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  1. well I just tried this and get the top 8 lights to work, no randomness when I switch them. Maybe time to cut/paste into a new file. When something goes strange that should be working, pasting objects into a new scene helps out quite often.
  2. It the pose morph tag doing that, not sure why but it uses it when rendering but not in the viewport, or the other way round.
  3. I don't see those UV I don't see the UV for the end cap. That might be a problem. You could use cubic mapping here with no problem i think. if you can post the file or just the model, someone can have a quick look.
  4. in the screen cast the edges were melted then the points can just be deleted and they disappear without breaking edges. You can get the point selection by command clicking on the edges before you melt them -
  5. Hi, the matrix doesn't render anything, though you see little cubes, it just makes points in space, then you need to use those points for something. you could use a cloner, to clone onto the matrix, or just start with a cloner. skip the spline effector and matrix Object, drop your cube into the cloner and use the Offset to animate along the spline. the picture and file seem like different problems. Do you need the clones to move from one spline to the next and so on? like one long spline?
  6. open the preferences and at the bottom of the window click on the - Open Preferences Folder... - button libraries should be right there.
  7. Xpresso Scale Sizing box

    Cool, nice finishing touch, glad it worked for you!
  8. Can data from C4D be displayed in animation?

    if you just want the HUD info, you can drag the P Y coordinates from the cubes directly into the viewport. right click on the HUD display for various options. use Always to get the info to stay on one object. check render to have it render, and have render HUD checked in Render Settings too. HUD hieght.c4d
  9. How to modify the "Lights" shape?

    if you use area light there are lots of shapes to choose from including 2d/3d. You can use any Object or spline as well as a light.
  10. Xpresso Scale Sizing box

    Hi ~ I think you will need to add user data ports to get this to work. Very easy to do. if that's all you need the cube 6.5 times larger then this will work. sizing cube.c4d
  11. i have an error or a jittering problem with dynamics in cinema 4d when objects collide how can i help it?

  12. Smooth Out a Spline

    bees, if you didn't use the trace do you mean hand snapping to the spline? I did an optimize on the spline then convert to nulls then used a Tracer Object, no manual work. This works as long as I trace nulls and not spline points. Not as nice and even as bozo's solution maybe quicker if there's a lot of points. x^i_02.c4d
  13. you can use the feather instead of the hair then you have a lot of controls for hair along a spline. feather hair.c4d
  14. I just tried this using your settings and it worked in both apps with no hiccup. I never knew there was a loop function in the noise, fun to play with! Your settings seem to be right, mine output at 9 sec 29 frames at 30/sec which is the same too.. is the render setting the same as the project settings for frame rate that's the only thing I can think of
  15. I use the physical DOF now, but if I remember the depth pass is controlled by a camera object and lets you set the amount of blur. It seems like it just splitting front and back with no blur at some random? distance. Do you have a camera, maybe check the DOF under Details tab.