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  1. I figured it out, I changed global illumination from medium to low and now it takes only 8 seconds!!!!!
  2. I'm trying to render a 700 frame video and it takes over 10 minutes to render a single frame :( I do have a ton of objects and some objects have a lot of transparency and alpha... How can I speed the render times? Incase you need to know, here are my PC specs... GTX 1070 Intel i7 4770k 32 Gbs DDR3 Ram Rendering to a WD Blue 1TB hard drive.
  3. Sorry if the images arent that good :/ This is my very first render I made in C4D :D :) Tell my what you guys think and how I can improve.
  4. I fixed it, I restarted my project and was able to keyframe. I think it was a corrupted save file or something...
  5. The "S" is currently not checked.
  6. So cool!
  7. This happens when i keyframe :( No idea why... Anyone have any idea how to fix it?