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  1. Would that be in the left hand column of forum posts? If so then it's a bit tall. No need to include gender.
  2. So on the scene file I uploaded selected the top polygon of each object and scale it slightly smaller. You might have to do each axis separately and the scale amount will be different on the 2 cubes. BTW, the 2 cubes don't need to be the same thickness. You'll also need to lower the Phong tag angle.
  3. The joys of running the Cafe :)
  4. There's multiple ways to do this. Here's one way. You can adjust the clone count to increase / decrease the number of steps.
  5. You should be running in hardware OpenGL mode. I realise this may not resolve the problem but viewport navigation will be much better / quicker. The problem with Laptops is they often have a custom graphics driver and you can't just install one from the graphics card supplier e.g. nVidia.
  6. The preset doesn't actually do anything on its own. First you have to have some particles e.g. a standard emitter. Place an object in front of the emitter then create the Move on Surface preset. In the preset settings you'll need to add in the object you want to use plus the particle group (often just the All group). Attached is a quick example. I used a standard emitter preset and manually created the gravity. Hope this helps. What I've done here could simulate water. Use a sphere as the particle object with a glass material then add a ton of vector motion blur to it.
  7. Something up with your rig then I guess.
  8. My guess is an object in your timeline is set to solo animation mode. The effect that this has is while you can record animation as shown by the motion track in the viewport, it won't actually playback. So go into the timeline and look for an object with a small "S". Uncheck that. Attached is what I mean. The cube won't playback yet I can record animation for it. The Null object is set to solo mode. If that's not it then stuffed if I know.
  9. Edit > Preferences > OpenGL. Enable OpenGL. My guess is your graphics card isn't suitable for 3D graphics.
  10. You don't say what your graphics card is. Are you running C4D in OpenGL mode?
  11. Correct. Splinemask objects only work on the first 2 child objects. An alternative is to make both square splines editable then do a "Connect and delete" on them to combine into one spline.
  12. Think I would do it with a Boolean. Just a matter of making an object with a number of steps like the attached. This won't mess up the animation.
  13. Sounds like something that an XPresso rig could do. Anyway good luck getting it sorted out.
  14. Just a matter of enabling Alpha in the material settings on the Basic tab then loading in the image that you want to use. Black parts of the image are transparent while white is solid.