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  1. Ok, gotcha. It would make sence to be able to lock to a axis while drawing so as to not have to edit it as much if at all afterwards. Not a big deal for me personally, but maybe for others who do allot of spline work would find it beneficial for that tweak to the spline tools. Dan
  2. Im not getting that to work using the XYZ buttons individually Cerbera? The only way I can lock to a Axis as im drawing out a spline is with the method iv mentioned above? Dan
  3. Hi. Would enable Guide snapping with dynamic guide give you what your after. Holding down shift then lets you constrain on the Y axis? Dan
  4. Iv have had these points over the years, and at times iv had to take a break, but iv always come back. Iv even had to take a break for a few months as I was taking on too much. For many of us we started in 3d software much more primitive than C4D so we have less to learn, were as C4D is so feature full it can be easy to dabble in so many areas in which can amount to what seems overwhelming. I think you have been doing well, and just need to take a short break. If you do choose to do this challenge then there is allot of help available, Im very happy to help as I wont be partaking in this challenge. what ever you choose to do, you can bank on people here being at hand through the whole process. Take a step back and see what you have learnt in such a short time. Come back, and do a simple project, but a complete one and your be glad you did it. Dan
  5. Id like to see this also. Even better would be a new deformer called (Deform Rig) added to geometry while modeling by adding a combination of bone and muscle in the centre of the mesh extremities. Then have C4D character tool have the option to take on this deformer placement as a starting point to add joints. Dan
  6. When your in build mode to bind no deformers are applied and working so the rig is put to its default pose. Once your in Animate mode anything that has been adjusted on the rig will change the pose of the mesh should it be weighted correctly. In the Animate tab press "Reset Pose" button. This should reset the pose to default, if that dont work Hold Shift key while pressing reset pose, this will force the pose to the build pose. If the mesh is still crazy then cmotion or another deformer is causing this, maybe a stored key frame. make sure your timeline is at the begining and no other keyframes are stored, otherwise the second you move your timeline play your loose the reset pose. PS: Note: Any adjustments you make to the rig after you have bound the mesh you need to click on the bind tab before animate tab so these changes apply, otherwise your mesh will move out of place. Dan
  7. Hi. To move all parts together you add the head and eyes to a Null by selecting them all and drag n drop then inside the null, your see a downward arrow showing as you do this. Also you can add objects inside a connect object, but that has other functions and commonly is not used as a null is for this task. You then move, or animate the null everything inside them moves with it. Tip: If you wish the null to take on one of the objects Axis Centre position lets say the head, drag a null first into the head object, select the null and zero out all coordinates. then drag the null out of the head object, and drag the head object itno the null. The null now has the same axis centre as the head. Dan
  8. You did a super job on this. Don't know about you, but each project pushes my boundeties as in terms of patients, attention to detail, speed. What are you working on next? Dan
  9. Really nice job on the turn table, shows your model very well. Only thing that I felt needed attention was the slightly flicker from the hair shadows, around the 34 and 43 seconds more so. Not sure if this was the shadow samples, GI flicker. Thanks for sharing this cool project. Dan
  10. Id love to be able to do a tutorial on fur for animals, but cant right now. @bentraje thanks for mentioning my videos. Here is a few tips that should help. On how to control hair length the scale tool on selected guides will make the hair shorter. I prefer to use several hair layers and blend them. The other way which can save some time is making Scale maps for the hair material Scale. Providing your model has a UV map you can paint your model a mid to light grey, and paint areas that need to be short a darker grey. White will be full length, and black with be shortest. Areas like legs, face, ears will be darker. Give that a try. Use selection sets to quickly select areas, this is allows you to quickly select and groom that area providing you have "Selection Only" check on within the grooming tools. To stop hairs in certain areas like nose, eyes use a Density map, apply it to both the guides, and hairs, I think thats in the Hair/Growth tab. I found that increasing the collision distance helps the hair sit better. The hair tag settings within the Hair Tab/Cloning helps fill the hair out, and avoid the look of intersecting hairs. Set the root to 0 and tip to a low number this will ensure that the clones grow from the surface. Use the curve to choose how the clones with show. If you want more at the roots and not so much at the tips pull the left side of the curve up, and keep the right side down, Left = Root, Right = Tip. Vary the length of the hair in the Hair material within the Scale. I found setting the scale at 90 and Variation at 10 is a good start. Frizz in small amounts helps the hair look more realistic. Watch out for the specular, if set too high your find you will loose your colour depth. I like to turn spec off while setting up my colour. Talking about colour, a texture map of real fur works very well. Also to break the tone up I like to use Tint with a solic colour, this is nice for either highlights, or deeper tones controlled by the Hair percentage slider. Im writing this off the top of my head, if when im at my pc I can think of anything else I let you know. Dan
  11. Before you check HD space just have a quick check as in Bezo image, see if the frame range in the render output settings are restricted to a smaller range. Dan
  12. Ahh yea Im with you Bezo, it puts the value into the fields from the range, however she said all frames render in the preview, unless she didnt notice it not starting from frame 1? Dan
  13. The Render settings Output/Frame Range if set to Preview Range then it goes by the power slider range in the time line. However if the Frame range is set to All Frames it does all frames regardless of the power slider. Maybe it was set to Preview Range in the render output settings? Dan
  14. Hello. In the render settings, Output/Frame Range, did you select all frames, do you have enough HD space? Dan