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  1. I'm still here lurking in the background. -2nd child 10 months old. I look in when I can.
  2. It looks like a bin. I'm not convinced but will wait & see. I worry that although it is a beast at the moment, 6 months down the line & a next generation of graphics cards later it will look slow & won't fit standard PC upgrades. That for me was the best thing about an old mac pro. Essentually under the skin it was a PC. Andy
  3. Im using a Wacom bamboo pen & touch. -not touched the mouse for ages.
  4. Hi Mike, This file is from my Tuborg 24 4x6 shrink within a shrink. It should give you an idea of how I used to set them up. I hope it gives you some pointers. Tuborg Shrink
  5. I used to do a lot of these. The best method I found was box modelling. See attached for polygon flow.
  6. Not sure I agree -I think you can do a lot in illustrator to tidy splines before importing. Problem with illustrator imports, is the bezier splines bringing in lots of extra points. So I get rid of them before I import. In illustrator go to object -path -add anchor points several times depending on how smooth you want the edges of map-then simplify to straight lines. -now when you import you have far less & more evenly spaced points along the spline.
  7. Looks like the engineer has exported the file very badly. I'd get the engineer to provide you with a STEP file & download the free trial of Moi cad, this can then export clean Quads, that will make it much easier to work with.
  8. You would be best using hypernurbs. I usually use illustrator to outline & tidy up font & points. Then I create polls so I get tidy quads to extrude.
  9. lol I know exactly what you mean. It is under protest that I have started learning Strata & I feel it is vastly inferior to Cinema (probably because I'm not used to it). But I have to say live 3D looks quite cool from the tuts. Andy
  10. Might be worth a look at Strata live 3D. You can import a VRML2 from cinema. See: Https://
  11. Hi cardinal Made a great model & in time lapse that would be exactly what you want. It was in 3d world Also it is on cinema essentials mag:
  12. Hi Adam Have a look at this tutorial: It might be more efficient for the amount of ground you want to cover. One thing I have learned about cinema is it is best to try many different solutions to a problem as their is normally more than one way to skin a cat. Andy S
  13. We get these all the time at work & play phone transfer tennis. It's a great game rules:  If you  pick up & there is somebody on the end of the line you have to keep them on the line long enough to transfer the call to a colleague. If they pickup & the line is dead you missed the shot. Looser has to go for the bacon sandwiches on the Friday.Â
  14. You could buy one from turbosquid
  15. No Generally , If you cinebench a Mac pro in windows it will give you about twice the frame rate you are getting in Mac os. -this is exactly the same for flashed / hacked cards. But you have to ask is cinebench still relevant -as we have had a few new render engines since it's release. One thing that the exotic cards do have is a lot more video ram & this makes a big difference between official mac cards & hacked cards in complex scenes when the official mac card runs out of ram.