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  1. If you're sticking with C4D and exploring CAD programs to work with it you should look at Vectorworks. Much better than AutoCAD and also has a "Send to C4D" feature. The two work pretty well together, and hopefully will work together even better in the future. It is owned by the same company as C4D.
  2. The only rumor I've heard is that Trimble is buying Nemetschek. But it's only a rumor.
  3. Very cool and useful plugin. I have one suggestion though (although I don't really know C4D very well, so maybe this ability is already "built-in" and I just don't know it). Could you add in the ability to "raise to floor"? I have not been able to figure out how to get C4D to create new objects so their bottoms are always sitting at 0. It always creates them so their middle is at 0. Very frustrating and time consuming to move everything up by half it's height all the time. Even in your reviews, you are constantly creating an object then having to pull it up out of the floor. If you could click and it would immediately raise up until it's bottom was sitting on the floor it would save millions of clicks over the years. And going further, you could create a few objects and have them stack UP, one on top of each other, instead of having to manually raise them above each other and drop them down. It would be twice as fast to get the same result. Basically it would be the reverse of how you do it now, maybe call it "Anti Gravity". Hope that makes sense. Just a thought. Great Plugin.
  4. The .MTL file is the materials for the .OBJ file. You don't need to import it or do anything with it. Just import the main.OBJ file using Riptide and if the model opens up with textures in tact, it worked. The native C4D OBJ Import does not use the .MTL file, so to get the materials/textures you need to use the Riptide plugin.
  5. Actually, in the U.S. most interior walls are built (and therefore should be drawn) at 4 3/4" thick. That is 5/8" for the drywall on one side (also called gypsum board or sheet rock), 3 1/2" for the standard 2x4 framing, and 5/8" for drywall on the other side. Every plan I've ever gotten from an architect, or drawn myself, usually has 4 3/4" interior walls. As Jwiede said, Exterior walls vary greatly based on materials. A standard, residential plain exterior wall, with nothing fancy or expensive, in cold climates, is usually anywhere from 7 3/8" (low budget) to 7 3/4" (high quality), depending on the thickness of the siding, sheathing, and drywall (we require 5/8" drywall and sheathing on our projects, but some allow 1/2"). Brick veneers or block walls could be anywhere from 12" to 16" thick. So allowing for flexibility is the key. The plugin looks great.
  6. That's too bad. Believe it or not, not every one is a member of Facebook or Twitter. I quit Facebook last year. Not interested in what somebody I knew twenty years ago had for breakfast yesterday, and whether they liked it or not.
  7. Thanks for the info.
  8. I am on a Mac (Lion OS) so the first time I just used the built in RAR expander program, I think it's called Enolsoft RAR Extract. That's the one that created an empty folder. Then I went searching for another alternative and found RAR Expander and tried that. It seemed to work, unless I'm missing something I don't know about. It opened the first part fine, but the part2 file gives the message "The archive 'Arab4D Kit v.1' could not be expanded, the file 'arab4d kit.lib4d' it contains seems to be broken." But there is the .lib file in the part 1 folder. And it worked when I dropped it into C4D. So maybe when it expanded the part1 file it automatically accessed the part 2 to create the complete .lib file? Is there only one .lib file? What is supposed to be in the part2 file?
  9. Having trouble expanding the .rar file. The compressed file says 104.9 MG but after expanding it is an empty folder and says zero kb. EDIT: I downloaded RAR Expander and it worked. Although it says the Arab4D Kit v.1.part2.rar file is corrupted. The Arab4D Kit v.1.part1.rar file opened fine. Lots of cool stuff in here. Looks like a ton of work. Thanks for giving it away free. And making it work with R12.
  10. Thanks.
  11. Is it possible to make it work for R12? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the link. I started the silent tutorial but as soon as I realized it had no sound I stopped (standard operating procedure for me with those things). I've never been able to follow silent tutorials.
  13. I'd be interested in info on that too. It looks like a great plugin. Any tutorials on it out there?