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  1. Hi, are you using object mode to scale the characters? Using Model mode WILL screw up the rig.
  2. Great work everyone! Really like the texture of maliohammad's hair, very nice.
  3. Glad that worked for you. The same thing set to a low value is also good when it looks like you're seeing through the hair and seeing the surface the hair is on. You can use a little bend instead of increasing the hair count to some crazy high number that slows the rendering down.
  4. Hi, For doing that kind of random direction growth with hair the Bend parameter works pretty well. Just open the advanced tick mark and set the strength spline to 1 all the way across to keep things linear. Change the Bend at the top to control the angle.
  5. also the detailstufe is only 10% so you won't see most of the fur - try 100%. bump up the randomize a few percent too, or change camera heading slightly, it's hard to see the hair or fur straight on, with few guides.
  6. you need to increase the 'Size Increment' in the collision tab of the dynamics tags. that will keep the cubes above the floor. you could post the file for better answer too.
  7. Glad to help! One of the best things about C4D is the speed in which one can get things done. I'm sure you will get a lot from cinema, great for medical stuff I think, like teknow says and does!
  8. Usually when you hit render cinema will run the simulation up to the frame you are rendering every time. so it will take longer. you can also bake the simulation, then you have every frame available to choose from plus it renders right away.
  9. Hello, the way I would make something like this is to start with a flat pattern then use a bend deformer to roll it up. place into a cloth surface for adding depth to the geometry. use a point selection and a cloner for the spikes. I attached my result for you to use if you like or you could use it as a start if it needs to be different. stentc4d.c4d
  10. You could use flat projection, it crosses the bevel fine, depending on the stripes you are using it could work. If you attach the file we might be able to tell you more
  11. Hi, To get the lines to respond to light sources, use the illumination modifier in opacity or thickness.
  12. Yup, glad you found it. I thought I put the camera file on too! here it is anyways A4 render.c4d
  13. Hi, If you use parallel camera you will be able to exactly line the render up. This same thing always causing me problems too.
  14. It's really hard to work on the file you have, due to the density of the mesh! This seems like a model from somewhere else I'm thinking, so you probably have to use as is. But I would suggest if possible to reduce the polygon count if you can. Or just build it again. 2,000,000 polygons are killing my computer. You cannot move the second deformer with the first bend by parenting, and adjusting the bend strength, since the bend deformer isn't really moving. Use the PSR constraint to link the second bend and the lid to the belt I would say.
  15. C4D's spherify deformer is the same