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    • polygon edges model visible
      By SIgor · Posted
      Hi there I am not sure what's the problem here. Can you be more specific...? Uploading scene file could be beneficial.   Cheers, Igor
    • A more open MAXON
      By Zmotive · Posted
      Yep these last couple weeks have shown signs of positive change / culture change inside MAXON. My hat's off. Let's hope they keep it on a roll.
    • polygon edges model visible
      By Symn · Posted
      Hi all!   I'm following a sculpting tutorial but I found my computer is very slow at subdivision level 6.... I created a new file with a cube and made it editable, gave it a sculpting tag and there was no slowing down at all at subdivision level 9. So I figured I must have done something wrong along the way in the tutorial. I tried to give extra RAM to sculpting in the preferences but it didnt help. Long story short: I want to sculpt the model over new but the model is not smooth anymore as you can see in the added pics. I tried unbreaking phong angles, changing the phong angle, deleting the phong tag but you can see all the polygon edges still...  Does anyone have a solution for making the model smooth again before I start sculpting?
    • black polygons
      By hulaboy · Posted
      Sounds like a broken normal map - look for a normal tag on that mesh, and delete it.
    • A more open MAXON
      By Edouard · Posted
      Interesting indeed.