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  1. Hi there, I have to do the animation of collapsing the side of the building. The building is located close to the edge of a cliff, which as a result of erosion gets to close to the building, causing the collapse of the wall. I'm interested in the moment of collapse of the wall only. How to make such animation quite realistic? The wall is built of bricks - no plaster. I wish that during the falling wall broke up to the bricks and also thicker portions of the wall. The model of wall contains window openings cut out with the bool, thus the mesh is imperfect. The building no longer has a roof - just the wall. I'm not interested in animation of cliff, and only the fall of the wall, or in fact only a fragment of it. I've problem with doing such animation in Cinema4D, so have the questions: 1. How to define the stage of dynamics (which objects to use)? Dynamics is not my strong point, so please give me advices on quite basic level. 2. Do I need to re-model the wall, if so, how to do this best for this case? There is a lot of examples of collapsing buildings in Internet, but i can't find any suitable for this purpose. I would be grateful for any tips, links, tutorials. -- Thanks for your help in advance. T.
  2. tennis equipment II

    From the album My renders

    another shot
  3. tennis equipment

    From the album My renders

    Tennis equipment of well known sport company - made for the Bat & ball challenge.