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  1. Tahum added a post in a topic Cut Sphere With Curved Object   

    If you want to go down the Boole method then can you not use a cylinder, change its orientation and place that where you desire in the sphere and put them both as childs of a boole.
    This way you can move and resize the cylinder to your requirements.
  2. Tahum added a post in a topic Beginners Tutorials?   

    Both Nick (GSG) and Vertex Pusher produce some excellent tutorials.
    I suppose it depends on what you wish to use Cinema4D for.
    GSG produces tutorials aimed more at the motion graphics user whilst VP produces more archviz series, in my opinion of course.
  3. Tahum added a post in a topic Beginners Tutorials?   

    3DKiwi has uploaded some superb tutorials on this very site and i would advise anyone at whatever skill level to watch them (and maybe even donate to the site).
    One of my favourite tutorials on here is the modelling of the toon dog as it was well presented and a fun project to do anyway regardless of the level of knowledge of C4D.
    I can remember when I was first learning C4D I googled for tutorials and it led me to his place and my knowledge of the application quickly grew as a result.
    As a community this place has some very knowledgeable people on board so my advise would be to work through all the tutorials on here (both the 3DKiwi and member uploads) and if you get stuck post a thread on this forum.
  4. Tahum added a post in a topic Materials Look Nothing Like Preview   

    I agree with Srek in that it could possibly be wrong lighting.
    In reply to the OP does the scene have something that the material can reflect with.
    You can create the best materials in the world but without correct lighting and reflections they will always look bland and boring yet the other end of the scale is you can have some pretty basic materials look superb when the lighting and reflections are set up correctly.
    A quick tip when using text is put a small area light in front of the text (but behind the camera) which will act as a reflector on the text material and also make sure that the text has a bevelled edge as this will reflect the light better.
  5. Tahum added a post in a topic Sand Castle Wind Blown ?   

    Whilst particles will give you a better end result but one really easy method to do this is purely using explosionFX deformer.
    If you use the deformer (for an example make a cube and put 100 in all the segments) and animate the deformer passing through the cube from left to right it will give the impression of the cube blowing away in the wind.
    If you wanted to change the cube to appear to be blowing away from the top then just animate the deformer to pass through the cube from top to bottom rather than left to right.
    If you allowed the deformer to fully pass the cube it would actually re-create the cube for you so that could be another interesting animation or you could just stop the deformer at the centre point of the cube and it would remain 'blown away'.
    You will need to change a few settings such as speed and variation etc, this is just a quick and easy method but by adding in wind and maybe a little particle system you can achieve a pretty decent effect.
  6. Tahum added a post in a topic First Arch Build   

    Looking a lot better.

    Purely my own preference but i would be tempted on the front windows next to the door to rather then have 3 small windows to have 2 larger ones.

    I normally have the top of the window frame in line with the top of the door frame but again that is personal preference.

    I also window if due to having a stone lintel above the windows there would also be one above the door.
  7. Tahum added a post in a topic First Arch Build   

    The concrete base wouldn't be visible.

    The house that style would have it's foundations dug out and concreted.

    The builder would then use concrete blocks (or whatever style the planning department specify) to bring them to the damp course (floor level).

    When at that level if it was to be a solid floor the concrete would then be poured.

    The builder would then continue to build up and then the inner walls coming up from the inner concrete base.

    Under no circumstances would the concrete base be on show like that on that style of residential building.
  8. Tahum added a post in a topic First Arch Build   

    Great start and plenty to build on.

    the cornice without a doubt is not touching the ceiling and wall so that needs correcting and only my own opinion but it could be smaller but not by much.

    If possible i would look at the texture used on the floor as although there isn't much on show you can clearly see the pattern repeating itself.

    Check out cgtextures.com as there is plenty of free textures on there.
  9. Tahum added a post in a topic My 1St 3D Model   

    For a first model that is pretty good.

    Agree regards the bevel as not only is it following real life it also gives you better renders due to the light reflecting back off the bevel.
  10. Tahum added a post in a topic Creating The Glow For A Compact Fluorescent (Cfl) Bulb   

    Personally i would achieve a result close enough to what i wanted and then added extra 'glow' in post via Photoshop or your preferred software.
  11. Tahum added a post in a topic How Do You Make Rocks?   

    Creating a rock is really simple in C4D and you don't need a plugin.

    Go to Ojects and select a Landscape object.

    Once you have created a landscape highlight it in the object manager so you can see it attributes and put a tick in the 'spherical' option.

    There you go - one rock.

    You can press up and down on the seed option to get different types of rock and obviously you can scale it up or down.

    You can still change all the attributes such as roughness etc like you could in a landscape so there is literally no end to the kind of rock you can style.

    Making the editable you can then use magnet on it to push and pull any points until you are happy with the result.
  12. Tahum added a post in a topic Concrete Archviz   

    Cheers for the feedback George and i can see where you are coming from with the over use of the concrete texture.

    By taking this into consideration i have added cladding to the upper level to break up the texture.

  13. Tahum added a post in a topic Concrete Archviz   

    Made a couple of changes to the exterior shot.

    Changed the grass to give it a more realistic look.

    Added a light in the ground floor hall way and in the far bedroom.

    Changed the texture used on the house to therefore remove the large wavy lines.

  14. Tahum added a post in a topic Concrete Archviz   

    Thanks for the info/feedback.

    I have changed the texture used for the concrete and will upload another a different render.

    The house is based on existing architects plans but what might not seem clear on the render is the wall on the right is a retaining wall, the actual living area on the ground floor is only the bedrooms to the left.

    The grain on the pics were purposely put in because i didn't want the super clean image that you get from a rendered image although i may have over done the grain so will make it more subtle.

    I will up the AA and the hem subdivisions to get a 'cleaner' render.
  15. Tahum added a post in a topic Concrete Archviz   

    Cheers for the reply.

    Its a render on the concrete which is giving the appearance of wavy lines.

    Looked into the chairs and your right thanks for pointing that out - the phong tag was too high so dropped it down to 20 and it's much better.

    Will re-render and update the pics.