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  1. Wipix Toon Car Training Dvd For Sale?

    Hi Edward , yes all my characters in the content browsers have been removed since R13 if i'm not wrong . Maybe try buying an old R12 c4d dvd ?
  2. CD tools are more easy to handle I find myself . Both CD tools and c4d CA tools have their strengh and the best is to get both . for example : the IK Squash & Strech , have different options in both tools , so depending on what you need to get , you'll have to choose one over the other.
  3. Spine rig

    you need to get as many joints as vertebral parts otherwise there will be deformation blending ( you want each parts to be 'rigid' ) Spline Ik is the way to go yes. I would draw a Bspline with 4 points (0,1,2,3) , create 4 nuls then add a mocca SplineIK tag or CD Spline IK tag and then fill it with the nuls+spline ..( you could use the CD spinal tag too for this ) clem
  4. Feathers on wing expanding

    Hi , Or maybe you can use mograph ? or if you know a bit Python or Coffee you could script your own wing tool ? (I started one but I had to stop for working ..hope I'll get more free time to finish it )
  5. T-rex rigging for reel

    nice rig Tommix . the tail dragging effect is fun ;)
  6. XBreak COFFEE

    well done Nitro . you rock clem
  7. XBreak COFFEE

    Hi Nitroman , cool results . ( I can't open the archives too :( . both 1 and 1.05 zip files are corrupted )
  8. I don't know if that can help but I used recently a spline position alignment script the code was like this : MySpline->InitLength(1); MyPosition = MySplineMatrix->GetMulP(MySpline->GetSplinePoint(MySpline->UniformToNatural(x),1)); // where x is a value between 0 and 1 along the spline , and '1' is the number of segments but to get real lenght , I don't know :( sorry . clem
  9. Coffee : empty links UserDatas

    thank you guys . Yes Lennart that's it ! :D . I wasn't sure if it could works but that's perfect ;) clem
  10. XBreak COFFEE

    very nice job Nitroman . I like the way you get real random sizes with your parts ;) and thx for sharing ;)
  11. Hi , I remember someone else was already talking about this but I don't find the post . I've troubles using userdata links : when you use an object into the link field of a userdata link, into a coffee tag , if you delete the object in the scene , the code will still think the object exist ..even if there are not anymore the object into the link and the scene . so I was trying to find a code function to force a double checking of any Userdata links : checking if the object into the link is found in the scene ... but I can't make this reset the userdata ... any idea how we can reset UD link when object has been deleted ? thx clem
  12. Count & Reset Userdata?

    excellent Brian ! . so you've made a real plugin here ? ( in coffee if I understand ) clem
  13. Count & Reset Userdata?

    yep . well if you want to jump into c++ coding , have a look here too : cheers clem
  14. Count & Reset Userdata?

    arf I guess you will be replied " switch to py4d " Brian .. Coffee hasn't been really updated since long time .. I've been replied , about a coffee update too , that there is a c++ entry for any c++ programmer who want to add custom class in coffee ... so maybe there is a chance here to see 'updates ' ;) clem
  15. Coffee : using subcontainers ?

    Hi Mabad . well you are probably completly right ! ^^ . but I tried first to use ' bc->SetContainer(MyId,bc0) ' , but it prints me an syntax error...which I can understand as it waits something like that ->SetContainer(container); .. and waits an object too to set the container..not another container. Someone else told me to look into the ' Hyperfile ' ..but as again there are absolutly no examples in the coffee sdk and so I don't understand how to use this .. it's said its a bool function , but we don't see what is the object attached on .. well that's boring :( . I looked arround checking all coffee scripts I found , but nothing really use storing datas like that I'm a bit lost. how do you do guys to store datas in a coffee tag ( datas which aren't reseted at each reopening the c4d file I mean ..and datas which aren't linked to userdatas too ..a real memory stuff ) ? thx clem