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  1. that´s great. I have used some eyescape texture bitmaps for years but these have normal maps and everything
  2. C4D Fundamentals - Tutorials

    I think this is a 2X post of the same tutorial?
  3. Cafe back & new owner

    I noticed some member file attachments are lost forever. :-S
  4. Pimped up version from the Mech Challenge
  5. I have a copy of DVD if anyone needs   http://kraphik3d.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/meltinglight_c4d.jpg
  6. Cafe back & new owner

    Great news. :-)
  7. Despite of your choice I wish you the Kiwi all the best from the bottom of my heart :-)
  8. Hi   Meltinglight website was shut down and copyright of files are now public domain. I received files on a DVD-Rom from Chris Hollins.     Check out for old Cinema 4d version archive of c4d tutorials. Many tutorials will work for new release workflow as well.   http://kraphik3d.com/wordpress/?p=1821
  9. The website is not active anymore. Anyone knows?   http://vertex-pusher.com/
  10. rigging a folding cube

    with nulls only. no joints needed
  11. rigging a folding cube

    the left cube at the top should rotate all the way to meet the bottom. FK allows it only to rotateunder 90 degrees. If it rotates more then it flips over with a typical a gimpal error. How to solve this?
  12. rigging a folding cube

    here is the first part. had a lot of fun. There is a youtube hobby tutorial of the real one that helped with the basic idea. So basically model 4 separate cubes then move them apart and model a polygon strip for joints "hinge" in the middle.    
  13. rigging a folding cube

    Thanks Kiwi. That sounds the same I was sketching. The solution is to build a mechanical rig with joints with nulls for 8 cubes+ perhaps xpresso sliders to animate. The axis is also facing differently on each hinge but there was an illustration and I have a photocube model as a reference. So there will be some texturing too for the 3d one:-)
  14. Hi   I am making a folding cube animation and I was thinking to use hinges but it´s too complex for simple rig. It needs 8 hinges. Any ideas how to rig this in Cinema 4D?   http://sofia.nmsu.edu/~breakingaway/Lessons/MFC/MFC.html