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  1. Same here. No problem switching between various layouts using two monitors.
  2. In addition to what has been said above, just watch out for the hotkey "L". That was probably the reason you activated it in the first place.
  3. Okay mate. No Vray. I understand. Hopefully, I can spare some time before Feb 14. At the moment, I have a boat load of work as it is busy season for our profession.
  4. "You must texture your scene - native C4D textures or textures made by you" Can I use Vray? I mean it is in C4D.
  5. Or how about learning from the man himself? Look at this video where Andrew breaks down that "destroyed planet" FX which I can only surmise inspired from the Star Trek title sequence.
  6. Works flawlessly mate! Thanks for the effort. Appreciate it very much! :)
  7. Yea. Also interested! But when's the deadline? Hopefully it is not too tight.
  8. While you are at it, watch this comprehensive hair system introduction by @Rectro
  9. @maliohammad Re: Render Button. Cool looking forward to it! Re: document path If it gets too complicated, just drop this feature. I can go by manually setting the path. I guess what I really like as an addition would be that simultaneous render button Re: Path Oh maybe that is why. Incidentally, I am on windows.
  10. Oh there it is! Thank you for the tip!
  11. @maliohammad It works mate! Although is it possible to include in the code the render button? So basically, when I click the icon, apart from renaming the render file, it should also render immediately (Shift+R). Also, how do I implement this " I can set it to use the document path instead . " Thank you so much by the way! It will be a life saver for me in the coming days! Also, just wondering how is it possible to work with a "/Users/maliohammad/Downloads/" I thought directories should be in backslash. So it should be \Users\maliohammad\Downloads\ but when I tried it, it doesn't work.
  12. Hi mate! Will check in a while. Sorry for the late response. Been busy for the past few days.
  13. Hi. Where do I find 'Set as default". All I can see at the moment is 'Reset as default'
  14. Sweeeet! How long did it take you to recreate the image?
  15. Just want to chime in. I'm away from home right now can't confirm. But is it possible to have default resolution of 1024x1024 rather than opening the material editor tab for each material?