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    • Soft body Bowel distort
      By joolsd · Posted
      Yes I looked at the moving mess, static mesh settings. It maybe that I need to give it more time.   The Collision mess is working better, at the moment. 
    • Sketch and toon motion trails renderpass
      By jakobwagner · Posted
      Hi I'm working on a sketch and toon project. I'm using pretty much the same setup as EJ in this video https://vimeo.com/135591723 Having enabled motion on the sketch and toon tag. Setting it to trail mode. It works perfectly, but I would like to have them as a seperate render pass. Right now they gets included in the "sketch and toon (alpha)" pass. Which is logically enough, but as said I want them to be two different passes. One with outlines and one with motion trails. It could work having them in one pass, but it creates one other problem. In the alpha pass the strokes shows correctly, it only draws the edges visible by camera. The motion trails is shown even if they are behind an object. Any solutions for that? Let me know if it didn't make sense. Thanks, Jakob
    • dwg import
      By precipice · Posted
      Is there any way to import dwg files reasonably? I'm trying to import a simple building plan but Cinema 4d just uses up all my 8gb of RAM, freezes and never loads the file.
      CAD software opens the file  and I tried converting to 2010 dwg format .
      Link to dwg file

      Thank you in advance!
    • Fbx import
      By caliburn · Posted
      Hi all, ive have been using some of the daz figures in Dazstudio and have managed to get the fbx files to import into c4d fairly well and im happy with it, what id like to know is if there is any possibility of just importing the bones/skeleton at a various pose and then adding the object skins to my figure? The reason for doing this is that it takes an age to get my models textured as i like them and any change of facial expressions or complicated poses means another fbx import which means im back to square one texture wise.  So what id like to do is have a scene setup with my figure fully textured etc and just import say a new pose of the figure and then use the objects from the previous scene to skin over. i have tried this but it doesnt seem to work, but im assuming im doing things wrong 
    • cartoon rat character
      By Vector · Posted
      nah man its not there on the account of i havent made it yet ;) in the process as i type this, started a bit backwards with this one started from the feet up.
    • Animation compositing question - background?
      By mikeBeckman · Posted
      You're going to want to re-render in passes in order to maintain your shadow/occlusion pass as a separate element. The shadows for the car will be a bit tricky as they go off the edges of your frame towards the front of the car. You can either re-light so that you have clean boundaries, or mask the the shadows in the compositing stage so that they fade away as they approach the edge of the frame (resolving to the client's bg color).  VRay has it's own version of a compositing tag, which you'll need in order to make the background/floor not visible to the camera & refractions. (I forget exactly what it's called as I haven't used VRay for C4D in a while.)