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  1. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Render Queue Best Approach   

    Hi Gilbert,

    what i usually like to do is to save as a project at a different location (which creates a new tex folder with all textures) and then save multiple files with different render/save settings and cameras while keeping the master file. This way i have every file for every render i made if the client wishes to return to a previous version.
    If there are lots of expected changes during the creation process i make a simple xpresso setup to turn things on/off, change hypernurbs settings, etc with one click making the file saving process at least a bit more comfortable.

    One disatvantage of different render settings is that you still have to rename the file output paths every time if you dont wish to overwrite.

    Maybe there are some plugins out there helping to make life easier.

  2. UngaBunga added a post in a topic (Bsg) Battle Of Atlantia -Epic Space Battle   

    Awesome! Youre getting better and better! :D

    I think your movie will be really mindblowing when its finished so here are some ideas:
    Your shot which starts at 3:14 is the best according to lighting because the Battlestar is nicely lit (not too bright, not too dark) and everything looks nice on the dark starfield background with lots of details giong on. This is the "look" i would go for and adapt it for the other scenes.

    Imroving the ambient:
    In your starfield include some yellowish/redish/blueish stars. and a lot more small ones in between to make the battlescene take place in an "ocean of distant stars".
    Also use a high resolution image of the planet showing some details.
    The gaseous nebula is also a bit "soft" and has too less structure. Also it seems to be too dominant (brightness/color). Ideas:

    The scene at 1:24 when the basestar fires its missiles is also one of my favorites. I would improve it by removing the zoom after the missiles have been launched and also let the basestar fire 3 more missiles (maybe another 3) before the cut, to give the scene a "relentless" under fire feel.

    Same goes for the scene when atlantia starts firing its ordinance at 0:35. However i love that scene it is still a bit "powerless". I would let the turrets shoot at least 6-7 times in total before the scene cuts. Another improvement would be to move the camera down a bit closer to the hull (to make the ) and replacing the zooming with a simple "dolly move" from left to right and maybe the camera looking at the target towards the end of the shot.

    In the next scene you could let the defense artillery perimeter "paint" a wall of explosions. Just like when you take a big brush in photoshop and try to fill the screen ;) I saw this "paint-like effect" at the beginning of the first episode of season 4 and really liked it.

    In the next scene (0:47) when the vipers get launched and the camera tilts in the direction the vipers are flying, i am missing the basestars and the incoming fighters. It's just a thing i am asking myself: why are the vipers flying towards the planet? :D

    0:39 watching the incoming missiles is also one of my favs ;)

    Since cinema4d always eases in and eases out every camera animation by default, this takes away the flow of the whole movie. Because sometimes you see the camera being still in the first frame and again stop in the end frame. So i would cut about 0,5 sec at the beginning and the end of those scenes or just correct the animation-tangents in the timeline.

    All in all again enjoyed watching. Keep up the great work! ;)

  3. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Explode One Object To Reveal Another Object Inside Of It?   

    This has just been posted over at GSG:
    The plugin is not yet finished but it could be interesting for your project.

  4. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Modeling Audi S5   

    Yea i almost forgot about that one. Very very good tutorial on the lacreme website.
  5. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Cafe Logo Contest - Winners Announced   

    I would be more than happy to do so! ;)
  6. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Cafe Logo Contest - Winners Announced   

    I completely agree with your statement, unready.

    The Logo is in no way anywhere near a finished state. It looks more like being in a draft status. So i absolutely don't feel offended in any way or think the critique is harsh. I very well know it is not what it could be with more tweaking time.

    Yes me too, especially because i had way too less time to overthink/finish that one so i feel a bit sorry that the contest didn't run for a bit longer.
  7. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Cafe Logo Contest - Winners Announced   

    Woohoo! :D Thank you guys very much! Congratulations to remi and gabespinoza for their great entries! And thanks to 3DKiwi and the Cafe staff for setting up this great contest and thanks to the lots and lots of people who participated and made this a really fun and inspiring challenge!

    Yaay! :D
  8. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Material That Has Dust On?   


    i think UV Mapping & Photoshop will be one way to go. From your photoshop file you can create alpha masks for the spectular channel - dust is non reflective and dull.
    To create realistic (believable) dust on a material you need to understand the "physics" of dust. The dust layer is thicker on the top side and almost none on the bottom side of things because of the way dust covers the objects. Dust can easily be wiped off so you will more likely see spots where the object came in contact with other objects creating scar like marks or fingerprints on the places where you would touch the object. For example a dusty car but still in use would show less dust on the car door handle area.

    The second thing would be the environment. Usually dust as a warm grey color, but depending on the environment its color can differ. For example the house dust has a different color and different shape created by the indoor fabric materials.

    You can also try out procedural Materials to achieve this effect but it is a "science of its own" to get the hang of it.
    In this topic you can find a discussion about procedurals:

    The first link to Carles Piles' site seems to be offline, but you can use google's cache to see the tutorial and download the scene file to learn about how they work:
    By the way this is the most impressive procedural material i've come across just by looking at the sheer uncountable amount of different layers and techniques used.

    Hope this was helpful.

  9. UngaBunga added a topic in XPresso / Python Scripting   

    Access Spline Tangents With Xpresso?
    Hi everyone!

    Just wondering, is this possible?
    In the Structure Manager there is an XYZ value for every spline point as well as XYZ-vectors for every one. Is there a way to access the tangent vectors in Xpersso?

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  10. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Locking A Spline Point?   


    with XPresso use the Point Node to attach individual spline points to any object by connecting the global positions to the point positions.

    The file in the attachment has been created for a different topic (") but it uses the same technique.

    Hope this helps.

  11. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Modeling Audi S5   


    It is always better to create individual objects for the individual parts because they are easier to manage later.
    For the lights i would create an indentation inside the mesh and put the light mesh in there - so that they are "enclosed". This way if you later decide to "turn the lights on", they won't shine inside the car's interior ;)

    Take a look at these nice Audi C4D project files (also the S5) made by Tom3D:

    Very nice insight into car modeling details.

  12. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Cafe Logo - Post Your Final Entry Here   

    And my very first ones with the coffee mug as various c4d tools.
    "C4D Cafe Forum as a basic tool on the path to mastering Cinema 4D"


  13. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Cafe Logo - Post Your Final Entry Here   

    These are my final entries V2 & V3

  14. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Challenge - Make Us A New Logo   

    Hey everyone!

    I was on vacation and just couldn't help it... i had some ideas for the cafe logo and i just had to try out ;)
    First one uses positive/negative space. Last one is just for fun.


  15. UngaBunga added a post in a topic Need Urgent Help ( Dreaded 'not Enough Memory' Error   

    maybe there is a "temp" file somewhere in the MAXON folder... i remember i have read something like that somewhere.