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  1. I think the lighting limit is for the viewport and can be adjusted up or down to help with viewport performance. Here's a simple cloner set to polygon center with tiny visible lights cloned onto a plane set to 1 by 200. You could use  luminous texture also but that needs GI to work.
  2. Dumb S&T Question...

    Senator, I think what you're looking for still is under the shading tab in the S&T render settings. Change the object to off. That will give just the lines. Or setting to background, that's my usual setting for getting just the line work.
  3. Things with wheels - Winners

    Great challenge! Nice wheels BigBot!
  4. Jerrycan Challenge - Winners Announced

    Very nice work everyone on this challenge! 
  5. Coffee Table Challenge - Winners Announced

    These speed ones make it easy to get something into the challenge, definitely.   Great work submitted everyone !   I made a pallet table a few years ago, i think it took longer in c4d.
  6. Was a fun challenge, got to use the sculpting feature a lot, never really tried it before. 
  7. 2nd Place - Ion

    Thanks for the nice comments.. A driver would be nice, i agree! I wanted to have some kind of tenticle type arm with a sponge & bucket of water, washing the space grime off the saucer - clean streaks through the dirt layer...   ion
  8. Hey there, You can try putting the sky texture in the environment channel, that's the one for environmental reflection. I think this is what you are looking for. ion
  9. Hey there, I think all you need to do is put a sketch material into the hidden line box, either in the sketch tag or in the sketch render settings page.
  10. New Dvd - Fokker Dr.1 Released!

    Hello everyone, I have started in on Pavel's Fokker tutorial and I can say it's excellent! It's perfect for someone like me who has used C4D for years, but never learned to model in any systematic way, I used my own crazy methods. Now I'm starting to be able to see how to construct objects with other objects, splines ect. and I'm only on step 14. sixty-four more to go... I can defiantly recommend this video, easy to view and Pavels accent is no problem after viewing a few sections. "Remember all these planes were hand made, don't worry if yours looks like it" I like this advice best! Ion
  11. Select the guide using a selection tool, the use Hair tools, scale. I remember it took me a long time to figure out how to do something so simple!! Ion
  12. Hey there, In the hinge connector, on object tab ignore collisions is checked. un-tick the box. There is now a lot of colliding going on!
  13. Strange ~ The axis thing works fine until saving the file, then the axis seems to get stuck in the lower left corner, for each letter. Some kind of bug maybe, i can't get a test working again after saving!
  14. Hi, congrats to 1st place. Very nice job. Can you do me a favour? I had some poblems with making good looking hair material for my 'toy' and I realy like yours. Do you think, you can send me your scene, where I can look which preferences did you used on your model?

    Thanks, Adam.

  15. Here are some picts of locations for the options. when changing the hair guides scroll the count up and down to refresh the guide positions! It looks like nothing happens when you change the Root type. ion