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  1. I think Bentraje has the best topology & edge flow. Sure there's lots of quads in the other models, but not layed out with the same efficiency. I can't get away from the 'deer in the headlights' look of Vector's jedi - needs more warrior imho. The amount of work involved with Rectro's entry is impressive! but not cartoon enough for me. I vote for Bentraje. Love the expression the outfit and overall look. Cartoon Warrior, this is the one.
  2. The only way I've found to get a perfect offset is to use the Cloth Surface, 0 Subdivisions and adjust the offset as you want. The problem is then to make this an object and remove the original surface. But at least it will the exact same shape.
  3. you can use the Optimize command with a point selection, that allows distance tolerance & welding.
  4. with the Stereo Microphone object & Loudspeaker object you can do that.
  5. Glad it worked out it's one i never knew was there, for years
  6. another way is the instance object. If you make instances of an object, all the instances will change with any changes to the original object.
  7. "Wrap random spline around sphere"

    Thanks for your help, but I'm struggling with following your instructions. Could you send me your .c4d file please?

    Kind regards, Matt 

  8. Very nice! You have all the extras too. Would have never thought to use this method without seeing it. Have to remember this.
  9. looking at 17 second mark it looks like all the geometry is compressed in the front using the FFD deformer, I think here's the file so you can see what I,m talking about. brush stroke.c4d
  10. That's a cool idea! you could try a split wrap deformer and hair plus some wind - works well with animation, there's lots of control to fine tune your look. using zero gravity for that underwater sway helps too.
  11. Here's one other way to get a spline - looking like the picture I've used a tracer to trace a b-spline onto the points of a sphere with a random effector set to point mode. put a Spherify deformer under the tracer.
  12. HI, Those splotches look like they are from the caustics, from what I remember, haven't used them in a while. the controls in the lights you are casting photons with and the material both have controls for the caustic "look" the material controls especially the Radius and Samples has a big effect on the look, from single light spots to smooth washes of light depending on the settings. I remember it took a lot of testing to get the best results. But if you turn the strength up and the other lights turned off while testing, it's easier to see what the caustics are doing.
  13. Is this the result you are trying to get? I think it might be not enough segments in the cube geometry. if there's just the six polygons of the cube it's not going to bend well.
  14. Hi, you just had extra connections, but the right idea. It works fine with just these connections the range mapper will keep the output under 100% as you have set it, you could have the y an arbitrary height movement and range map that to 0 - 100%, too. Or any other range you choose for the output.
  15. Hi, There are two additional controls with the bat wing one for the bendiness of the wing and one to rotate the wing tip front and back. the wing controller gets rotated also for wing bend up & down, and is what you want for moving the wing up and down. if you jiggle the wing around you can see that's it is bendy - more bendy with Dynamics Strength down low.