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  1. i know the idea is to have a poll, but im not sure how effective that would be reflecting on the last challenge we ran, would it not be a better idea to have a judging panel? I would be willing to be part of said panel of judges if that where so.
  2. dont be discouraged! nothing worth doing in life is ever easy, if we gave up on something everytime it got hard we would never learn anything would we? you put the hard work in now, to get the benfits later, and trust me when you get to the point where things just click, you'll be glad you kept with it, because then there really isn't a limit to what you can do, only your imagination. have a break for a few days, try not to put too much pressure on your self, hopefully after that you'll return with a renewed enthusiam :D
  3. Steven 2.0

  4. some nice stuff there bro! personally i feel its bit long, minute and half to two minutes i think would have been better, plus im not overly keen on the music but for overall content its nice :D
  5. this evenings progress, finished off the rear collar detailing, well for now anyways, grid was a massive pain but got it done in the end, also cut in the vents on the face mask that where placed there temporarily, which required adding additional geo and loops to the mesh to hold the forms.
  6. thanks bro :D
  7. this would of course depend on the details being added, i.e diamonds vs swirls, indented lines etc
  8. yea i would model the entire thing first before adding any external detailing, example file was just a base mesh to save you some time on modelling it your self, if you happen to, that can be modified to your needs. but yea id add the details to the out side of the glass only after you've got your basic glass modelled , then any supporting loops etc that you need to support new geometry you can run around the entire outside of the glass, its worth taking note though that wether you actaully need to model the details, rather than using bump/displacement and if you do want to actually model the detailing then you need to make sure you have enough geometry to start with to support the detailing you need, and that it is flows in a way that will support the additional edge loops and such that you'll need to add to tighen everything up.
  9. heres a quick rough glass i knocked up in a few minutes from a sphere cut in half, then extruded with caps, you'd just need to close the hole at the bottom and top of the stem by deleting the ring of polys and closing the upper and lower part with a quad patch Edit - like this wine glass example 2.c4d
  10. Right, so heres my progress/wip so far, stupid amounts of detail on this version of the helmet, all of which il be adding to my model, most of the external detailing is done, some more bits to add to the top of the face mask and around the collar, then on to the inside of the mask, which a wholeother kettle of fish, with all sorts going on in there. its been pretty fun so far, and a nice change from character modelling, although you could argue that this still falls under that catagory, i'll be posting updates as i go, well done to @Cerbera on his version of the helmet, exellent job all round!
  11. if you want a 3d stylized head, then using a spline in a extrude nurbs is not the way to go. you'll need to poly/sds model roughly the entire head from either a primative, and then start to model in the details or completely from scratch as i do usually starting with the nose and eye areas, i dont know your level of experience, or skills with modelling but organic stuff can be quite tricky, epsecially if you're trying to create a character head, with no prior experience of doing so, as for the hair, you would either add a hair object, or poly model the hair as a separate peice usually after you finish with modelling the actual head, as rectro said, do you have a better refrence for what exactly you're after?
  12. Oooooh baby cant wait to post mine later ;)