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  1. Jiggle deformer and in Attribute manager select Cache tab and press Calculate... (if you just moving with slider in timeline without baking/cache, results are different)
  2. I think you are allowed for update if you bought 5.4 version...Simply install Xfrog 5.5 and ask for permanent key. (use your CDkey)
  3. When you have mouse over Content Browser, you can switch to fullscreen mode By clicking Ctrl+Tab (and also change icon size/show as list)
  4. Did you tried cache deformer?
  5. Animating just Z scale of Null don´t work? Always is good for animation use Object mode (especially if some primitive objects inside null)
  6. This maybe not related to timeline... Do you use metabals? Can you post scene? (just objects/part with animation)
  7. If I must tell the thruth, I also start with pyramids, but leave this idea in moment when upvector in cloner said "no, no" :DDD
  8. image, screenshot, scene?
  9. Just single look at post/screenshot and I feld something smells, this is why didn´t answer directly and reffered for product support page... Sorry, but this kind of users make me angry... (on other side he has courage ask for help directly from developer or he is ... ?)
  10. something like this?
  11. Cloner could be? clock numbers
  12. Strange, the best solution can be ask directly on xparticles support...
  13. Did you tried PixelBerg?
  14. You can create your own preset using Sky Manager. Simply click directly on icon of Physical Sky in Object Manager. Change values as needed and save as preset...
  15. ...Hard to say without screenshots...