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  1. That is excellent :) And in English too !!!
  2. No that's fine, just don't make money off it or use it in commercial work until you've bought it, or are working for a studio that has. CBR
  3. Aha ;) That'll be it.
  4. I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Sounds like a bug to me. Do you have the latest version of R17 (.55) ? If so, you should contact MAXON, and report it.
  5. Oh right OK - gotya. No. Resize the picture to the correct aspect ratio in photoshop. Though if it's just coloured backdrop you want why not use a gradient instead of an image at all ?
  6. Are you talking about the grey splodge to the right of the green thing in your second image ? That is a shadow isn't it from one or both of the 2 lights ? Because you are using a floor object, this is nothing to do with offset or scale. CBR
  7. Ha - I was just gonna say reflections :) Turn the whole reflection channel off to see if that solves your problem. If it does, turn it back on, and then drastically reduce the layer level in the reflectance channel (about 10% should be fine for a soft look), and up the roughness to about 40%). Also look at your fresnel settings, which seem a bit extreme at the moment. CBR
  8. Noise is procedural, so if you have it set to Texture Space, the tiling is irrelevant, which is why we leave it at 1 / 1. You should use the bump map slot in the reflectance channel if your material is entirely made of reflection. Otherwise leave it blank and set to 100%, and do your bump in the regular bump channel.
  9. Was your bevel distance the same as his ?
  10. Is he using a different font to you ?
  11. It's reflection doing that, assuming there is a green floor in your scene... change the reflections, or eliminate the floor from them by adding a compositing tag to the floor with 'seen by reflection' unticked.
  12. OK, thanks. So how do we tell Cinema which one we are referring to ? Which is your question, I guess. And I don't think you can, so I'll be very interested to hear how from anyone that knows different ! Perhaps you could temporarily move the other UV tag to another object while you bake the first with the right map ?
  13. What ? How are you doing that ? I thought a single object could only have a single UV map ? If not, I'm most interested to hear your explanation...
  14. Ok, that's even worse - an unaddressed bug ! Seems the short term solution is to use Standard render, and long term one is to report it to MAXON then...
  15. There should be no difference whatever renderer you use, which is making me think it's a bug. Do you have the latest version of R16 ?