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  1. Thanks a lot Dan. It does for me too except for speed, it takes so long figuring out new workflows but yeah,it's so much fun to push your boundaries and see that back in your work. It reallypays off and by repetition , the speed in which you complete project will change too fortunateley. I haven't really gotten plans on a newproject yet, have to go on active job hunting to get job in the 3D world. I do have a simple sketch lying here of a viking called "Bürt the bear butcher". Didn't had the skills at the time to get to it but perhaps i'm picking that up. It will be a cartoonish style, so another projectfilled with new styles and workflows to find out haha
  2. I haven't but that looks reallyinteresting. Thanks for the link!
  3. You mean here at C4Dcafe i think.. Anyway, nice reel:)
  4. No this one was rendered out in Marmoset Toolbag. I hope that one day I can just do PBR in cinema 4D. I think it has equally amounts of work in c4d and brush. Thanks, saw that as well, wasn't able to change that in Marmoset, I think it was the shadow. It didn't bother me that much, I was glad to finally finish this project, took too long already haha.
  5. Thank you guys, on to the next! @eenendertig: That's exactly what I was going for :D I've also been busy the last two days with this turntable animation, hope you'll like it guys :)
  6. Some nice little updates! Was also happy that I finally got some awards but that didn't last long haha ;)
  7. More money, more problems eh ? :P
  8. Like teknow said, I didn't know either. Well, if you're planning on moving, you're welcome in Holland :P
  9. Nah, Croatia is much more interesting, so is the landscape, Holland is so flat :P
  10. Welcome to the cafe Martin!
  11. Ha, there are way more skilled artist here and on the web than I am, my young Padawan.
  12. Hey thanks! You'll get there, just be passionate about what your doing and put "some" hours into it!
  13. Thank you! I always have a soft spot for black & white and clay renders :D I hope so, this project took so long discovering ways to do things and losing days of work because something didn't work how I planned. Zbrush was a great help with creating base meshes indeed and just retopo in C4D. Do you just use Dynamesh while concepting? My next project will be a cartoonish character done in Zbrush and C4D. Got a concept drawing lying here for a year or so and I finally feel confident enough too work it out.
  14. Greetings fellow artists, Just finished my first character so I've been playing with some black and white renders. I stil have to create a small plateau for the turntable animation since the previous one was scrapped. Had a lot of problems with the hair cards, they just didn't look good so instead I used Zbrush's Fibermesh. A real shame since I wanted to only use game dev techniques and keep it fairly low poly. I only used Zremesher on the gloves since retopo on this as well would have stalled the process to much for me. Anyway, it was a great creative journey, I've discovered new workflows and learned new programs that I can use for my next projects! For future projects i'd pay more attention to details on the garments. I've added lots of folds and stretching but in the end they could have been better visible. This took to much time already so I won't be going back to adjust that again. A coloured version and the turntable animation will probably be done tomorrow or the day after. Hope you all like this one for now :)