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  1. I see that you have found how to follow this topic, so I guess this answers your question. Customers who purchased the plugin are sent the latest version anytime a major update is built. As for regular updates in this thread, I don't broadcast around. So, no newsletter or anything similar, sorry. Small update for those following, I managed to build an R16 (mac) version of the plugin (if you followed along on CGTalk you might know the reason). Haven't looked into the R16 windows version, but when I find the time, I'll sure look into that as well ... giving there's interest for it, of course. Customers (the legal ones at least) have received release candidate 4, containing all features I wanted to provide in the release version. Now it's up to making some documentation. When that's done the plugin will officially be released.
  2. I am not in favor of ads, but I understand you point @SIgor. Honestly, it felt a little bit awkward to read long term user are using ad blockers, as it's kind of working against the whole principle of keeping the cafe running. Now, I know I am not the best example either, I still haven't made any donation this year. But blocking ads is an extra step in shooting yourself in the foot (in my opinion). However, looking at the size of the ads, one can imagine the reason behind using such ad blockers. So, yes I agree, there should be ads to fund the cafe, if no other income is available. But on the other hand, the ads should not put everything else in the shadow. They shouldn't become intrusive, which they currently are perceived as. One more thing Igor. Thanks once more for all your time and effort, and don't let the following mislead you and put you down, but ... Whatever you do, no, for some it will never be enough. That's just human nature. It's sad, but true. Somewhere you just have to draw a line and stop taking it personally. (easier said than done)
  3. I am on desktop PC. Widescreen monitor rotated vertically for large document reading.
  4. Check if the "texture" option is enabled in your viewport:
  5. @ILJI Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the plugin so far. Multi object support is indeed for later, as it still requires a lot of work. In the meantime I am working on turning the UV view into an editor, and here is a quick and dirty first iteration. Again, still a lot of work before being available. Sorry if lately I have not been replying to everyone's questions ... I just have too much fun implementing all these features. Unfortunately, it does take up more time than anticipated, and definitely takes up more time than I have available. Thanks for your patience.
  6. As maliohammad mentioned, the easiest would be for you to contact the original developer and request to add your needed features. However, your first and second feature could be implemented as a separate plugin. But your 3rd feature probably requires changes inside the original plugin, which requires the source code to be available. So, as said, contact the plugin's author. You 'll have more chance of success.
  7. While playing with the plugin there was a feature I really miss(ed) sometimes, which is to be able to create seams in the UV View. Now, I know I mentioned that the UV View is still a simple viewer and that editing capabilities will be introduced when it gets upgraded to a full UV Editor. However, I just could not resist to already introduce some foundation work.
  8. @bezo Thanks for the kind words (and the order request) It's a little early to start discussing the concept as there is still quite some work required. And as we have seen in the past things can change really quickly depending the needed workarounds. For now, the Seamilar Unwrapper tag on every object is only for unwrapping purposed, even without this tag the object will be shown in the UV View. But since the island information is stored in the tag, it is also required for drawing the different island colors. I have foreseen 3 modes: - single object, multiple island colors - multi object, single island color - multi object multi island colors When no Seamilar Unwrap tag is present the UV View will thus only be able to display a single island color for the whole object (=mode 2), but every object will get a different color (in mode 2) Well, that's the idea. But as mentioned, this can still change as a result of work required to implement ... or feedback from the WIP users. EDIT: Here's a video that demonstrates with and without tags https://youtu.be/PcWwBKM1DLk
  9. Thanks to those having placed pre-release orders at the reduced price. These have been delivered by now. Hope you enjoy the plugin. As mentioned by e-mail, the provided plugin is a release candidate as last touches is being done on the final release. Additionally, I have also been working on next feature for the UV View: MultiObjects. Depending on progress this will be made available in the final release, or in future (free) update. As it currently is the UV View is only a viewer not an editor. But UV Editor features will be next on the list. For those contemplating a purchase, just a reminder that the introductory (pre-release) price of 25 euros will end once the plugin is officially released. early Multi object viewer concept below: Objects "sharing" the same canvas can be displayed simultaneously, using a single color per object, or a single color per UV island. This "sharing" follows the same principle as my workflow using the SPETI plugin (importing of Substance Painter textures)
  10. I am no expert in UV unwrapping, as such I am not claiming to know it better, or trying to teach anyone of you how UV unwrapping should be done. But -in my opinion- the purpose of unwrapping is to flatten the polygons from your 3D mesh onto a flat UV canvas with the least possible amount of distortion. In your example, the front and back face of the C are flat. Unwrapping this onto a flat canvas -with least possible amount of distortion- is what you get in the screenshot. If you would straighten the result you would definitely introduce a lot of distortion. Now, I understand in some cases you would want to obtain a straight result, but as the unwrapping algorithm is optimized for least distortion, the straightening will have to be triggered by user interaction. By this I mean that it will be up to the user to straighten it manually. Of course, tools could be created to support the user to accomplish the straight result, but -again, in my opinion- it is not something you can let the algorithm decide. It will need to be an interactive process, steered by the user. @munna I am sorry but I am not sure what you mean in your previous post, about the UVs being edgy not smooth. You are showing screenshots of before and after Relax with BP UV Edit, but I am not getting the point. Sorry!
  11. I am finalizing the financial setup and in a day or two I should be open for business. Just send me a private message containing the 11 digits of your Cinema 4D serial, the requested platform (Mac or Windows) and an e-mail address where I can reach you. When the financial set up is ready I will send you a Paypal link for you to proceed with the payment. Once payment completed the plugin and serial number will be sent to the provided e-mail address.
  12. I have good and bad news to report. First of all, I managed to build a Mac version of the plugin (WIP4) and sent it out to Rick. As he was kind enough to provide me with a Mac to port my plugin, it wasn't but fair to allow him to be the first Mac user. Unfortunately, I didn't get any response and hope all is well with him. In the meantime I have been working on the next WIP, and have had to spend quite a lot of frustrating time resolving Cinema's inconsistent undo/redo. MAXON's developers will probably tell I am abusing their design, as it wasn't meant to be used that way. Well ... hell yeah! Give us a proper unwrapping tool and we won't have to abuse the system. Anyway, the many frustrating hours an days have at least managed to help me find a way to get rid of the annoying Texture View initialisation requirement. Additionally, I have reworked the icons. Undo/redo should be working (hopefully all the way through). Symmetry has been fixed. Just a word to some of you downloading this and previous WIPs ... and you know who you are! Even if a piece of software is free of charge that does not give you the right to distribute or upload it to any website of your liking. Violation of copyright is a serious thing. I know that some of you might not agree with my ideas, and I respect that opinion. But I urge you to respect my work and not distribute nor upload any of my files without permission! Seamilar WIP5 OSX.zip (Mac R17+) Seamilar II wip5.zip (Windows R17+) I hope to finalise this plugin shortly, until then I am proposing this plugin at a pre-release price of 25 euros. Just a reminder that any form of violation of copyright (be it related to plugin, script or host application) will revoke your right to any support, including future updates or upgrades.
  13. Update: I had already mentioned this in the CGTalk thread, but didn't simply want to copy the same information here. As such, I waited for more news before updating this thread. Big news for Mac users !!! A few days ago, Rick F. van Koert (a very generous member at CGTalk) did send me a Mac Mini, completely free of charge, in order for me to compile the plugin on Mac OSX. Still trying to find my way on a Mac ... cursing a lot, but enjoying the experience. I have managed to build WIP 4 in Xcode and test it in R17.055. However, further testing needs to be done before releasing the Mac version to the public.