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  1. Fantastic job!
  2. Guys, what about polygon counts, does C4D cares about those?
  3. This looks very interesting, I am gonna check it tomorrow, its late here and I am tired, thanks for sharing. Going fast trough video gave me nice idea that this could be really great tutorial. :)
  4. Good job, looks great! :)
  5. Hi Sigor,

    Just want to say thanks for giving me access to the 30g of C4D files. 
    Greatly appreciated.


    1. SIgor


      Your welcome! :) 

  6. Great way of thinking...with that I can 100% agree! :)
  7. No, you are not wrong, you have all rights and you should always comment, if you think something's not right, but from my experience in production, I manage to learn how sometimes topology/wireframes absolutely doesn't mean anything. So, to save some time for me and in the end for the clients to spare some money its always a plus, specially if client doesn't need best possible topology and simply dont care. In the end its all up to what you really need and much time you have to deliver etc.. I always like to think out of the box and sometimes just go crazy with everything. The more experienced I get with modeling, I am trying more crazy things.
  8. As much as you hate poles and triangles, with this one I cannot agree. Not all poles, triangles should be treated equally. I would say this a perfect fit for a pole. If you take a better look at the reference image (3rd piano key), you will see that the shape matches (not 100% I know), but its very close. Whit little more playing around it, you can get very close match with the real piano key.
  9. Well thats very strange! :D
  10. Great start so far, I like it. :) Maybe add some more variations to the ground and mountains. And try to play with Polygon Reduction deformer, maybe you can get some more interesting triangulated shapes.
  11. Make sure you do that! :) Its more of an alpha then beta, but its nothing major as I cant recreate the crash. ;)
  12. This should work now! pianoKey.c4d
  13. I cant find anything in the folder...oh... EDIT: was looking at wrong folder, now I found it but same thing happening, cant open the file...
  14. Great questions, lets see what our experts have to say about this. :)
  15. Damn, beta crashed while saving, so thats probably the problem. Now, where does crashed saves go...I cant remember! :(