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  1. i have an error or a jittering problem with dynamics in cinema 4d when objects collide how can i help it?

  2. Smooth Out a Spline

    bees, if you didn't use the trace do you mean hand snapping to the spline? I did an optimize on the spline then convert to nulls then used a Tracer Object, no manual work. This works as long as I trace nulls and not spline points. Not as nice and even as bozo's solution maybe quicker if there's a lot of points. x^i_02.c4d
  3. you can use the feather instead of the hair then you have a lot of controls for hair along a spline. feather hair.c4d
  4. I just tried this using your settings and it worked in both apps with no hiccup. I never knew there was a loop function in the noise, fun to play with! Your settings seem to be right, mine output at 9 sec 29 frames at 30/sec which is the same too.. is the render setting the same as the project settings for frame rate that's the only thing I can think of
  5. I use the physical DOF now, but if I remember the depth pass is controlled by a camera object and lets you set the amount of blur. It seems like it just splitting front and back with no blur at some random? distance. Do you have a camera, maybe check the DOF under Details tab.
  6. you could put a rigid body tag on the object, add a collider floor and let them drop.
  7. Character Scaling

    It's working for me when I scale up but something weird happens when I scale down in size. There's some kind of twisting. Just drop all your stuff in a null object, switch to Object Mode and scale up. turn your Y axis back on too, maybe that was a problem also. I think you need to scale everything inside a null to get it working, not sure you can put everything under your main controller and still have it scale correctly.
  8. I noticed that same thing, the only way way I know is to set the Sampling Quality up high in the physical renderer. At low and medium there's a lot of noise!
  9. I'm pretty sure that you can not make a new object or texture directlyin expresso. You could the python node in expresso to call some python code, with that you can make objects & materials and add them into your project A script to make a material and light then link them sounds like the easiest way to get this done.
  10. How do you navigate? 1,2,3 or alt+mouse?

    well I used both, but now I might re assign my 1 2 3 keys
  11. If the create UV mesh layer is greyed out, then you need to have a texture loaded in to put the UV map into. File › New Texure.
  12. you need to use something other than n-gon for caps. like quads and then match the spline division to be even in numbers. having the spline Intermediate Points be uniform helps to keep everything regular.
  13. Fur with GI

    what does it look like with out the GI?
  14. try changing the mode of the shrink wrap to Target Axis, and lower the Strength to about 95% so the object isn't sunk into the bowl.
  15. set to adaptive, then increase Subdivision number up until it's smooth. It does seem like it should render quicker anyways maybe you have something turned way up more than needed.