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  1. I've got the iMac 5k with the system maxed out to highest specs. Faster performance in the viewport then the standard iMac as I've used both though I haven't tested with huge scenes. Of course from cinebench scores the new iMac is more powerful but that screen is said to consume some graphics power just to run. Saying all this I recently installed boot camp on my machine and cinema 4d, because I needed to use a windows plugin - shocked I must say by the increase in performance in windows compared to Mac OSX on the same machine. On the Mac I have a scene with thousand of clones and high res textures and can barely navigate the scene with textures turned on whereas it is smooth as silk on windows.
  2. Yeah i've always used this programme for UVs. Cheap as well - in the £100-200 range I think.
  3. It is god enought PC for C4D?

    Just trying to help you see the light. Once you take a bite of the Apple you may find nothing else tastes as good. Seriously! You guys ever noticed that everyone on vimeo and let's say greyscalegorrila use Macs? I wonder why that is. Think of your whole pipeline not just c4d imo.
  4. It is god enought PC for C4D?

    Relax sir. I work in an FX studio and no-one here would ever consider PCs. We all work on maxed out iMacs. Anyway, I will try to keep an open mind if you do. Enjoy your PC. It's just a compooter after all.
  5. It is god enought PC for C4D?

    How much speed to you need? Also for a beginner a MAC really is enough for all your needs. Plus as you buy more computers you may find net render will take care of all your rendering issues. And of course the screen on an imac or mac pro laptop will kick the out of a nasty low contrast PC screen and don't forget many other professionals are using the same screens to view your work. Also add into this OSX over windows, which is designed for graphics professionals and I really do not see the advantage of a slight speed bump.
  6. It is god enought PC for C4D?

    Get a MAC. Expensive, but simply better.
  7. 2nd Place - Ion

    a driver would finish it off, but this is just great!
  8. 3rd Place - Bigbot

    Love the cartoony vibe and crazy angles on this one mate.... very nice work!
  9. imagination on Noahs ark

    Thats so cool man. One or two rough edges but still awesome and great idea
  10. Buy, Don't Buy Or Wait And See?

    Apologies for my drunken posts last night:/ I guess I was just trying to make the point that I think C4D has become overpriced...
  11. Buy, Don't Buy Or Wait And See?

    No but many more would. What's your point?
  12. Buy, Don't Buy Or Wait And See?

    ^ No it is not!
  13. Buy, Don't Buy Or Wait And See?

    but then some people just download it off piratebay and dont give a sh**!
  14. Lord Sugar

    love it!!
  15. Coffee Texture

    id say you need some sort of SSS on the coffee material so you can see lighter/orangey shades where the light penetrates perhaps. Have you tried adding transparency and then adding dispersion to fake sss?