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  1. I usually prefer polygonal modeling , but I think for animation splines are easier to control
  2. then python is the way to go , you can take a look at the python docs and search for spline . PluginCafe is a good place to get help with python in c4d
  3. you can do it with python in c4d directly , but there is an easier solution : create a null object and set it to the xyz data you want (each null will be as a point ) , then create a tracer object and drag all the nulls into the input box and and change the tracer mode to connect objects and change the spline mode to bezeir and set the interpolation to adaptive with 10 degrees or any other one that fit your needs .
  4. that is why I sometimes use python to do things , it is much cleaner and for complex setups faster than xpresso
  5. Hi , here is a a tut on using animated image sequence in the vectorizer in c4d P.S. I know there is an excellent vectorizer plugin which can be super easy , but this tut for people who don't have that plugin
  6. aren't most xpresso setups messy ? :D
  7. OM is Object Manager . I have no problem with your scene(R17.055) , every thing is visible , and when I create object or camera it is also visible . maybe because I don't have Octane ? try to download the R18 demo and open this scene in R18 (without Octane !)
  8. I would make multiple objects for each bend , so I can get that feel if twist and shadows
  9. in R16 you can't see the reflections in the viewport (only R18+ ) , and for the render you have to enable and hdri or objects to reflect ...etc
  10. really nice work :) btw , did you do the smoke with Turbulence FD or in post production ?
  11. make a copy of your project , ---delete anything that don't have a relationship with your cloth sim --- then change the project length to 4x the frames , then change the animations to fit the new frame count . then change the cloth sub steps to quarter the original amount (if it was 10 , set it to 3 , if it is 5 set it to 2 or 1 ) finally cache the new simulation (and you can use the point cache tag with it if you want ) and paste the new object into the old scene and now you have it ... I know it is a lot of work to do , but this is what I can think of to solve this problem ....
  12. there is hidden objects in the greyscalle gorilla stuff (or at lease with HDRI studio ) , go to the layer manager and show the objects of that layer
  13. did you try to use the point cache tag , it might give a better result . but I have no idea how to go through the sub frames thing ....(I have a cheat , it will cost some hard work , if you want it let me know )
  14. I played around with this technique and it is so fun , I used affinity photo instead of photoshop , I will write more when I finish my experiments with this
  15. this is interesting , can you give more info about it ?