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  1. The best colour control you get in post production software like after fx (you cau use effect named tint) It's rather unusual to render final look out of 3d software. cheers!
  2. At this picuters it looks more like 5 cutted into object + some scaled cubes. You should try Voronoi Fracutre or boolean.
  3. Try caching xp with xpCache.
  4. Congratulations on consistency! Some nice renders you have there. I realy like icy primitive object. keep on going!
  5. Hi, don't force 3d into UI design. It's 2016 - usuabilty is the most important. cheers!
  6. I dont think there is a way to import spline as polygons. Dropd spline under Loft and then hit "C" to convert it to polygonal object.
  7. If you're a beginner just watch any modeling tutorial ;)
  8. you can try using Cloth Surface to add thicknes (thera are some problems with caps) or make your object polygonal (C) and extrude by normals. cheers
  9. Hi, wouldn't be enough to sync sound and vision in post process?
  10. Hi, please dont capitalize every first letter. And I'm guessing that you render to some kind of movie format with lossy compresion (mp4?avi?). Try render png sequence and use for example after effects to render out final movie.
  11. Hi, congratulations on finishing your first car model (I started few and never finished one)! Your model is similar to original but there is a lot of mistakes in details and car feels made of plasticine not metal. Start next model and try to be more precise. cheers!
  12. I did some quick test (without sound) and it works. With simple displacer rig you can see displacement even in vieport.
  13. You can access height with material draged into xpresso panel.
  14. Hi, try your luck at forum. cheers