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  1. For the first time in a lot of years, I decided not to renew my C4D Maintenance contract. The expiration always comes up just before a new release and I decided not to roll the dice this time. When I got the announcement this morning....I was mostly scratching my head about what these features even do(for me, a hobbyist). In R16, about the only major new feature that I liked was the Motion Tracker, which I find is good enough for my needs. I didn't really like the new material setup. I find the C4D is mostly useful to me through the plug-ins (X-Particles, TFD). I wonder....will this be the end of Cafe C4D? Without C4DKiwi...well, it won't be the same.
  2. I heard there was a built-in tool that places an object on the "ground" plane in the new r15. Does anyone know what it is? Up to now I've been using the nitroman Magic app.
  3. Maybe you are thinking of the 3DS Max 2014 "Populate".
  4. I've tried everything. The other machine shows up...but it won't verify. It just says "not reachable"
  5. Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I just hope TR doesn't turn out to be just a toy. I don't regret the upgrade, however. The render package is far superior to past renders.
  6. Sadly, I have tried all the above suggestions. Maybe something will come down the pike.
  7. My first impressions.. Like the Embee.The downer is Team Render ...can't make it work. My PC's just can't find each other on the same router.... I have tried everything but no joy. A bit disappointing.
  8. Details are in the youTube comments.
  9. Man...we must have pushed that button at the same time. Double BOOM.
  10. Try taking one of your planes (delete the second one) and making it a child of Cloth Nurbs. Click on the Nurbs symbol and you see a setting for thickness. Play with that.
  11. R14

    The Great Carnak will look in his crystal ball....let us see.. 1. Revamping the modeling tools. 2. TP will be easier to use. 3. Improvement in the cloth dynamics 4. Flicker problem still not solved. If my crystal ball is is usually correct about 10% of the time...I'll probably pass on this version since I don't model much...I mostly use C4D as a dynamic simulator and renderer. My contract just expired. so I'm not willing to chance it.
  12. Nothing new here....but it is from Autodesk, so it may be an improvement over past. The catch is, I can't get my registration to work. Still working on that.
  13. I think this is the best advice. I find AR good for all-around renders....vRay, for non-grainy animations (especially with all those great presets)....Maxwell is hard to beat for arhitectural delineations that use specific types of lighting and materials. When you slap a 50 watt lamp on a plaster are going to get a photographic view of that setup. Maxwell, for my taste (patience, deadlines) is only for stills. A studio has many tools to make a one tool is going to do it all. If you can only afford a few tools....stick to what they do best. BTW. I have never seen so many FREE materials available as they have for Maxwell. I think they must have a material for just about anything architectural.
  14. Thanks for your response. I tried a version of that. I'll try again.
  15. Thanks George, I tried that. I'm looking for fog with thinner areas and I can get with DE Fogbank .