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  1. Most things for customer projects are what I need is arch vis tools and for animation mograph tools are just enough but that´s really it. Still I am going to r18 launch party in Helsinki this month to see new features. I think there´s Pavel Zoch too.
  2. I am not sure if it´s worth upgrading with that because there´s not many paying projects that really needs such. I will stay in R16. It has enough features for old fart like me.
  3. Yes I agree. I was intentionally baiting with troll. There are much more options in r18 voronoi and it´s integrated. Propably you can get basic voronoi fracture effect with plugin. However that cut effect can be too achieved with plugin.
  4. Sorry to burst your MSA bubble but I have already got voronoi fracture many years ago with 12 euro plugin. http://www.valkaari.com/?product=xplode
  5. Just PM if there is no contact e-mail
  6. From the album 3d stuff by Ahven

  7. By Ahven

    Living Room
  8. nice animation. could have different camera angles
  9. I found Bodypaint quite useful in recent project but the it is still not developed for a long time.....
  10. It is the Maya LE right? Does it have less functionality than the commercial version?
  11. Yes that´s very much so, Maya is very technical and interface is quite clean but filled with stuff with american english cg jargon and the node system is bit different when compared to Cinema 4D attributes manager.
  12. It´s good that Autodesk has now subscription model if one needs just to do some Maya projects but not want to invest all money to the whole product.
  13. Your job title is misleading. Allrounder artist is an experienced Cinema 4d user. I applied to your job and then you replied that you are looking for a junior Cinema 4D artist. Allrounder is not a junior job title. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I used some scratched metal textures but the tiling is not that easy to achieve with slapping bitmap on top.
  15. It´s very good. I can spot new reflectance cloth shader too.