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  1. i think we could cut Igor some slack, and spedler to me your comments came off a little combative, i realise it's difficult to convey tone via text but to me that's how it came across, from my understanding Igor is basically running the cafe single handed, and i think he's doing a stellar job, yea ads can be annoying but if it's what is keeping the cafe going then all be it, aslong as it doesn't end up looking like sticky postit board, i don't see the problem, the way i see it, the cafe gives way more than it recieves, alot of people just come, take what they want and dissapear just as quickly, i can understand why Igor would feel dissapointed with some of the user feed back, people go on about challenges, yet the past two have only had a handful of participants, with the valentines challenge having only one final submitted piece of work, to me that feels like a kick in the proverbial nut sack. with the amount of free content on here, models, etc, which i might add you dont find on the other top 3d sites, we should be lucky we're not paying a subscription, for the level of expertise and sheer time spent making the cafe what it is, just feel salty lately, with people having way too much negative things to say, with out mentioning the good stuff, -V
  2. Yep its fun :D but it's very important to get this early, for all types of modelling not only does it look impressive when it comes to wire frames, understanding the flow of polys will help you construct better models, especially for character work the flow of geometry around the nose, eyes, mouth etc all need to be flowing well or they won't deform correctly.
  3. In that case we can cut you some slack for sure, if you'd have said 2 years i'd be setting my inquisitors blaster from stun, to kill (joking, it doesn't have stun, it's always set to kill )..... but joking aside i would fix these fundamentals right now, to save you a headache in the future, that way in no time at all you will be blasting triangles, and creating beautiful flowing geometry of perfectly even poly goodness, you may even one day receive the coveted Inter-galactic quad police gold star badge of geometry and all things 4 sided stamp of royal approval :D
  4. Jesus man, no offence intended but you have bigger problems here than over lapping geo and triangles. until you remedy those, problems like this will continue to occur. you really need to address these right away, namely your approach to modelling, I don't know how long you've been doing 3d / using cinema but i cant stress enough the importance of clean flowing/quad based geometry. the whole thing is a gigantic mess, half the normal's are reversed and the legs are only partially be honest id ditch this and start over, maybe watch a few tutorials, on basic modelling/sub d modelling and then try again.
  5. Haven't opened the file as im not at my desk, and there is no substitute for proper quad based modelling/topology, but when booles are called for you can get around the mess it creates by applying the bool directly to the sds object its self instead of the actual geometry. This way you'll get your cutout and keep you're sds smoothed objext perfectly intact.
  6. update time, started making the clothing, and testing some materials. will add creases etc last as final details
  7. chrome is fine, firefox makes it 2 lines
  8. Thanks mate ill have a play around with that when i get home:D
  9. few more changes, trying out a tiny mustache, also added the teeth/gums and tongue
  10. :D im trying to push his hair up a level, ive got the sculpting tools out but its not going to plan :/
  11. @SIgor can see it a bit better from the front
  12. his bottom fat pouch kinda reminds me of bib fortuna from starwars
  13. could be improved for sure, although im not sure it even needs any skin details
  14. yep its got sss in the luminance channel, probably the angle not showing it too well, its got a strong back light so from front on it shows much better
  15. testing some new skin shaders im working on, click full screen for high quality shots.