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  1. with some tests , I may figured out the cause of the offset between the expresso text and the moText . if you make the expresso letters editable , and change the axis center position it will solve the problem , but it is too much of a hassle . so you have two solutions : 1-export as .abc , which can be loaded in most 3d apps . 2- copy the motet object , then put it as child of the connect object , then make it editable , then use the mesh deformer to get the animation from the moText into the new text (the editable one . then you can bake it as PlA animation or what ever you want .
  2. yes , this seems like a valid solution too :)
  3. according to the documentation , the sound is a function , and I am afraid that you can't access it with xpresso . but you can drag and drop that check box into the viewport so you can toggle it on and off without xpresso
  4. to avoid such problems , shift + V , then go to view tab , then increase the tinted opacity or change its color , so you will get an idea of which area will be in the final render :)
  5. this is caused by the background object , and actually it is not a problem :) when you use the background object the render area will have the background material , but the extra part will get a grey color . and you have the extra parts because the aspect ratio of your viewport is not the same as your renderer aspect ratio , you can confirm this by rendering to the picture viewer and you won't have any grey lines
  6. which method did you use to make it and audio track ? and what do you click to show that Sound settings ?
  7. if you mean the dark edges , for me it seems like a reflection problem . what are you using for reflections ? HDRI ? if so , maybe it has so much black so the object will have some black reflections . another solution is in render settings , options , increase the reflection depth until your object looks nice btw , can I know why are using green screen ? , if you want to remove it in post , then just don't add it and export image sequence with alpha
  8. No problem at all :)
  9. the rules says only 2 WIP in the VD challenge post , so I will post some WIPs when the model is ready , this just a part of the final model . Thanks for feedback :)
  10. thanks ! I will smooth and iron the center polys :)
  11. Hi , what do you think about the topology and the edge flow ? all quads , no poles . actually it was much easier than expected to get the starting shape , but the center part was a little harder . let me know if you have any suggestions :) P.S. this model is for the Valentine Challenge
  12. no , I mean using your own objects as clones for the hair . maybe the extrude effector can do this sure , the plugin is much easier to use , and the hair +extrude is just a workaround , not a full solution . and making a full plugin will be much useful
  13. for the mean time you can use the hair object , it is fast and can give similar results
  14. ok , thanks for your feedback . I will try to update and see if it solves the problem :)
  15. my version is 17.053 , and I tried the file in R18 Demo and the same problem . just to make sure , did you do it in the exact order ? (from vertex to poly center ) because if I do it the other way around (from poly center to vertex ) no problem at all