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  1. excellent! Great help!
  2. Excellent! Great help! Yesterday that video was up! Found another video and also an image. =)
  3. Hi everybody, I am very interested in knowing how to create a similar effect from the X-men initial scene (please refer to 3:15 scene), where liquid goes up a given path. Can anyone please give me some ideas of: 1. Creating the liquid material (not as a water in pool) that will retain its form. 2. Moving the liquid through a path. I have not found specfic tutorials on it, yet maybe a combination of some could do it. If you have simple instructions for a beginner it will ve greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Great, thanks Cerbera!
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering is there is a function in C4D similar to After Effects´s replace layer, where the new layer, in this case object en C4D, would retain all other effects connected to it . > copy attributes from one object to another and retain all other effects connected to it. Thanks! g.
  6. Hi, I have C4d r17 running on a mac, I recently downloaded and applied the hot4d plugin from Vaalkari to create water waves. I followed a Vaalkari video on how to create foam on the waves, yet I am not getting the foam effect. Any ideas? Maybe someone who has used this plugin before. Thanks!
  7. Great, thanks a lot!
  8. Hi, I am in the process of creating a projection/video mapping material, after creating the desired effects I will later export them as image sequences to After Effects for final processing. I am interested in recommendations for: 1. fast render settings 2. Quality for specific purpose (will go through after effects and will be output through video projectors) 3. PNG o JPEG Thanks a lot!! g.
  9. Hi, thank you! Here is the image, where you can see the Null where I have the walls cloned and the effectors. Any insight will be great ! Best
  10. Hi!, no the wall becomes completely useless, juts like the image in 0%. Have repeated the same procedure many times and the wall is completely moved and disarranged.
  11. Hi, I have wall of bricks (made with cloner) where I am trying to apply a Random effector. When I try to animate the random effector from 100% to 0% (so everything falls back in place), the brick wall completely moves from position and the bricks don´t line up at all. I am attaching an image, that thing up there is the 0% =( Please help!
  12. Hi, thanks for your quick reply! I just solved it, for some reason the camera was no showing the yellow dots to set up the area and focus target. Thanks for the tip regarding the focal length!
  13. Hello, I have a camera set up completely straight (x=0, y=0), and have a set of objects that I am animating moving in the Z position. They start behind the camera and move in Z toward their final position. When the objects move in Z, half way through, for example, they visually retain the same size, instead of simulating perspective where they would look big at first and small at the end. Of course I want the objects to have realistic perspective. How do I solve this using camera? What am I doing wrong? Is it a render set up issue or camera? Please advise. Thanks!