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  1. Okay...new member to the Cafe (0 posts) and his entry into the forum is with a well rigged, modeled, textured and animated spider-bot. Yeah...like that happens everyday. So before I comment on the work, I need to know if you are just new to the Cafe, new to C4D or new to 3D modeling and/or animation. In fact, on second thought, don't answer that. I don't want to hear the truth. I don't want to hear is that you are 17 who just picked up C4D Prime for Christmas. Why? Well, speaking for myself only, seeing so much talent in someone who is young is very discouraging to an old duffer like myself who has been banging away at this as a part-time hobby for the last 15 years. So let's just assume that you are a 25 year professional in cg and character animation, with the last 15 years working with C4D who just recently found out that the C4D Cafe was a pretty cool forum. Okay...relative to comments, I do have one. The design of the robot is pretty cool but it looks like the legs are supposed to fold back into the shell. Based on the design, I don't see how that is possible as the body cavity for the legs does not look like it would allow enough room for the leg joints. Maybe it does as I have not pushed it around enough to check, but I always love seeing cool designs that also look like they could really work. Seeing a little pocket for the leg pistons to fold up into when the legs retract would really help sell that this robot was designed by engineers rather than a character created by artists....and as such, read more "real". Small criticism to an otherwise really nice work!! Bravo! Dave
  2. May I suggest Infinite Space from C4D Depot: http://c4depot.com/c4d-plugins/infinite-space/ Watch the first few minutes of the demo video. As I watched it, it occurred to me that those same particles could also be used for underwater scenes to replicate small lifeforms floating deep in the oceans...similar to what ILM did for The Hunt for Red October (one of their earliest uses of CGI in films). Apart from that, shooting particles at the camera works as long as the camera is moving forward. Make any turns and you pick up on the exact location of the emitter and ruin the "3D volume" effect. You probably want to create a "point" cloud via a number of emitters from all directions and then caching the final frame. You then move the camera through that 3D cached volume of emitted particles. What you emit could either be a star "sprite" that has a "look at camera" tag applied to it or a small sphere with high ambient light settings. Dave Completely forgot about the use of a Cloner and a random effector. I was trying to come up with a non-Studio "generic" solution, but as you Studio, then go with Cebera's suggestion as it is cleaner.
  3. One thing which keeps me coming back to the Cafe is the general level of civility, professionalism and courtesy demonstrated by the vast majority of its members. Props to Teknow and Cerbera for continuing to reinforce that culture within the Cafe. ...and a belated Happy New Year to all! Dave
  4. Very nice....not much more I would add. I also love the controls for adjusting that rig to other car types. Very handy. One thing I have never seen in a car rig is something to control the tail lights. Car comes to a stop and the tail lights glow red and stay red until the car starts moving again. Yes....you could key frame it, but that would be a bit tedious if were animating a group of cars in traffic....bumper to bumper traffic jams. Speaking of which, a whole plugin could be developed that animates such a simple thing as cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I guess my point is that there has been a tremendous amount of work done on car dynamics....but not a lot done on traffic dynamics. For example, say you have 3 cars following each other and the first car stops. There will be a slight delay before Car 2 stops and yet another delay until Car 3 stops after Car 2. The reverse happens when the cars start moving again. Car 2 will not start moving until Car 1 is some distance ahead and Car 3 will not move until Car 2 is some distance in front of it. Next time you are way down the line at a traffic light and the light turns green, watch how long it takes before it is your turn to start moving. This behavior is called queuing theory and the math is a little bit complex (read up on it here). Couple car dynamics with traffic dynamics and now you have something that I don't think has been done before. I could be wrong. The closest I have seen to that level of animation came out of Massive --- which is a bit overkill. Dave
  5. Yes...I have Forester. Purchased last last Christmas (2015) when they were giving it a really good discount. One of the major reasons why I gave up on Plant Factory is because of Forester. Much easier to use with quicker results in C4D. Looking forward to Forester 2 (hopefully released later this year) where I hope they add local (rather than global) wind forces. You can get wind effects out of Plant Factory into C4D but it requires either the top studio version (big money) or Vue xStream. Dave
  6. If drag and drop still works it is NOT necessarily a Cinema issue. It sounds more like a file association issue within Windows. Windows does not recognize that it should launch Cinema 4D when you click on files with the .c4d extension. Not sure if right clicking and selecting "Open With" will be a permanent fix or not unless you check "Always use this program". It should work, so it is strange that it does not. Try setting (or checking) the file associations for .c4d using the Control Panel. To set File Associations in Windows 8 / 7, Open Control Panel > Control Panel Home > Default Programs > Set Associations. Wait for a list of file extensions to be generated and then select a file type in the list (in this case ".c4d") and click Change Program. You will be displayed a list of Programs along with a Description and the Current Default. If you have other 3D file types (.obj, .fbx, etc) that you want to open in Cinema as the default, then select them as well. I hope this helps. Dave
  7. Wow. That is all I can say....just wow. Amazing modeling, texturing and lighting. Question: The best way to date the Empire State Building is by the spire...what antenna's and gear are placed on top. Not sure if I saw any cellular antenna's and/or microwave horns so it is hard to place the date. What date were you shooting for? Regardless, I think you hit a perfect balance with the top because if you look at an actual photo from 2007, the top of the building is just littered with antennas: All that antenna gear really kills the aesthetic beauty of the building...something your model preserves but still has the building looking "real". Honestly, if you were ever to sell this on Turbosquid, I would buy it just to look at it!!! It would be like owning a fine piece of art! Great stuff. Dave
  8. e-on just released Vue 2016 and Plant Factory 2016. The big new improvement is a heightfield terrains (with better erosion algorithms), GPU rendering, and better export capability. Overall, it feels very R17-ish in its feature list but I would imagine that either e-on wasted a lot of time with the Bentley merger and/or it takes a great deal of core rewriting to incorporate GPU rendering. While they did release something, my concerns remain. I also think the industry is moving away from them as well. In their "showcase" section, they would constantly be showing the major movies Vue had been used on. Well, the most recent movie listed is from 2012 (The Hunger Games). That's a bit too old. You would think they would keep that portion of their web-site up-to-date especially if they are slow on updating the software so I am inclined to think that Vue is not the de-facto go-to app for creating lush natural environments. All-in-all, Vue is feeling more like Lightwave to me...both are struggling and losing their once prominent positions in the industry. Dave
  9. No worries sir. I just wanted to show my appreciation to the Digital Meat crowd! I also want to show my appreciation to the Cafe for their outstanding tutorials as well. If it wasn't for the Cafe, Hrvoje and everyone at Cineversity, I probably would still be pushing primitives around! ;-) Dave
  10. Okay...is it just me or is anyone else wondering why this thread is not permanently fixed to the Cafe home page! Very interesting subjects and it appears that they tackle a new topic once or twice a month! Bravo! Dave
  11. That comment struck a nerve because I do remember a particular discussion in a trade journal about the "next big thing" in CG. I mean, what is really the next big thing? We've successfully crossed the uncanny valley and can render trillions of polygons (the space station model in Star Trek Beyond topped out at 1 trillion). Speaking of which, the technologies to handle massive data sets are reaching such a nice level of maturity that we can convincingly simulate armies of all sorts of terrible creatures, conjure up fully realized fantastic worlds of incredible detail and richness and then dispatch them with equally graphic world ending disasters. Honestly, what is left in the imagination that CG cannot make photo real? For a number of years, there was always "the next big thing" coming in CG. So when asked what the next big thing was in that article, I was stuck for a moment wondering what it would be but was surprised by how deceptively simple the answer was: "Do everything we can do now, but only faster and cheaper" And I think that is why the focus has turned to GPU based render engines. Dave
  12. I would like to know what Cycles 4D users think of this development? Cycles 4D is also a GPU renderer but with the added benefit of a nodal material system. But I have heard some troubling "rumbles" about the speed of Cycles 4D IRR and the need to increase samples significantly to get acceptable render results which in turn removes any speed benefits from GPU rendering. So will MAXON's implementation of the ProRender not be hampered by these same issues? Not sure. But I would imagine that Radeon resources exceed those of the Blender foundation with respect to engine development and MAXON's resources exceed those of Insydium's with respect to implementation. Also, lets assume for the sake of argument, that the ProRender implementation provides better quality at faster render speeds than Cycles 4D. Would you still get Cycles 4D for the nodal material system (all things being equal in terms of feature sets of both renderers....which do seem pretty evenly matched)? You know, I would not be surprised that the ever secretive MAXON is more forth coming about the development of ProRender because Insydium annoucned Cycles 4D. Had I no knowledge that ProRender was coming, I probably would have purchased Cycles 4D by now. But right now, I am going to wait. I have no idea how all of this is going to play out!!!! What is everyone else going to do and why? Dave P.S. To be fair, knowledge alone that ProRender is coming is NOT the only reason why I am not running to purchase Cycles 4D. Their annual license maintenance fees are very high and I have no idea about the pace of development from Blender to insure that high cost is justifiable. The render times at high sample rates to get acceptable results is troubling. Plus, after following a few tutorials, I have to say that nodal material systems have a steep learning curve...a very steep curve. Should ProRender be the much better and faster renderer such that I stop using Cycles 4D , that would a lot of wasted effort (along with cash too). As a hobbyist, time is on my side....so I wait.
  13. Does anyone have any information on exactly what type of materials are included? The Insydium web-page for that product provides no further information (at least as I can tell) which is odd as most shader vendors always provide a grid of material samples. Also, for those who have purchased, did the materials arrive with the software or is an additional step required? Thanks, Dave
  14. Downloaded the demo and installed in R18. No other installs were performed (e.g. it was not installed on R17, R16 which also reside on my machine). All was working fine until Win10 went through a huge update today (Win 10.1607) and now I get this message when I activate C4D: I sent a support request to Insydium but the acknowledgement message states that technical support for the Demo is limited and could take up to 5 days for a response. So I thought I would post here and the Insydium forum in case anyone else ran into this problem and has an answer. Thanks, Dave
  15. I would imagine that they are busy incorporating ExplosiaFX into the program. I am not that familiar with ExplosiaFX, but from a "features" perspective, then what does it offer over the native fluid simulation capabilities within XP 3.5? It is voxel based as opposed to XP's FLiP implementation, but other than how the fluid simulation is solved, I am not sure how it compares. Also, ExplosiaFX controls were written to use the ICE node system. Does that mean XP will become node based? That could be a huge change to the program and something I know has been discussed in the XP forums. I would imagine that if that is what is going on (incorporating ExplosiaFX and implementing nodes), version 4.0 is probably going to still be awhile. Dave