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  1. Hair Material

    the hair defaults to normal direction to grow in, or I should say the guides grow that way the hair just follows the guides. Reverse the normals on the sphere and hit the regrow button. Under growth you can choose x y z or random direction to grow guides in too.
  2. turn on the angle limit check box and lower the  Phong angle to something under 40°. looks OK to me like that.    
  3. Wacom Intous 5 over 4?

    I've had a intuos 3 small size and had had no real problems and really like having one. Defiantly stuff I could not do without having a tablet. Not sure when the greater resolution happened but that's one thing I would get v5 the pen tilt and force stuff is all better, I think that would really make the biggest difference. The extra sliders and finger swiper stuff looks nice too. With 2 screens now I'm thinking that the next size up might be nice, I've tried the largest size out in a store and didn't like it - too much movement for me.
  4. because the picture viewer is at 54.537% switch to 100% otherwise it looks like fuzz or grain.
  5. Two questions about cloner

    I think the displacement or bump on the cracker is hiding the salt, and the displacement is only in the rendered image. You can try a displacer deformer to get a 'live' view of the displacement or move them a little bit from the surface with the cloner until they are past the surface. you can test that without any displacement see if that works.  
  6. adding images to particles?

    you can drop multiple particles into the emitter, each with it's own texture or material. 
  7. you could have them start at different distances from the center then they will arrive at different times. use a cloner with random placement to set up the start frame. 
  8. I think it might be that there's nothing to reflect in the sky portion, it's just black and you don't get to see any reflection. does making some kind of environment  help?
  9. try setting leaving the attenuation to average instead of Metal.  The color should come back
  10. here's the file to look at   neon.c4d
  11. yes there's a sweep tube inside with a blue luminance channel only. I never can get the glow post or pre glow material to look that good. So I never use glow any more.   With out GI lighting it still glows ok but don't really light the area up to well.  
  12. what I usually do for neon type stuff, is to put a luminance texture on smaller copy of the neon tube placed inside the tube. on the illumination setting at the bottom of material editor I crank up the generate GI & saturation settings + GI area light tick box  can be used too, sometimes makes it look better.   real quick rendering this way
  13. God Rays

    The way I usually do this is with volumetric light + shadows. you need to cast the light through some stuff for the shadow rays to appear.  the visibility tab has the distance controls.
  14. Hmm yes that's a such a problem on the old lap top I use that I've never tried to do things with lots and lots of polygons.    Is there more than one per leaf? There's always alphas on single polygons for speed if that works here and you can get the leaves to look like you want.
  15. you can try a fracture object on the leaves + rigid body tag.   make sure to use explode segments on the fracture object and set the collision to all in the tag.    the leaves should all fall individually now.