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  1. Translucent Plastic

    Why not use light dome instead of GI it´s much faster, eh?
  2. @ThomasGrimesYes definitely :-) Another Corona test with SSS shaders. (no archviz but...)
  3. Thanks guys for your interest in Corona Renderer too. Nice to know @ThomasGrimes you´re in Corona team. I am testing Alpha version 5. @mlonSo actually "beta" is alpha ;-) So basically my Corona Renderer showcase project will be featured in finnish architecture magazine later in this fall. Here is another image with illuminated (light emitting) materials on objects. There is some problems in white areas that are not been antialiased at all when you have bright white area on back of objects like you can see in the image on the chair edge. The same problem was is in vrayforc4d beta back in 2007 as well.
  4. Propably you could test higher settings. I have tried to use some other plugins like Corona Renderer that gives much better light distribution in interior renderings with progressive rendering options and without artifacts. If you use GI and /or light sources with shadow maps in native Cinema 4d renderer you have to pump up also resolution quite high and set sampling rate higher in GI settings.
  5. I recall this method but it is only for bake environment reflection. Now I have lost the file since it is very old but I have created free sample scene where you can see the mirror map. http://www.kraphik3d.com/download/hdrsamples/HDRI_Studio_Sample_scene.rar
  6. I started testing Corona Renderer in arch viz renderings. My point is to create article for architecture magazine. I would be happy to know if there are anyone other people using it in professional or hobby work here?
  7. I have lots archviz experience and extensive experience with Cinema 4D (+ vrayforc4d+Corona)
  8. C4D Model conversions now posted at Sci-Fi 3D

    ok :-) Only popular scifi model really I have is X-Wing.
  9. 30GB of free learning C4D files

    Very useful Teknow I shared in my blog. http://kraphik3d.com/wordpress/?p=2093
  10. Propably the most important is the right kind of reflection environment and IOR values. You do not need any plugins for realistic basic water. Only if you are making ocean waves it is different.
  11. Perhaps this helps toohttp://kraphik3d.com/wordpress/?page_id=84
  12. Just recently my HP Envy 14 graphics card said bye bye. The dead laptop has i7 processor that was very smooth with Cinema 4d. Only thing that I hated in HP was Radeon graphicscard that did not run always smooth with Cinema. The laptop was 5 years old which is quite much for a laptop. I consider new laptop with Nvidia card . At the momentI still have old Desktop PC / Win XP with Cinema 4D r10. That is almost nostalgia. If possible I wouldsuggest that you haveboth laptop and old workstation. The problem with powerfullaptops such as HP is that graphics card is integrated to motherboard that will heat a lot and will crash. The benefit of old workstation is that parts are all modular and can be replaced easier than with laptop.I am currently looking for used high end Asus X550 series or new HP laptop with at least i5 processor or i7. Usually with laptops if one can affordit is also a good advice if you have a spare second laptop as well. Couple of years ago I had 2 laptops just in case. Now I have one only dead laptop as a book weight. My cousin had a pile of old laptops with motherboard failure. Propably it is either integrated parts or motherboard failure that kills the system but mostly it is the heat. I have also an old Quad core Pentium that has no harddrive to be used propably for workstation.
  13. Digital Meat - C4D Tutorials

    I started teaching Cinema 4D + Unity scene creation but did not have time yet to solve the character export from c4d to unity. The character was imported to Unity but the motion did not. I updated now to free version of Unity 5 since they do not support 4 anymore. It is rather easy to make third person shooter with Cinema 4D + Unity. Full characters are always more complex. Not sure if this works with character tool because you used just joint tool for this tutorial.
  14. Digital Meat - C4D Tutorials

    I am very interested of Unity tutorials for Cinema 4D. Thank you!