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  1. @Cerbera what do you mean you can't do this? Of course you can. As long as your sequence is labeled correctly, C4D will indeed recognize it as a movie. I've done it many times. In fact, many people here recommend using a sequence instead of a movie file. Just import the first image in the sequence, click on the little thumbnail. In this window click Calculate at the bottom. C4D will see that all these images are part of a sequence and will now treat it as a movie.. If you need the movie to play back in the viewport, you also need to go to the Editor tab in the main material window and turn on Animate Preview. Done. Now, it can get a little tricky to understand how to control what part of a movie play and when, but this will get you started.
  2. Tried a little animation with this scene. Upped the passes to 15 for a smoother effect. The only issues I see in some cases, the highlights/sparkles abruptly show and disappear giving a firefly effect (on the rear rim). The curtains also show flickering in the shading, much like GI in C4D. I know you can mostly get rid of it in C4D, so I assume it can be smoothed out in Corona as well. I love, love, love the bloom effects on the shiny parts. Look awesome. Not worried about the blown out exterior/background since I know that was never meant to be shown in this original scene. This basically took 4 hours to render at 1020 x 1080 on two E5 v4 CPUs. Not sure if you can read the detail at the bottom.
  3. Glad to report I got Corona running on my render box. Had to manually put the folder into the Team Render plugins folder. Anyway, here is a link to a full-quality HD frame. It's too big to upload here, but I wanted to show the full quality. This is only 10 passes so it could still be better. Just wanted to get a good balance between quality and speed, which Corona took only 1:40 to render this on my super-fast E5 v4 CPUs. Very impressive indeed. FYI – the same render took 3:50 on my 2013 Mac Pro (E5 v2 single CPU) Full-quality PSD Another thing I noticed. When I view both of these image and quickly flip between them, I can see very subtle differences in the shadows and reflections. I'm assuming this will cause flicker in an animation, much like GI using non-Corona render engines. Is there a way to cache the GI solution so the network can simply load this and keep the flick to a minimum?
  4. Ahh, I did not know @Cerbera. I just happened to leave it on Standard. Good to know.
  5. Here's how I would do it, but I'm not sure if you're doing an animation. I reduced the gravity in the Hair Object and added a Wind object from the Particles section of the Simulation menu. All you have to do to get the wind to work is drag it into the Forces tab of the Hair Object and change it to Include. Then I just aimed in the direction I want and crank up the speed. As with any simulation, you need to let it do it's thing before it looks good. I thought there was something like Initial State from the Cloth system, but I couldn't find it. That way, you can start nice instead of all frizzed out. Also added a Hair Collider to the head and made the hair thinner in the Hair Material's Thickness tab. I think I also made the Specular sharper and added some wave. That's it. Give it a look and a try.
  6. @ThomasGrimes I already sent the boys in Europe an e-mail, but in case you get this first. Would people install and activate the Corona Renderer on a machine that only has the render client installed? Their site says to open a scene and switch to Corona and hit render to activate. Obviously, you can't do that with the client. Any ideas?
  7. You can still download the RollIt! plugin here, but it's for r10 32bit. I'm sure it won't work in the current versions of C4D. I did love it though. Maybe it's as "simple" as getting the code and recompiling it for current API and 64bit, not sure. Since it was free, maybe the owner will give it up to open source. Maybe you should ask them.
  8. @ThomasGrimes One question, I'm running this Alpha and it's great so far. Is this plugin connected to my specific computer, or can I drop it into a Team Render client to see how fast it runs on my super fast render box?
  9. Just played with the settings and got this to render in 3:26 and still looks good. And that's on an outdated E5 v2 chip.
  10. Ahhh, that's more like it. I left it at the default settings and it only added :13 sec to the render time. Not bad at all.
  11. Yeah, no problem. The renderings look pretty good other than the darkness. Maybe the table is too clean though. I know when I paint, there's is no chance that table will remain clean. Here's one of your images in Photoshop. I just did a very basic adjustment in Levels to brighten it up. Usually, you will want to see the Histogram spread out across the window, but not always. You see in yours on the left, all the big spikes are on the dark side (ha, no pun intended) of the scale, and only little tiny spike on the bright side. On my version to the right, you can see the spike spread out a little. Photographers shooting in bright daylight often can't see their images on screen, so they look at the histogram to make sure it's spread out somewhat.
  12. All of these images are very dark, no?
  13. @briand Thanks for the reply. I got it working now. I think I just had too many regular C4D materials that I hadn't replaced with Corona materials. I dropped a car model I'm working on into the sample scene and tweaked from there. It's very impressive so far. I like the VFB thing where you can tweak a bunch of stuff. I wanted to try the denoiser option, but it was greyed out. Not sure whey. Like I said, I haven't really read too much on how to use this system yet. I bumped this render up to 25 passes, but it's still noisy.
  14. I would think with a few cuts of the Knife tool, this can be done, but there's not one-button fix.
  15. Thanks for the reply @grain. I'm not too worried about the tracking. I'm pretty handy with Mocha Pro and it will have simple movement. It's tricky getting the lighting right without a true HDRI to use. I have a guy is really good with grading and color.