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  1. "Transfer weight based on proximity". Haven't heard of it but if there is I am interested. Anyway, with regard to your problem, how about using a mesh or surface deformer?
  2. In that case, I am at an impasse. Will report to this thread once I can acquire a GPU.
  3. @Andrzw That's more likely a weighting issue. Can you provide the file? Also, try to use the Advanced Biped Template. The Basic Biped Template or whatever it was called is somewhat buggy.
  4. Okay. Just tried it again. When I reach at level 5 it just slows down. Is there like a secret setting for sculpting I'm missing out?
  5. Is this is like an automatic modelling voodoo?
  6. Really? Thanks for the confirmation. I'd have a look what makes my computer chugs. Hmmmm. I actually ended up trying out Zbrush for the above dilemma. And I have to say, I'm loving Zbrush! but still I don't want to leave the C4D program in sculpting relatively simple models.
  7. Hi, just want to know how many levels can your computer take before the C4D slows down? I am under the impression that C4D handles millions of polys well, but whenever I reach more than Level 5, my computer chugs horribly. There is a delay whenever I sculpt on the surface. I'm using a head mesh from the Content Browser. My PC specs is i7 Skylake and 24GB RAM. Onboard GPU. Any thoughts? Just want to confirm if this is normal.
  8. Doesn't solo work much easier? (although I haven't tried animating in solo, just wondering). My animation scenes are not complicated so far.
  9. 15-20 fps for animation is a hit and miss. Have you tried watching this tutorial?
  10. Just a bit of suggestion for art direction. It would be nice if there is these two birds chasing each other coming from the heart itself. So there is this slight "hole" from the heart where the birds came from and along the trail, mini flower hearts are spread out.
  11. ^Apparently, I have no record of it. By recently, I meant a month ago or so. I'll try to replicate it if possible, but then again maybe it was just me.
  12. @teknow Is there any chance you can demonstrate the technique for Flatten Tool? I have been at dead end at using that tool. I was expecting it to behave like Zbrush's HPolish or Flatten tool but still to no avail. ====================== SETTING VIEW PORT SETTINGS TO LOCAL. Normally, this is set to Global. Why would you want to it go for local? Simply, so you have a different viewport with different function. For instance in Character Animation, you'll have a viewport that specifically for RenderShot. For this viewport, you can disable the object highlighting, controls and only fixed for a specific camera. This helps you see your animation better.
  13. Just to chime in. As noted above, with advanced materials that requires the heavy use of reflectance, Physical seems to be the way to go. I'm just wondering, is there a difference of GI between using Standard Renderer and Physical Renderer? I don't have a detailed findings, but recently, I found Physical's GI much more pleasing. Or maybe it is just me.
  14. Thanks for the heads up! BTW, why are these videos "not publicly listed"?
  15. @poodles Here is my entry. Finally, got a time to spare just this weekend. I'm not sure what you mean by " You must texture your scene - native C4D textures or textures made by you. " Anyway, I made the materials/texture myself but the "image maps" are from the internet and some of them are extracted from the GSG textures from way way back. If you plan to disqualify the entry, I'll understand as I didn't clarify the guidelines before entering. ============ Finished my love. Some personal notes. I just watched Beauty and the Beast earlier this week, for the first time. (My childhood is not really into film/media back then.) Then, I remembered this challenge and it was clear what concept should I make. First made in Vray, then after I was about to finish I remembered the object be made in native C4D renderer. So I had to rework all the materials. This turned out to be a blessing since I was having trouble to make a volumetric lighting in Vray. With the phsyical renderer, volumetric lighting was no sweat. Also, I was having trouble exporting a depth pass with this project. When I create a new document, and render a depth pass. It looks fine. But when I render it with this project, it just turns black. I don't know why and I have no time to troubleshoot. I ended up exporting two image, one with no DOF and the other with full blown DOF that everything seems to be blurred. I just masked the full-blown DOF in Photoshop. Also, is there an issue with 32 bit image to be edited in Photoshop? It seems like I can open it in PS but I cannot create/add layers. I ended up using 16 bit image which functioned perfectly well. Weird. Anyway, I planned to make an animation out of this if time permits before the release of the Beauty and the Beast live action. Anyway, good luck to everyone! P.S. I have no WIPs as everything happened so fast. I just need to sleep right now. I'll try posting clay render later, if that qualifies as WIP. P.P.S. 10 min render. Physical Render. Adaptive. Low. For future reference.