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Found 338 results

  1. After 10 years of evolution, 5 years of production, 3 computers and countless software and hardware upgrades, I'm pleased to announce Two Worlds is done. Let me know what you think, since I've been staring at it far too long ;) I need some rest. Cheers, Andy Link to the film -
  2. Hello everybody ! I'm new here and i have an issue with Fold my design :( So everything is ok with the folding, but i would like to know how i could "bend" the top of my box to make it more realistic, because everything is too flat ! I tried with the modify X or modify Y but nothing changes.. I can twist it from left to right but i can't bend it !! And also if someone knows how to smooth the edges a bit, so it could look realistic too ... Is there a tip to do it with fold my design or i need to edit it out of the plugin ? Thank you all ! PS: Sorry for my english, i'm a frenchy
  3. Hi, i have some weird Cinema 4D bugs: 1. I can't select polygons from editable object (yea i know for sure that im in the right mode etc.) 2. I can't move the axis from objects. Well I actually can move the axis, but not how it is supposed to be. When I want to move something on the Y-Axis, it just ignores that i only want to use the Y, and it starts to move using all the Axis. Especially the first bug is annoying, and does somebody know a solution/fix for this? ~M.C.



    Short 10 minute tutorial on how to model detailed volleyball with stitches, using deformers, restrictions and cloner. This very useful and simple technique can be used to model many types of balls like baseball, soccer ball and can be also applied on any number of situations that use leather and stitches like sofas, chairs, seats, armchairs etc... with great results. Tutorial is in video ( mov ) format.
  5. Hello guys, I'm new here and do not know if this is where I can post my work but wanted to disclose here with you my last personal work done with C4D and Photoshop, made to join the universe CINEMA 4D site of the event. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong. Link up containing design for high
  6. Hello fellas, actually im working on a Clan-Logo. I want to put an fur on the object but when I'm doing it there is a triangle without fur. Maybe you can help me, it would be awesome! Edit: Illuminati confirmed?
  7. Hi! This is my first post here, hopefully I'm posting in the right section. :) I recently released a procedural rock generator asset for Houdini Engine, which means it works with Cinema 4D and other apps. It can generate various types of rocks by using geometric or volumetric displacement, perform remeshing and polygon reduction, create UV coordinates and also apply a procedural texture which can be baked to a file. Link: I hope to add more features later on. If you have any comments or if there's any features you'd like me to add, please let me know. :)
  8. Hi im searching for something to do geo data landscape/ texture thanks!
  9. HI All I was supplied a bottle from our suppliers that we use for our products and wish to animate the bottle to fill up with liquid for which I would use RealFlow 2015 however the file supplied is a .STL file format which was exported from some old CAD (machine) software that they use to produce the plastic bottles. As you can see from the image there are a hell of a lot of Trigons and Ngons in the mesh (I have over 50 of these bottles to animate into product visualisations) and am wondering if any of you C4D-Xperts out there can help me with the correct procedure for importing, cleaning up or converting and preparing the meshes for use as solid rigid bodies in Realflow? Any help much appreciated as I am quickly starting to lose my marbles here and my hair is definitely going grey and falling out! Cheers in advance! :) AndiZu
  10. Hello, I'm stuck once again. I need the lines (in this case lines forming the extruded font; "dream"), to extend indefinitely. Or at least to a very large extent. I'm attaching the scene file. What I'm trying to make is an animation of the word (in this case "dream") flying in the scene. In the beginning I want to just show the lines constructing the word and then, as the word is in the center of the view, I want the actual extruded font "dream" to appear. My initial instinct was to do this with sketch and toon (overshoot lines), but I get that effect of skipping lines, as the word is changing the angle towards the camera. So I thought I actually have to model those lines. And there I ran into the problem with how to extend them. Or maybe there is a better plan to do this!? Can anyone please help? Thanks, test-extend.c4d
  11. Hi Everyone ! I'm new to modelling and I'm trying to make a surfboard. So far, I've managed to model the outline and the rocker (thickness) of the board out of cube object. But I can't make the rails of the board smooth and rounded. I have tried to put my object in an hypernurb (Subdivision Surface) but it makes the tail of the board way too round. Is there a way to only make the rail round and smooth ? I have attached the c4d file of the board if you would like to see what's going it :) Any help is greatly appreciated. This is driving me insane ! N. LA PLUIE Simulation décoration c4d.c4d
  12. I need help with cinema 4d, i give thanks to people who helped me to fix GUI problem, but now i have a problem with r17 and its this, when i make a minecraft render, it does not appear skin when i placed it, but when i click, previsializate render, it appears, how i fix it, (i putted the skin)
  13. Hey, Im not sure if this is the right topic group but i try. I have to make animation with a paper. The paper is flying from outside through the window inside on the desk. I dont know how to create the paper or to bend paper realistic. With the normal bending thing its not smooth. It should have no edges in the wind ^^
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had experience or advice for our pipeline issue I'm working on a stage design for a festival We are planning to: Model stage elements in C4D Export to CAD software (SketchUp) flatten model run through Cut List plug-in Send cut list to CNC Router Our models are kind of a low-poly style rock, think deformed platonic shapes Our problems are in SketchUp Our model is not unwrapping and flattening properly. It either fails to fully unwrap or when it does it subdivides our larger polys into a series of smaller ones giving us 100 times the amounts of cuts than what we want Does anyone have exerpeience with this sort of process or have some ideas on what we can change to the pipeline? Any suggestions for unwrapping our model and flattening them out in C4D so that we have already achieved this step before leaving C4D? I know there is a bit of a divide between 3d modeling in something like C4D and CAD modeling so suggestions for best translation practices would be much appreciated! Thanks Tom
  15. Hi Cafe I saw this package online and wondered how I would model it, i.e. the indent which runs around the side of this oval package. The only thing I could think of was to do it on a cylinder, use twist deformer and flatten into an oval, but thats not working too well and also seems quite crude. Frankly my brain starts to hurt whenever I model anything. So any tips on the right approach would be helpful, I think the only way I could achieve this would be to do a straight oval and then try and do a nice displacement map for the indent. Im guessing for a skilled modeller this is a straight forward issue. Deck
  16. Hi there, I've seen this technique used quite a bit and wondered how it was done. Looking at the youtube vid it's from 40seconds in is what I'm really after. Cheers Aqua
  17. Hello all, I've created a hollow sphere with splines masks and a lathe. I would like to apply differents materials on it: - 1 on the exterior sphere - 1 on the interior sphere - 2 on caps I know that C1 and C2 in selection tags allow me to apply on the caps. But for the other parts (interior, exterior) ? Here is a screenshot and my scene. Thanks for you help folks ! Lathe HollowSphere.c4d
  18. I have a pond in my animation, and it has a fish but it feels bland. I want to add tall grass or cattails in my water. Any ideas on how to do that?
  19. Hey there, I am sorta new to c4d, I have r13 studio right now and I need some help cutting up text. I have tried doing it with the knife tool in a sort of fashion but I could not get what I wanted. I only want to cut up segments of the cap (The front, not the sides) of the text of the motext. Please leave any techniques or suggestions that you have ! Thanks!
  20. Hello to all can any one tell me if theres any way of us having in c4d dimensions like a DIM command in Rhino and also make a 2D for production ? For 10 years now i am using Cinema 4D and i never seen such plugin, well i know Rhino IO but i bought it and it doesn't do the job right in converting the mess correctly regards to all that can help me i=in this quest. Also I would like to know were and if its possible to create BIM data and create BIM objects in c4d . this would be a major revolution in the industry I am a Product designer how to create within c4d an output project for production like solidworks or rhino.
  21. Hey there! I'm totally new to C4D. Well, I did some real basics a while ago; making a title scene for a YouTube channel where each letter of the title would fly into place through space... so you know, basically an old pro ;-) What I'm trying to create is a photo-realistic animation of an envelope where the flap can open, and a tri-folded sheet of paper slides out and then unfolds flat. I'd love some advice and tips. From playing around, I can see 3 main areas I'm going to have to get right. 1 - I was planning to 'knife' a sheet-of-paper sized plain, applying a "bend" aligned to the joint for the paper fold animation. But, it seems super complex to do that for an envelope. 2 - Any pro-tips on making a flat plain look more paper-like? To me it seems like paper is really very-stiff cloth. 3 - Texturing. I'd love to get super-close up, macro views of the paper unfolding. Imagine the Mac adverts which show the hinge of the computer as it opens. The texture and "bend" where the paper folds is going to have to look pretty perfect. When the paper is "flat" a real sheet would have score marks. It'd be great if there was a way to recreate this. Any advice or tips on any of this would be awesome! Many thanks, and apologies if I've broken some rule by being a total n00b.
  22. Hey guys. I've been searching, without luck, for something similar to Bevel Profile Modifier on C4D. I know there is a way to bevel an edge with a profile spline, but you can't use a profile spline directly in other spline . That's different of sweep. Hope someone could bring some workaround. Here is what i mean. Thanks!
  23. some free sh** for you guys made this for fun a few weeks back. free.c4d?dl=0
  24. Hi Guys, Just a quick one, does any one know of any command to quickly apply a generator, lets say a Loft nurbs, to hundreds of individual splines whilst inheriting the axis of said spline. Similar to when you alt click with a active selection but with the generator being applied to a mass selection of individual objects. Hope so one can help. :) Thanks, Clive