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  1. So how long has Maxon Labs been around? I was always pretty bullish on what Maxon offers beyond C4D such as the Cineversity tutorials and CV-Tools, but this just takes it up a notch. Bravo! So is this just a repository for what the developers create in their "spare" time? Apps that maybe support their own workflow but are not part of the development program? Just wondering because it would help to know how comments/suggestions would be taken. Would they yield any changes, promote further development, be compatible with future releases, etc. I get the sense they would not which is a shame because the Coons and Extruder tools would make really nice permanent additions to the Maxon toolset. But for now, extremely grateful to Maxon for sharing!!! Dave
  2. Don't get me wrong. I have absolute confidence in the future of Maxon otherwise I would not have purchased my 2017-2018 MSA license back when they had the 30% discount (so I am good through 9/2018). I just get the growing sense that Maxon is siding with the industry perception of their own renderer and feared that maybe they were coming to the realization that they will never be able to keep up with the 3rd party developers. Question: is that interior rendering done with a beta version of the new renderer or with the current version. Confused by " what I saw on Maxon beta forums is very capable renderer that is already in Cinema" I would imagine it is the beta renderer you are referring to but just wanted to be sure. Yes...I would love to see the image as well. My hope for the future of AR: Texture channels....but underneath the hood a nodal system for going above and beyond. Volumetric shading Light emitting materials OpenVDB And my personal nit: More control on the shape of the volumetric spot light (does it have start at a point?). Dave
  3. So I have to ask: But all these tutorials are on "Realistic rendering" and appear to be sponsored by Maxon but there is no webinar on using C4D's Advance Renderer. So what conclusions are we to draw from this? Realistic rendering is NOT possible in C4D using AR? Has the industry backed away from AR and, left with no choice, Maxon has consigned themselves to the fact and is promoting 3rd party rendering solutions over their own renderer? By promoting 3rd party rendering solutions rather than their own internal renderer, is Maxon backing away from AR? Overall, not a good sign unless there is something I am completely missing (in which case, please clue me in!!!). Dave
  4. Wow. Very nice and better progress than I have made. Is the PC sluggishness only related to the real time preview. How fast did it render as I would imagine that you would need to really increase the samples to get a clean image without noise. Plus, when you push the scale to get smaller clouds but preserve the detail, that would also spike render times. But it does show very exciting possibilities. Dave
  5. Overall....FreeD tech was under-whelming given the 5 years of development time over the last example we saw showing the baseball game. My expectation was that it would create an animation from within the virtual world it created but in reality it was only a static image and then again only from the POV of the quarterback. They didn't even jump around from quarterback to receiver to get the point. Yes...still pretty cool but given the pace of 3D advances, maybe our expectations have been set unrealistically high. Relative to the Superbowl itself. All I can say is wow. 2 hours of disappointment as the Pats were behind by 25 points in the 3rd quarter (28 to 3). Then they slowly marched back to a 28 to 28 tie at the end of the game, won the coin toss in overtime and marched down the field to score the game winning touchdown. Sigor -- C'mon some love for Brady because when you recover from such a deficit (the biggest in Superbowl history) you have to be mentally tough. Plus, his mother is fighting cancer, just came out of chemo so he had all that going on in his head as well but he still focused and fought back. That takes strength. He did win MVP but felt he didn't deserve it. He felt White deserved it so he gave him the $50,000 truck you win when you get the MVP award. Now that's class. How can you not respect that? Look, I respect tough competitors. Rodgers and Rothleisberger are my 2nd and 3rd favorite quarterbacks. Yes, we compete against them but you still have to respect them because they are just damn good. Dave
  6. I wonder if what the Superbowl will use is this Free3D in this link as that was from 2013...almost 5 years ago. Note that the Free3D demo could only shift between any of the two taking cameras. It never got close to the players and at the end of the video they do show you an image of a player up close and the textures do not hold up. What tonight's Superbowl is talking about is developed by Intel and they are talking about putting the 3D camera obviously this is a whole generation of technology better than what was shown in 2013....and like Sigor, I was impressed by what was in that 2013 video. So really interested to see how far this technology has gone in 5 years! Dave BTW: Only 27% of people are rooting for the Patriots. As a person who has lived in New England all my life, we are used to it. I mean we've gone to the SuperBowl more than any other team in the NFL (9), we have had more consecutive wins than any other team in the NFL (21), and more consecutive winning seasons (10 or more wins in a season) than any other team (12) . We are just use to everyone hoping for us to lose and rooting against us.
  7. Thank you. I would be interested to see what you come with. Right now I am trying to get that effect by using pyrocluster to shade a bunch of tiny spheres cloned randomly to the surface of a larger sphere using MoGraph.....and right now it looks like a bunch of uniform puffy spheres cloned to the surface of another sphere. There has to be a better way! Thanks for all your help. Dave
  8. Okay...this is cool. Is there anyway to get the volumetric shading to not run hard to the outside of the volume? That is, could you use this technique to create volumetric clouds around a planet and be self-shadowing. This is what I am after: If you used the shader that you developed, it would not look right because clouds do not run hard against a perfect sphere at the top of the atmosphere. In fact, the exact opposite of what you created would be what is needed. Creating the perfect 3D model of the earth from space has been a pet-project of mine for quite some time. And so far, the one thing that I have not been able to create is volumetic clouds from space that look real. If Cycles volumetric rendering could do that, I would be buy it right away. Dave P.S. That would be an interesting Cafe challenge: make a hyper-realistic earth as seen from space.
  9. As a VFX enthusiast, I was excited many years ago when they started mapping the first down lines during live action play in football games (okay...I am a true geek and I don't get out much). I appreciated all the 3D graphics software that was involved: camera tracking to get the line to stick on the field, contrast matting to put the line behind the players, etc. What they are going to debut at Superbowl LI (51) today puts all that to shame and takes it to an extreme level. At the Superbowl, they will be placing 38 fixed cameras around the stadium. Those cameras are going to be recording the action and mapping the players volumes, actions and position - very similar to how the VFX industry uses motion capture but rather than just recording the motions, it also records the 3D volume of each player and then texture maps the recorded image back onto that volume. And it does all that without the benefit of the players wearing reference marks (or those tight leotards with the triangle and square patterns). So what this will enable is a replay in 3D space where you can view that play from the quarterbacks perspective. Literally, put the camera in the quarterbacks helmet and rerun the exact same play...or put in the receivers helmet...or from the perspective of the referees....basically anyone on the field at that time. Not sure how much processing hardware is required but each 30 second clip records 1 Terabyte of data which is then rendered in only 2 minutes. The technology was developed by Intel (go figure) and you can read more about it here. Being from NH and a die-hard Patriots fan, I now have another reason to watch the game! Dave
  10. Just wondering....but isn't paypal safer than credit cards...especially for purchases made outside your country? Dave
  11. By the way, as the Cafe Supporter options are priced in Euro's, I thought I would mention that for our US members that the value of the Euro against the dollar is coming off a 10 year low. I was shocked at the conversion rate used by Paypal so I looked it up at So not only is it a good time for US members to donate to the Cafe, but it may also be a good time to buy plugins (Nitro4D, C4D Zone, etc), models (Evermotion), etc. that are only priced in Euro's. Dave
  12. I have successfully tested the new Club Support products...and it all works very well!!! ;-) Thank you (and all the other moderators) for the training, support, and generally excellent management of this forum. Dave
  13. Setting up the products for Club Support is the best option for me. I am not sure how sending me an invoice would work unless it contained some Paypal link to make payment. So when you get that set-up, please let me know. You've have probably guessed that I prefer to use Paypal and not too open to other forms of payment. Why? Well, I try to limit how many databases in this world hold onto my credit card information.....I know that is a struggle in futility, but at least I am giving it my best shot. Dave
  14. So how does the support club work? I thought that was through Paypal donations as I have used that in the past. I have gone to the Cafe Store looking for "products" like Bronze, Silver or Gold Support but could not find any. Dave
  15. You also need to include C4D Version number. Many times that is key to understanding a persons question/issue/help request. One other things for 2017.....what happened to the Donate button? Dave