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  1. Another way can be use Advanced Selections plugin for selecting polygons with adjusted normal angle. Then converting polygons to edges is just question of single click...
  2. Phong Break Selection isn´t usable?
  3. How simply is to make a human happy... ;-) Enjoy this plugin
  4. For updating textures painted in PS I´m using "Reload image..." command and it works nicely...
  5. Spline wrap and spline mask are two different things...First is deformer, second one generator. Are you sure you´re doing the same way as guy´s from cineversity?
  6. Must say there´s a tool written directly for you ;-). My french friend César Vonc wrote this small script/plugin years ago. It´s really strong tool, especially when you need to find specific texture between hundreds of others... In original isn´t attached english translation, so in my attachment are attached english strings for this tool. When you download plugin from César´s page, unzip packed file, navigate to and open "res" folder. Open and extract also my attached file and copy "strings_us" folder into this folder. (In "pipette_a_materiaux\vonc_pipemat\res" folder must be both strings files, default french and attached english/us). Now copy whole plugin folder (vonc_pipemat) to cinema plugins folder. That´s all... You can add this plugin somewhere into your layout in cinema. To options... - are selfexplanated, is possible to select specific material, tag and object under pipette... César Vonc plugin link english translation english translation to material
  7. xref+xpresso way? edit... this solution make smile on my face, thanks
  8. check this...
  9. All Frank´s plugins you can find now on Github...
  10. Why xpresso? Simply adjust emitter speed to zero...
  11. Everything is fine, user maybe accidentally used viewport solo on for some object and not revert back to default. Simply open Solo palette and use Viewport Solo Off command... (soloing just in viewport itself is sometimes strange)
  12. simple way is editing UV´s. Select all UV polygons and from UV commands (Bodypaint UV layout) select command Max UV
  13. not strange, but interesting :D ...I was meant this is known workflow for beta users ;-)
  14. ...manual adjusting of islands in view/canvas is great function, well done Daniel
  15. For me your first scene was loaded perfect ;-)