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Found 312 results

  1. Hi. The aim is to set up correctional morphs for extreme poses to be driven by the rotation of joints, some call it Joint controlled morphs. Been spending hours try all sorts and can not get this to work. I have a character, made a morph for a pose in place to correct the shoulders, post deformer ticked. I set a driver tag on the arm joint, and set the target to the morph to be driven. No matter what I do from here I get popping, anc cant seem to set the range of the rotation to drive the morph without issues. I then tried in espresso which I know nothing about, and tried using the range mapper driving the x rotation of a joint to the strength of a morph, cannot for the life of me work out the range mapper, no results here either. Can someone please help me out with a video or explaining, maybe a file example? Thanks Dan.
  2. Does anyone know of any good motion clip tutorials? I seem to remember a few when the feature was announced but can't seem to find anything now. I know its not the new cool thing, but it seems to be the best solution for preparing a character for a project coming up!
  3. Hi guys! Is it possible to animate a spline in C4D and then export that animated spline to after effects? In other words, I want to have inside AE shape layer which has animation designed inside C4D. Why? Because in C4D I can attach any vertex to the null and animate those nulls which isn't possibile inside AE. I've tried External Compositing tag, but it doesn't export path data, but only the object position. Thanks.
  4. I have a light, which turns on in one period of time ... so it turns on in about 10 secunds, but i just want it to blink. So that at 10.2 it shuts back again. So how can i end the value Enabled after turning it on. At the moment light turns on and stays on. Thanks
  5. Im creating a floor of confetti that is thrown upwards as though a heavy weight drops in the middle of it. rough video attached. So far I have created this using x particles with a wind deformer that activates for a few frames to blow the confetti particles upwards. They then come down again due to the gravity deformer. They land on a plane with an x particles collider tag. The problem is that I need the confetti to land flat on the floor. at the moment they are at all angles and go through the floor because the collider is affecting the centre of the particle rather than the shape. Any suggestions here? I was wondering if I could get the same effect using mograph, rigid body etc but I dont think I can use wind to blow the confetti upwards. confetti
  6. hi I want to be bound to a Chinese dragon, using spline-ik to bind, I want joint constraints on curved path, but there is no way to achieve, you will be able to help me?
  7. Hi, I'm looking to find the kilometers per hour of an object (my camera) using XPresso. My preferences are set to Unit Display: Kilometers. I have my Project Scale set to Kilometers. It's my understanding that, in XPresso, an Object node's Position velocity outputs units per second.inemc To get units per hour, I'm taking my Camera Object's Position velocity and plugging it into a Math node, multiplying it by 3600 (number of seconds in an hour) (screenshot attached). The results I'm getting are really high: >2000kmh. Is my camera going too fast or is something wrong with my setup? Thank you!
  8. I have a character which I am looking to simplify the animation process (oxymoron, I know). Now I know how to create facial morphs for blinking and speaking etc, which works fine. But what I am hoping to do is create controls so that I can have his body poses controlled by controls or targets so I can have him wave hello, raise arms and a few other poses since is the movements that hell be making most often. How do I set this up?
  9. Hello everybody! I'm a beginner in C4D but I think I'm learning such rapid ' I'm from Brazil and this is my character: Coffy (coffee monster with sugar eyes) Video: (Feel free to criticize) So my question is: anyone knows how can I make some cartoon rigs like (for example) Hotel Transylvania? Some tutorial to help me? Thanks everybody!
  10. I am looking to build a crew to help bring a children's story to life. The story, which I wrote, is called “The Kidnapped Moon.” Although I do not currently have a budget, I would really like some interested volunteers to get this animated short film project in motion. I truly believe in this project and its positive message about friendship to our children. Finding and meeting someone that understands how you feel - that can relate, comfort, and accept you as who you are - make friendships special. A little more about the film – “The Kidnapped Moon” tells a story about a special friendship between a young fox, Faer, who is searching for his special and only friend. While on his search he meets a bunny, a caterpillar, and an anteater that join the search. Below is a reference link to the look and feel I would like for the film. Also attached are 3-D model images of a few main characters. My contact Information: Justin Thomas email: - Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. I create a character with t-shirt on it. Now I want to animate the character, but the question is how to make the clothes follow with the character's move? I did a test with a cube as my character(see attached) I have read some topics posted before by others who had the same question, answers are use cloth, belt, collider etc. but I still can't get it to work. The cloth doesnt follow with the cube's move correctly. Iv been working on this on my own for a long time. Really appreciate if you can help me. Cloth test.c4d
  12. So I have a rather large personal project ahead of me. I like to model cars, and I'm looking to do a good animation of one. In a few shots, I'd like to get the tires smoking. I know there are plugins out there that can help me do that, but is there a way I can accomplish this without using plugins? Would I also maybe be able to do it in After Effects? Thank you.
  13. Hey guys, I've been working on my new showreel and I feel like its ready, but wanted to get some feedback before I make it public. Can y'all have a look and let me know what you think?? the password is v1 cheers
  14. I have a character rigged and ready to animate with some cloth hanging off of him that I have set how I want it. But right now the character is in his T-pose. I'm going to start animating him, So I need to pose him into the starting pose of the animation. So I'm wondering is there a better way than keyframing him from t-pose to the animation's starting pose in order to get the cloth to follow along ? I'd like to avoid having keyframes in the scene that aren't a part of the desired animation.
  15. Hello, guys! Please check out my new python script for Cinema 4D! This script places all animation tracks of selected objects in a sequence. If you have suggestions for new versions of the script, leave them in this topic! More info and script here
  16. Hello! I wanted to try to recreate this gif but I can't figure out how they did it. I assumed it might be using a cloth simulation but after playing around I could not seem to recreate it. Any Ideas how I can make this? THANKS!!! :)
  17. Greetings, This is my first time posting but I’ve encountered a rather strange problem. I am attempting to render out a scene and the camera movement seems to be off. From what I key framed. When I play out the scene in the previewer the camera makes the correct movements but when I render it out the camera stays still until it jumps to the next key frame. Is there a way I could get the key framed positions to flow into each other? The camera is filming a key framed door I have rigged to open with user data. Could this animation be throwing off the camera movement somehow? Doesn’t seem likely but I figured I’d ask. Thanks in Advance, Dberger
  18. My university project from the last year Productdesign Monkey This Keyboard lets the user get a new experience to interact with the computer, thanks to the e-paper technology on every key. Monkey Commercial on YouTube
  19. I've run into this issue before but forgot how I resolved it. I have a character in which I'm trying to have him sway side to side yet rather he is sort of rocking back then bending to the side. He's going to be bending left to right in rhythm with music, very simple movement but it looks awkward to rack backwards then to the side. I've changed the keyframes to linear but that makes no real difference. What step am I missing?
  20. Hi everybody, I've made an animation with 3 keys, and I want to move the key in the middle. When I move this key the key after this one also moves. It's the same on every cinema 4d file I'm working on right now and it's driving me insane. Does anyone know which setting I've accidentally must have been changed?
  21. I have a simple train animation with train sounds. I feel like it should have some kind of music, but i'm sure where to find some. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi guys ! Last week I worked on a new motion graphics work , but unfortunatelly something happened. When It's rendered in rebusfarm and rendered files uploaded to my computer , I decided there are some frames rendered as a black . After all of this i checked out to frames dont rendered. In the preview menu everything is clear and there are have no any problem , but when I try rendering it in main viewer or picture viewer , it's again shows black. It happens just some frames not in all . my render settings is simple standart renderer with GI , irradiance
  23. Hi people, I'm working on a couple of animations for the theater and some other installations and I would love to be able to use the collisions to drive sound effects For instance, in this animation, I would use two different sound effects one for when a ball hits the floor and another one for when two balls collide with each other. Considering the amount of collisions, it's going to be complicated to do all this in AE so I'm looking for an easier way to do this. Any ideas, hints or suggestions? Thanks! Bo
  24. I have a pond in my animation, and it has a fish but it feels bland. I want to add tall grass or cattails in my water. Any ideas on how to do that?
  25. i've been working on short animation its like 12 second.but its size over like 400 Mb...why its 400 Mb? help me please .. im new btw.