3 days, and i always just left my computer on at night and dident close out of it or save it, and i started to render my animation when it was done, and my computer crashed and all my work is gone. How can i recover it? I looked for a "bugreports" or "_bugreports" but i cant find it.
    • 3D Solve and collision deformer - Render Problems
      By cnfrank · Posted
      Thanks a lot workaholic, works fine now. thanks!!
    • Alien space suit
      By Vector · Posted
      small update, made his little o2 canister and harnis and tested out some materials     
    • Team Render Not Rendering Alembic Simulation
      By Walkinghome · Posted
      I thought I would get an email if someone replied to my post, guess I need to see about setting that up, didn't know anyone had posted.   Yes, Team Render 16.050. All of the files associated with the project, including the alembic file are on a NAS, accessible from all machines rendering on the project. I work off a network drive in Windows 7. I'll mention that all the Team Render Clients are using Mac OS and the workstation that is hosting the render session is a PC running Windows 7.