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  1. Well, it would be cool to use BP, but let's see what other's has to say about that.
  2. Wow, this looks very nice and the discount is very nice too. :)
  3. Good luck boys and girls and happy modeling. :) Rules are little bit updated, if needed, we will update it little more!
  4. I am really not sure where to look for that, but Ill see what I can do. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. Why do you have two accounts?
  6. We will make a poll for voting in the new topic when time comes. ;) I'll announce rewards in a few days. I think I will manage to get some more awards instead of tutorials only.
  7. Thats why I love Cinema. You can, in most cases make stuff in a few ways rather then be limited with one technique. :)
  8. That's very sad to read. We all come to that point of giving up, 3D world isn't something that you can learn in a day or two, its a process, journey... call it whatever you want, but in the end, I think its worth the time and trouble. Try to take a rest from it and then come back, dont give up just because you think you reached unbreakable wall. We all been there done that! What drives me is this community, sharing our work and knowledge and in the end, helping is something good and positive, we as artists have privilege to make this world a better place, with helping or with our work. Dont take this challenge to serious, its here so we can have fun not stress. :)
  9. First thing that pops up on my mind, would be to take sphere object, turn on snapping and simply draw splines on it until I'm happy with the shape and then simply put those splines into sweep generator. That should do the trick.
  10. I am with Vector on this one. Fantastic, good job!
  11. Awesome, we need some girl power!
  12. I am sure this could go well. We have also few girl members, so if they decide to enter, then this should be fun. @cycblonde, @denisa :) @poodles, start making some rules, as you will be in charge of that, it was your idea. :P
  13. Well, you need to start from somewhere, dont you? :) Check the attachment and you'll see what I mean. The video you will be watching was made by one of the talented C4D beta testers...alone! 6088AD_Breakdown-HD.mp4
  14. Trust me, you can. Its all about going step by step. From a single cube and blocking, to making a nice detailed model of a wall.
  15. Well, for this kind of wall, more important are textures and painting job you will have to do. Modeling vise, its not so hard, but getting textures to look nice, would be a problem if you are not experienced in that field.