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  1. Probably number of ways to do it. One would be to use freeze node. With it, you can "hold" or "freeze" any given value when switch is on. For example, you could freeze the value based on distance (there is distance node). Simply compare two distances such as that when they are both the same (compare node) you enable the switch in freeze thus holding the value for rangemapper. Cheers
  2. Hm, doesn't happen here. I don't have the exact build as you do but works fine here in 16.051RB 136994 and beyond. Please try the following: - See if it works without the plugin you are using for eyes - Delete items in scene to pinpoint the issue (for example, does it happen without the joint rig?) - Copy all to new scene and see if issue persists - Delete preferences (go edit/preferences - hit open preferences folder button, close Cinema and delete the complete folder, restart Cinema) Hope this helps Cheers
  3. Problem is in SplineWrap UpVector under rotation section (expand it). You should change the Z axis to -1 Author is probably not experiencing the issue since his initial orientation is in correct axis (haven't watched the video). Additionally, I would advise against this type of rigs since Splinewrap internally creates new mesh and that can lead to issues in more complex scenarios. Cheer
  4. Hard to say without scene file. If you are not willing to post publicly you can send me pm and I'll treat it as confidential. Cheers
  5. No need for joints in this simple scenario :) Nothing is preventing you from disconnecting the the parts you need to be separate, right? Simply create separate objects and place the axes at right places so that you can simulate openings/closings with rotations. Here is a quickie: CardBox_quick.c4d
  6. That is a bug indeed, reported it!
  7. Cloner is in blend mode :) Easiest way to achieve what you want is to switch the mode to iterate and use step effector with no PSR and just time offset. This will give you sequential look. Cheers
  8. Are you sure? I highly doubt this. I believe MAXON is larger then both of them, in terms of dev manpower and manpower total. If you can provide some numbers I can tell for sure :)
  9. Hi there and to the Cafe Please post a scene file with assets (sound file), it will be much easier to help.
  10. Please send a scene file to MAXON support, there could be couple of reasons for this behavior. Thanks
  11. Please attach a scene file, that way we can troubleshoot :) Did you try different splitting? What import settings are you using (screenshot would come great) ? Cheers
  12. Your choice will be revolving around graphics card if rendering with Octane is primary purpose. Nvidia 1080 looks like good choice. Cheers
  13. Nice result, but too dense geometry. Golden rule is to use minimum amount of geometry that accurately represents your shape. If you will be using SDS then same rule applies but you can go even lower with additional loops in strategic places where you need to emphasize the shape. Also, as a unwritten rule, if anything is symmetric, use symmetry to avoid double work ;) Cheers
  14. Ah, I see :) For that you can use Morphs. Create a cube shape and then apply morph tag in points mode. Then in your Morph target smooth out the mesh to a spherical shape. This will give you Cube-> Sphere Morphing effect. Here is a quickie :) Simple_Morph.c4d
  15. @jwiede Have no clue about Mac specifics since I am Win user, but MAXON certainly won't impose any limitations or disable something, however it can't do anything if other vendor decides something that will prevent users using specific hardware and OS combination...