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      C4D Feedback summary response

      Hi folks

      Thank you all for taking precious time to give feedback. What I gathered here and summarized is now sent directly to Oliver and Bernd in MAXON Product management for direct examination and will be taken seriously into account as any other feedback we receive from various inputs. They are also informed and aware of opinions expressed in this and many other topics here on cafe, cgtalk and other forums. At this point I am not in position to provide you with official response but hope I will be able to give some information soon in form of response that doesn't violate current company policy and NDA. Hope you understand :)


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      C4D Feedback summary response

      Thank you. Hopes that feedback will make new branch or fork of development if will be possible. I mean if you go any hub like git, you will see main branch or other branches and their forks...to get solid release

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    • What's the deal with parenting? (python/xpresso)
      By Tanzola · Posted
      I'm trying to create a parent / child relationship in python (or xpresso) without using the object manager, specifically the rotation relationship. If I have a cube at the world origin and a child object 200 cm away, I'd expect the child object to 'orbit' the cube when the cube rotates. I'm curious about the math behind this. This is a stepping stone to my final desired result which is to get the direction of an object's rotation. This may be a very vanilla solution, but here's how I plan on getting it: 1. Get object position, then get a dummy child position 50cm (w/e) away on the x axis. (Dummy child, haha) 2. Find objects rotation, then use the parent/child formula to get a new dummy position that's correctly orbited around the parent object. 3. Dummy child pos - object pos = **a vector pointing from the object in the direction of it's rotation** (fireworks) I hope I was clear. If anyone could even just point me in the direction of some documentation that would be great. But i'd really appreciate if someone could tell me whether or not my solution will work so I'm not wasting my time. Thank you.
    • [really offtopic] - I have a Witcher 3 code... trade
      By Nieuwus · Posted
      yeah, i know what you mean, if you're not into role playing games the witcher is indeed not your game. I've been a die hard battlefield vet on Bad company 2 and BF3 but i don't have the patience anymore for games like that, i'd rather have a good story driven game, unfortunately those are rare.
    • Changing scale of a rigged chacter PROBLEM
      By Horganovski · Posted
      Great, glad that did the trick! Cheers, Brian
    • C4D Feedback summary response
      By Tupaia · Posted
      As little experience I have with C4D, allow me to shamelessly insert here some "small annoying things" I came across... (They came up with that expression for 3ds Max years ago. Reporting those even became an item in the help menu of 3ds Max in the meantime.) - Create a box, copy it in x direction. Look at it from the right, and with the Rectangle Select Tool try to select both. Doesn't work, because the tool has "Tolerant Selection" and "Select only Visible Elements" grayed out. Yes yes, you can use the Live Selection Tool, but c'mon... - Why are there so many transform coordinate systems in component mode, but not in object mode?? - My favorite one: the ol' Coordinate Manager... can we please get rid of that useless "Apply" button? Enter a value, and see the result immediately... just like it is in an object's coordinate panel already. And why is it not possible to scale numerically in component mode??? - Working Pivot, where are you? - That right-left, left-right selection thing for automatic tolerant or not tolerant selection. Just like in Rhino, 3ds Max... is this patented? It's trivial to implement, but super handy. - Snapping is still too unreliable and awkward. "Axis Extension" snapping fails on nested objects.   Often it's the small inconsistencies and cheap unfixed flaws that bugger the most...
    • [really offtopic] - I have a Witcher 3 code... trade
      By Vozzz · Posted
      ye, i heard good things too, but i watched some gameplay footage and reviews of it. and i know its not for me. I dont like the whole zombie/undead gloomy story thing. I like fast paced arcade type stuff. Something i can turn on, play for 30 mins and switch off.  also i don't have the patience to watch this dude running around. Assasins creed is something i actually want to play, but just watching a playthrough of the first level, i get bored watching the character walk from place to place.