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  1. Hey Everyone, We’ve just posted a new preset by Rod Ross. The CV-Spring Tool makes it easy to add animated springs to any of your Cinema 4D projects. Choose from three different spring setups including the standard, dynamic and spline. Check it out: CV-Spring Tool The Cineversity Team ---------------------------- www.cineversity.com Also, if you're a Cinema 4D user with an active MAXON Service Agreement (MSA) and you're not yet a Cineversity Premium member -- what are you waiting for? No matter where you live, contact your local MAXON distributor for your complimentary premium access coupon.
  2. Hi and welcome :) can you please upload your layout here so I can check does it happens to me also?
  3. Maybe this will be the case when I manage to get some bigger and meaningful rewards, for now this is not the plan, I need to focus on more important thing and once we sort out every problem this forums have, then I will be in position to go and ask Maxon or NextLimit or whatever company to give away some rewards in return for little bit of advertising etc.. Then I think it will be ok to announce contests all over the internet, until then, this will be the case, this is for the members to have fun and learn something in the process.
  4. Hey, its a start, but it also depends what you really really need that wall to look like. Now, when you have that circle there, I assume your wall will be circular, so next step would be to do another part of the wall and then slowly adding parts/blocks of it until you get feel you are going somewhere with it. Then again, when you are satisfied with it, simply do same steps again, add another segment to the wall, until you are finished. Video I uploaded for you clearly shows you how to do that, slowly step by step. :) If you still having trouble, let me know and Ill try to record mini tutorial for you and the our YouTube channel, make sure you subscribe.
  5. Welcome back Simon! Could you upload jpeg format or similar so we can see it here on the forums instead of going into PS?! :)
  6. Uploading scene file would be a good idea, so someone can get better understanding of your problem with the file. :)
  7. @Abyss Yea, another solution to this "problem". :) But its not much of an solution when you are completely new to 3D. Now he will ask himself, but what is the right way to do this and answer would be, all of them.
  8. @Cerbera my man, you are right and thanks for the info, Ill do my best to fix things in the next video. Also, recording video tutorial on English while I have to think what I actually do is hard and I know I will need some time to get use to it. With this method he can put as many numbers as he wants on the sphere, he just need to make new material for every single number and simply apply it to a poly selection. To keep things sorted, he would then use Layers. If this video shows to be ok, Ill try to make another one on that subject. :)
  9. I hope this video helps you! Its the first one I ever done, lets hope its not the last. :D
  10. Oh, I see, my apologies, pardon me then! :)
  11. You should post this into VD challenge. :) Looking good!
  12. Good to read its working now. P.S. - its Igor ;)
  13. Works for me just fine! Just sign in as you and manage to create album without any problems. Only thing I can think of is that you try and delete your cookies.
  14. Very cute, nice job! :)
  15. Its great to see this plugin is evolving! Keep up the good work! :)