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  1. @Cerbera The only thing I don't understand is that I fully expected to see one of the rotation numbers to NOT be zero, but they all were. Really the only thing was the XYZ that I reset. Curious.
  2. True to a point, but I'm also very interested in your car rigging. I need to get better at getting cars to looks natural.
  3. I brought up the Axis Center window up and reset both Splines' axis and now it's perfect.
  4. Wow that's awesome! Nice job. How did you create this? Did you make your own rig? Use a plug in? Details please.
  5. Wow, this looks awesome! Thanks for posting that. Now, if I could only make my work go away for an hour so I can learn something. I'll be sure to post my next creation.
  6. @SIgor Thanks but what page am I looking on? I can't seem to find anything here or on Corona's site.
  7. @ThomasGrimes I know Corona is still Alpha, but we really need startup content and tutorials. How am I supposed to properly evaluate and provide feedback if I don't know how to use it properly? There's a ton of Max videos out there, but the last time I checked, C4D's material system is vastly different and not easy to translate. I really like Corona and will try and convince my company to buy it, but..... well, you know.
  8. Aside from it's better not to use a Boole and polygon model it instead, there are only two ways to do this. If you want to keep the model intact, do what you have done to make the first Boole. Now add another Boole object. Drag your Windows Boole as a child of the new Center Boole. Finally, add the object that will cut away the center part. If you repeat this process, you can keep adding holes, but it will get slower and slower. The other way is to hit Current State to object to make a single mesh with your windows. Then you add this model to a new Boole and make the center part. It may work fine, but the mesh will be messy. I did this many years ago with a pumpkin and it worked, but man was it slow in the viewport. Ha! I found that pumpkin image. I think this was made with r7. Each eye, nose and mouth was a nested Boole. Rendered OK but slow to work with.
  9. Can anyone compare realistic rendering between Corona and Vray? No indication what part of the world that seminar is being held. I tried to register for the Corona session, but it has already ended. Hulk mad. Hulk smash! Clicked on the seminar for tomorrow, and it does indicate Eastern Standard Time. Wonder if it will be posted online at some point. Did anyone see the Corona session?
  10. So I'm still excited about the Corona Renderer. Knowing it's been out for a while for Blender and Max, what's the comparison to other engines such as V-RAY? Now that I think of it, how does it compare to all the big players? Arnold, Maxwell, V-RAY and others that you would deem competitors. Since I'm Mac-based, I'm not interested in GPU renderers since AMD aren't supported well by most engines (yet). Also how do the costs compare? I'm mostly interested in automotive rendering and animations.
  11. Are you going for a realistic render with these? In general they look nice, but not realistic. If that's the style you want, then they're fantastic. :-)
  12. @SIgor When you say "sharing," what you really mean is 25 Euros right? This is a great idea, but not sure I would pay for content for a product that is still in Alpha. Seems odd to me. I too would be interested in outdoor scenes, specifically for automotive work.
  13. The only advice I will give you is buy the strongest cpu you can afford within your budget. It's really that simple. I'm sure those fluid simulation calculations or Houdini smoke are heavy. Even if you pay a little more than you want to right now, in 1 or 2 years you will be glad you did. Otherwise you will just have to get another cheaper CPU which in the long run will cost you more.
  14. Great. thanks for the link. Now just have to figure out two use the darn thing.
  15. How do we download this awesome looking tool? I don't see it in the Toolbox and can't find a download link on the site.