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      Nanobot Challenge - Winners Announced

      Hi everyone. With only 3 final entries received all 3 entries are winners!!

      The 3 winners are: OmniSpot, Hermod and dadule.

      Well done to these 3 members. Let's hope the next challenge receives a few more entries!!

      Nigel / 3DKiwi



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      Nanobot Challenge - Winners Announced

      Congratulations guys.

      I ended up getting a job to do with C4D so had to give up on the challenge a I was too busy.

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    • wrinkles
      By Igor · Posted
      Here you go. Trick is when you working with SubD. you cant have triangles everywhere,because,if surface is not 100% flat,you will have those artifacts,basically you will have mess on your model. Hope this helped!   Cheers, Igor Drone lens problem_solved.c4d
    • Ways to automate this with C4D? Spline Path Question
      By southpaw · Posted
      Looks like the "Volume Effector" & "Tracer Object" would help, there's some clips on grayscalegorilla.com that do a simiar thing, they might get you started. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-make-custom-tracer-text-in-cinema-4d/ http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/tracer-swarm-effect-tutorial-in-cinema-4d/ http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tutorials/siggraph-2012-rewind-presentations-and-tutorials/
    • wrinkles
      By Levquill · Posted
      Thanks very much mate. Drone lens problem.c4d
    • wrinkles
      By Igor · Posted
      Hi Levquill and welcome to Cafe. To solve this mess,you need to remove those triangles. It would be easier to explain if you just upload a file for me.   Cheers, Igor
    • Render twice as long when saving?
      By 3DKiwi · Posted
      To change anything in your profile and be able to save your profile you have to provided your real first and last name. It is now a requirement of anyone joining the cafe that they supply this information. So edit your profile adding your name and at the same time change your C4D version. It will then save and update. The problem with saving could be your harddisk spinning up. You may be like me and have a SSD as your main drive but also have one two additional harddisks for data storage. Saving of files first time around is slow as the harddisk has to wake up and spin up to speed.