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    • C4D prices weird
      By kbar · Posted
      Maybe you have mixed up USD and AUD?  The $3695 is the price in USD on the MAXON online store, which comes to about $5057.15 AUD (using a simple google currency convert).
    • upgrade
      By marmalade · Posted
      In general how often do MAXON release a new version?    How much is it usually to upgrade?    I know the MSA gives you a year to upgrade free but after that do you just pay the same as everyone else?
    • C4D prices weird
      By marmalade · Posted
      Well you must have pretty "pi ss poor" mathematic skills because most people would not say that "Australian prices aren't that much more" when its $3,695.00 compared to $5,258.00.  That is over $1500 difference.  Pi ss poor you say??   I would say that is a rather significant difference. 
      Software, music and film companies are notorious for charging us a lot more than the rest of the developed world for no other reason than because they can.   Its why Australia has very high rate of pirating.  I do not condone pirating and personally I would not do it because I see it as stealing but I can understand why people here feel peeved.   iTunes has absolutely no good reason why they charge us more and neither does MAXON.  Its pure greed.  Voting with my wallet makes no difference.  Every software company is the same.  The only thing you can do is buy nothing.   
    • Help with rigging!
      By IsleofGough · Posted
      Can you post shot of weight map? The lack of sharp bends means that the weights are blended between joints. The weight map should look something like this: Regarding the direction of bending of the joint, create an IK pole vector in the correct direction.
    • Change texture on collision
      By jed · Posted
      1. in my version, I used range mapper to shape the luminance so bright on impact 2. there's only one material. I put a separate mat on each sphere 3. don't know why the mix node is there. The monoflop is a timer (duration of flash) so needs time input I made the cloner editable - individual spheres. There's prob a better solution using effectors/cloner.  collision_mat.c4d
    • So what is the mood like at MAXON these days?
      By Edouard · Posted
      The only clue I got is that some will be happy some will be not so happy so just wait a little hoping you will be in the first category.