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    • Mograph Effector - Falloff Curve, invert
      Thanks quesolastima. I want to invert this in a way, that a ring is shown. Now, the inner part is not inverted.
    • Render question - probably very basic
      Your output settings don't mean much, only your physical settings matter. Set your physical settings to adaptive/automatic and set the 'shading  error threshold setting' to 7 á 10. From here adjust the shadow/AO subdivisions to your needs.   Hope this helps,   -W-  
    • Fastest way to create a new object as child at zero
      I have reset PSR in my interface - one click resets PSR to parent.   Shift F12 Customize Commands, type in reset PSR, drag to interface, save as startup.
    • Making a Santa Hat
      Hi   I want to make a Santa Hat that sits atop an object. As the object moves the base of the hat stays static but the top of the hat/bobble needs to flop over and swing dynamically.    I’ve managed to get the basic thing going with cone and a cloth tag and cloth collider on the object but I’m stuck on the following:   Attaching a sphere (bobble) to the top of the cone and it not take on the floppy cloth properties - it also needs to follow the dynamic movement of the top of the cone. Attaching some kind of object around the bottom of the hat that I can texture with hair/fur.    Any suggestions as to what i need to look at appreciated.   Thanks.    
    • IK Spline Rigging
      Can anyone suggest tutorials or help with two issues regarding this little guy. I am in the process of rigging him. His arms and legs are made up with a series of joints using an IK Spline tag. Here are the two things I am trying to accomplish with that in mind:

      1) I want his arms to slightly bounce based on the up and down motion of his walk. But I want them to do it without key-framing.   2) I want his legs to move in a crab-like way. In other words, I want each leg to move up vertically then swing around and plant on the ground without ground slippage of course.

      I realize this is most likely very involved, so rather than expecting someone to step-by-step it for me, I am really just hoping for a link or two to specific tutorials that you might have run across.

      Thanks for any help.
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