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  1. Thanks! I'll try it out later on see if I can get somewhere with it.
  2. I'm aiming to make something that looks a bit like this: http://www.9to5gifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/IMG_0824.gif But I can't figure out the best way of doing it. I can use splines to make the road loop and bend as much as I like etc, but getting details and textures onto it would be rather tedious. I'd like to set out a straight road and then somehow bend it round that but I've no idea how to actually do that. I tried to make a section of road and then bend and twist it using deformers but it didn't work all that well.
  3. Thanks man, I'm fairly sure its intuitive enough it just helps to have a kickstart in the right direction showing you round the software. After that its just a case of playing with it until it looks right!
  4. Ok you guys sold me on DPIT Effex... and sample videos etc sold me on it haha. I'm making a cartoon that needs a ton of trees so it'll help quite nicely. That nuke you made ChristianZ looks fantastic! Anyone know of decent tutorials for DPIT. I'll watch them see how it works and perhaps purchase it on pay day!!!
  5. I want to make explosions and not have to composite them in... I tried a trial of TurbulenceFD but it seemed quite limited to Fire and Smoke rather than explosions. I know they're usually referred to as fluid dynamics etc, so would realflow do explosions rather than just water/liquid? I know it maps a mesh around the particles etc so if I could get them to explode outwards I could get a big exploding mesh but texturing it to look like fire would be quite difficult or wouldn't look quite right? Am I right?
  6. Good lord I am an idiot, I thought it attached when you pressed post... >.< There goes my pride of attaching a C4D file for the first time. I fail haha... Oh lord I just pressed preview post instead of add reply. I'm definitely on an "off day" RigHelp.c4d
  7. Hey guys, I found a topic on here about rigging a robot but it looked like all the files etc had been deleted so I couldn't deconstruct them and have a look to see how it worked... I've tried rigging a leg, really basically with one bone per body part (I know next to nothing about rigging). I've been testing with a leg and I can't get it to bend the right way... now this is probably stupid but I'm a rigging n00b so I need a few tips etc on it and I think I'll be on my way from here. I'm attaching the file (first time I've done it on this site exciting!) I've worked out that I can bind the sort of tubey bit of the leg to the bones and then just make the other parts children of the individual joints... they move around ok but I've not bound (binded) the tube yet... Anyway I hope you can help Also while I'm here, would it be best to create an entire character rig for the full robot and use these methods to move him or individual rigs for each part? Thanks
  8. Unfortunately his voice annoys me. I find that the person speaking has to sound interesting and explain things well and I think the VP series is a waste of money for that reason. If there's someone like Andrew Kramer or Nick Campbell presenting the video they are interesting enough to be able to listen to, rather than some guy mumbling.
  9. I've grasped the basics, I know how Cinema 4D works etc, now I want to move onto the next level. I desire to make models like this: http://kotaku.com/5906186/theres-a-portal-cartoon-being-made-it-looks-incredible/gallery/1 Does anyone know of any tutorials that take you through this step by step. There are a lot of gaps in my knowledge I need to fill in regards to the workflow involved in making a CGI short, and I would like to learn them. This is my current level if you are interested:
  10. I just went ahead and experimented with building one of the scenes. Used textures I've collected from various 3D magazines, they tend to give away a lot of free trees and textures. It's actually worked really well I think. I used 2D planes for the background trees etc but I'm still a little curious as to how to do the elevating camera shot I originally requested. Would something like VUE be more suited to the task?
  11. Hey, I'm creating an animated short that takes place in a forest around a camp fire. I don't need to move through the forest much and I was thinking of just rendering the action and painting in most of the forest background in after effects, but I thought perhaps putting in a few trees in Cinema 4D would be nice for interactivity. I need to get one of the characters to throw a twig onto a fire etc. Now, this is the bit I need help with.... There is one shot where I want the camera to move upwards above the trees so you can see a massive fire starting (using Turbilence FD and I'm already familiar with it) I just don't want to have to clog up the render times which will already be pretty heavy because the scene will be lit mostly by the fire using GI like in the attached screenshot.... only it'll be a bit lighter.
  12. I actually need to learn how to Rig and Weight stuff, it'd help a lot but it just seems so damn confusing to me. I tend to make characters out of inanimate objects and moving pivot points etc... I need a damn good tutorial to follow on it. I keep getting ones though that I can barely understand the person talking or they take too long to get to the point.
  13. Nah I just saw a picture and loved it and it gave me the instant want. Maybe it's more of a texturing thing, because it looks really cool to me... and perhaps how to rig it. I dunno it just seems very clean and I want to recreate that look!
  14. I love stuff like this: http://cg.tutsplus.com/articles/web-roundups/bitgems-quirky-low-poly-model-showcase/ The way its so low poly and textured/rigged with a tiny image size etc. I'd love to know how to do it in cinema 4D because it's got a really nice look. I'm not exactly a beginner to C4D but I tend to build things out of primitive objects etc and achieving something like this is something I desire! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Oh wow, thanks guys. I can't actually believe how funny this thread is to me, I want it for a serious purpose but the nature of it to me is so silly. Thanks for making the model, BigAl, I was literally looking for a technique but you've given me something I can tweak so that's great Also, the polished turd made me smile a LOT!