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  1. You can set pass limit. For example 200 or more. otherwise it calculates infinite. Best thing you can save progress in any pass in picture viewer without waiting for final render. This saves me a lot of time in wip images when working.
  2. It´s not really a leak. It´s been mentioned also in MAXON´s blog on their website.https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/press-releases/article/MAXON-announces-cross-platform-gpu-rendering-collaboration/
  3. One thing I miss is direct option for caustics rendering in Corona. Any info of development of this?
  4. Yes. That´s a good idea. Perhaps later when I have time :-)
  5. Sorry I am full of interior viz projects so no time for tutorials. Perhaps I can share a link for article I wrote for finnish professional archviz magazine.
  6. Cool. I have used Corona whole year for arch viz.
  7. No grammatical errors. It´s internet english lol :-D
  8. right click on any tool and select help to display help file
  9. You should place the object axis in the zero of the object space. there is a trick when you use Explosion fx and cluster - thickness. I think cloth will not work in all Cinema 4D versions.
  10. Do not ever give up. It´s going only to take some time. just google "how u model dem shapes" I learned a lot from those.
  11. Sent you e-mail
  12. I am available for freelancer projects. I have about 10 years of experience of architecture visualisation and interior projects. I have extensive knowledge and experience in Cinema 4D + vrayforc4d + corona renderer. Currently I am have agreed on new projects this month but you can see my portfolio here. http://kimmorp.wixsite.com/kimmo3d
  13. 50$ lol. My starting price is 350 € per project and you will get also rendered picture as a finalised image. Propably you are an amateur or you are not in the archviz business yourself.
  14. Most things for customer projects are what I need is arch vis tools and for animation mograph tools are just enough but that´s really it. Still I am going to r18 launch party in Helsinki this month to see new features. I think there´s Pavel Zoch too.