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  1. Oh that's happening as punishment for that triangle, Bob :) Only joking... occasionally I get weird stuff like this too. I find the answer is sometimes to delete all the neighbouring polygons as well, then optimize, with a bigger than normal threshold just to make sure, then rebuild the surface and see if it's any better... Also check you haven't got backface culling on, which can prevent you selecting things while not making you aware that is the case... CBR
  2. How many times did you hit the submit button !? You've posted about 15 identical threads. Please go back and delete all except one of them. In answer to your problem, I don't think hair works with depth pass.
  3. Aha - now that I can't explain :)
  4. Nope - everything Dan said is correct. No modelling while sculpt tag is on an object.
  5. If you ever need individual tuition in advanced SDS modelling or general workflow then I am your man, but not for character rigging, I'm afraid... Someone will be though, so hang on in there...
  6. It causes problems because there should be a clear divide between what is geometry and what is a controller, and using further geometry as controllers doesn't help that situation. But it can be done if you really want...
  7. UV mapping is not an easy, quick learn if you've never done it before. But there are numerous videos to help, but they are predictably quite long and involved. Here's a good one. Watch it, and the 2 that follow it, and you'll have a pretty decent idea of how to map what. Or, spend 25 Euro on Seamilar II, which makes UV mapping a breeze - that's available from a thread on the front page. CBR
  8. Fair play - thank you for explaining. Spline gizmos do tend to be used as controllers when animating in C4D, but usually all controllers are placed on a separate layer, so that selecting the controllers becomes very easy when you can't accidentally select mesh components.... As for making points bigger - that can be done for the point edit modes in preferences, but not, as far as I know, for splines. CBR
  9. Yep, that would have been next on my suggestion list :) You need someone as clever as @bezo, who usually knows the answer to this sort of thing...
  10. Put the texture on the cube with frontal projection - then the cube should move through it as it turns... CBR
  11. 16 demo expired 2 years ago. Are you using a crack copy ?
  12. No, but I can give you tips for optimizing large scenes: Ready ? User render instances wherever possible, make generators editable, set scene 'level of detail' to low or medium, use display tags on large complex objects to display them as boxes, or to reduce LoD on a per-object basis, Turn off Object highlighting in the View menu, turn off textures / noise / transparency in the viewport options, consider using lower detail objects in the distance, combine cloned geometry into a single mesh if possible, delete polys that the camera cannot see, and do not affect the scene. Some of that will make some difference, but don't expect miracles - C4D just doesn't like craploads of objects... Lastly, work on individual objects in a separate file before pasting them into the main one when finished - that's the real winner for speed increases - do it in a separate file ! CBR
  13. Well that's in the top 3 best things I've seen done in C4D this year :) Sound design also spot-on. Great job all round really ! :)
  14. Not weird. Axis placement crucially important to sweeps ;)
  15. ...because I think he wants them firing along the spline, not just sticking to it ?