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Found 34 results

  1. Has anyone had success rigging a sculpted object? I've baked out the sculpted object using the Bake Sculp tag. I've dialed up the source mesh and dialed down the target mesh. Additionally the displacement and normal methods that I've applied uses "Tangent". But when I apply a character rig and smoothed out the mesh at 100% strength, I get these weird low poly surface deformations in the render is this just something that Cinema doesn't do well? I"m happy to try anything if you guys have had success with this. Thanks in advance.
  2. I did a bit of searching and could not find a lot of information on this problem. The subject line pretty much sums it up though. at level 5 I've got around 9.5 million polygons (Is this irregular?) and then if I try to subdivide again, the new mesh has a bunch of polygons stretched to the center of the object. This was happening to me a few months back trying to go from level 6 to level 7, but now it's from 5 to 6 so it seems to be getting worse maybe. any thoughts on this? here's my system specs. C4d r15, windows 10, quad core i7 3.6 ghz, 32 gigs ram, gtx 970 gigabyte edition. 7200rpm hd, monitor1 2560, monitor2 1080
  3. Hi, Currently I'm having issues with the brush size while sculpting some objects. I've created a stamp which I'm applying to the different parts via the repeat feature. The polygons of the two parts (A, B) in the example below are pretty much identical, yet on the left object the sculpted seams & stitches are much bigger than on the right part although the exact same brush (same size/pressure/falloff) was used. The two polygons are different objects, each has got it's own UV map & sculpting Expression. I was wondering if it's possible to use a "global brush" which makes sure the exact same brush settings are used for all the objects in the file or if somebody could explain to me how to avoid the issue. Help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Hammertime
  4. Im having trouble with the "bake sculpt object" in the sculpting setup. Im not sure if its my UV layout or something else. Im new to the sculpting and character animation stuff. I started with a character model from the sculpting presets. I stretch the arms and legs a little but mostly sculpted the head. I tried many different ways when I select "bake sculpt object", my result for displacement are not good. Im sure the experts know on here what Im doing wrong...I just need some direction. Thx Project file download: Player.c4d?dl=0
  5. Hey All! Its been a good long while since I've been around the Cafe. Life has been busy, and work busier than I'd like! Butttttt... It's 4:00am where I am at and I've been up half the night making some progress on a character I just started developing. I rendered out a couple of WIP pics and thought "I should see what the Cafe looks like these days...". Wow! Does it look different from what I remember! I'll have to swing by more often. This was my first forum back in the day when I got started in 3D and Kiwi's video's were invaluable in getting me off the ground. Can't say thank you enough! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post my WIP pics here since it's been so long. I'll try to keep them updated as I continue developing this character. Everything so far is modeled/sculpted in Cinema 4D (v 15... I know, I need to update..). I plan to texture in PS and will probably dress it up a little using body for finishing touches. Nice to be back, Cafe looks great! -Rob
  6. Hi there, I'm fairly new to the world of 3D modelling so I figured I might reach out for some help with a little project of mine. Even though I know my way around basic modelling techniques in C4D, I got stuck trying to model this gusseted coffee pouch with a sticker on it as a label (see attachment). I've tried creating it from a cube, a plain and with splines and loft nurbs (which has gotten me the furthest so far), but it does not appear to look anything like a real coffee pouch in the end. Searching the internet I've found no tutorial explaining how to approach such a model (though some of them, like a cushion etc.) seem to have the same starting point, it does not get me anywhere. The only thing I've found was a wireframe model from that I've tried to figure how it was created (unfortunately w/out any success so far) (see 2nd attachment). My question is how to best approach this. Would be really thankful for some help!
  7. Hi guys, Here is a wireframe and final render of my character design The Librarian. Hope you like, feedback would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  8. Hello Friends long ago did not go through here, I turn to you because I'm a little rusty with Cinema and seek help with applying a displacement map result of a sculpted and bakea cast in Cinema with which at the time of render with Vray not me run, so to achieve the image I leave I had to add that map to a Vray displacement material, but the result is not satisfactory because after many tests I was forced to resort to photoshop retouching the image because the movement gender strange effects on the shape of the bag and not the exact shape sculpted. I wanted to know if someone could help me giving me some light about it because this was a test for another 10 different references must develop. Attachment 3 images, a snapshot of the scene where you see the mesh, another of a rendering of how sculpted the bag and want to make and the last the result with the material displacement Vray which clearly differs from eculpido addition to generating imperfect in shape and even overlap at the top of the bag. I am newbie with sculpting Cinema module so I'm open to your suggestions. Excuse my English is not very good Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  9. Hi all. I've been teaching myself C4d for a while now. My Most recent Project is a Digital replica of a 1/8th scale Off Road Radio controlled Buggy. I own a few of these and my wife and I both race them at a local club. One of the things I do for the club is handle online promotions and Video promotions of major events. This year we are holding a really big event with big prizes and I wanted to include 3d Content. I had already built a 3D model of our club's track, but really wanted to do a car as well Because the track isn't very useful without the car. I knew the car would be hard and I have slowly chewed through it. Here is a picture of the track: Here is a picture of the car so far: I mostly made all the parts by taking photos with a ruler next to the part, then drawing a spline around the edges and extruding it. It was relatively simple for the most part and was just tedious and time consuming. While I had to look up a few techniques, nothing really had me stumped for too long, until now. The part that has me stumped is the cover/Body. I have made 5 separate attempts, each using a slightly different method. I thought it would be the easiest part. But it turns out it is by far the hardest (for me) The cover/body has smooth flowing shaped. Organic I suppose. All the edges are rounded. I have tried modeling from polygon objects (the blue ones), extruding with nurbs from Splines. Sweeps, and I have dabbled in Sculpting each with no success. Here are some of my failed attempts (each used a different method): this one is prolly the best, but it seems no matter what technique I use, some part has to be in accurate. for e.g. if I want the roof to have rounded edges, I cant have rounded edges on another part, i I would have to manually move each point to make it round. (Perhaps there is a way to move 5 or 6 points, so the they form an arc along a particular axis for the purpose of rounding edges. Using subdivisions doesn't work because even if I could suffer the loss of volume, it tends to badly distort and mess up other/certain parts of the cover. Ive tried building it, then sculpting it for refinement, but again the sub division don't work properly once all the parts are no longer square/symmetrical here is a few more version that were failed attempts: Here are the pictures I am working from: and here is a a couple of pictures of the real car in action So while my versions so far of the cover sort of represent the actual car, they are not good enough to be used along side the rest of the car which is pretty darn good. If anyone could be so kind as to point me in the right direction of a tutorial(s) that cover some of the techniques I would need to know for this kind of model I would be very grateful. Along with any help or advice you think appropriate. Im starting to panic a little as I am running out of time because the video will still need to be rendered and that will take at least a week and while the race date has not been announced, I know the guys at my club wanted it around Easter and that's this weekend. So the race will prolly be in a month or so. We usually like to advertise for at least a month in advance. Thanks heaps :)
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to import layers into the sculpting tag in C4D from other Objects (with the same geometry setup of course), normal maps or displacement maps? The reason I'm asking is that I have a character set up with a normal map for details which I spent some time on sculpting in ZBrush some time ago. I would love to sculpt on the base mesh in C4D now and would somehow like to import the details from this normal map into the sculpt tag on a higher subdivision. Does anybody know how to go about with this? What I tried is to export the high subdivision to a seperate object and use the Dislpacer deformer to kind of bake the normal/converted displacement map into that object, but now there seems to be no way how to import that back into the object with the sculpt layer attached to it. I'd be happy to hear any ideas you could come up with. Thanks so much!
  11. I'm having trouble editing my UV map. I missed some spots when I was originally making it due to errors with polygons and am now trying to go back in and map out these spots, but when I select the areas and try to move them into my map the selected areas won't move. Any help/pointers is appreciated! :)
  12. Hey guys: When you're doing a retopo of a sculpted object, are you required to complete the entire model with your new polys.... before it will work... to do a projection? Here in my screen cap, you'll see I've sculpted a wild abstract object out of two spheres. It's at Level 5 currently. Now I'm using the Polygon Pen to project my new suggested polys. Do I have to draw polys over the entire new object? Or can I just draw new polys on the problem areas (where polys are stretched/uneven) ? I don't want to seem lazy, but you'll agree it's a rather tedious process. Can anything be done to speed up the poly-redrawing process? All hints/suggestions appreciated! Thanks, ras
  13. Hey i was just wondering if you guys knew any good tutorials for World Machine? Thanks
  14. I am trying to set up symmetry as I begin to sculpt an object based of a Digital Tutors tutorial. I have 'link symmetry' and 'X(YZ)' both selected but my edits aren't being mirrored :( Is there something else in the settings I need to adjust for symmetry to work? As always, any help is appreciated ! :) monster_004UVEditlesson6.c4d
  15. Hello I'm making a toothpaste, and I want it to be sharp at the end. I have a circle and a spline in a Sweep Object. Fillet Cap is enabled and it has radius of a 5 and 64 steps. But now it's sharp and not natural. If I add more radius it becomes like on the second attached photo. How can I fix this and make it sharp at the end but more softer and longer, before it ends? Thanks!
  16. Does anyone know if there is a way to Mask a selection of polys in C4D R17? Meaning; I'm sculpting some geometry and instead of painting on a Mask, I'd like to select some polys, then apply a sculpting mask to those polys. I guess it's akin to masking "poly groups" in zBrush. This topic: ...was as close as I could find around here. Consequently, the answer to the topic above has been resolved since its 2012 postdate. Perhaps we should edit in the answer? ;)
  17. Version


    Here's a 16 minute tutorial on doing a Depth render of a 3D object. The resulting gray scale image can be used to create a custom Sculpting Brush with a stamp. The tutorial at the end briefly demonstrates how the same image can be loaded into a Material's Displacement channel that's applied to a Plane object, with the result being actual height being generated on the Plane object.
  18. Hi, not sure if there is an easy fix for this but I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere. I have built a low poly character, sculpted it within Cinema. Baked out the result and applied it to the low poly mesh. The displacement renders fine when unrigged/posed. once I have rigged, posed and weighted the hands this happens once rendered. I have also attached a photo of the un-rendered mesh, which appears to be fine. theres also an image of the weighting. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thanks Luke
  19. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to C4D. Sitting with version 17 and learning to model/sculpt via tutorials. This is a workflow-related question. I've started a character that currently has separate objects for each part of the body: head, neck, arms, hands, legs, torso etc. are different objects, grouped together appropriately. It's for a game in Unity, so first of all: is it stupid to have a mesh split up into different parts like this? Is it gonna be costly on performance somehow? Should I always combine everything into 1 object before exporting for a game? I personally feel it's easier to work on separate parts of the body and then combine them into one in the end, if needed. That's why I started out this way. I always assumed this wasn't going to be a problem until I hit the following issue: I've finished sculpting the face of the model, but the rest of the body is still extremely rough and consists of separate objects floating a bit far away. The head and neck are separate objects now that don't fit together yet. I want to attach the neck to the head to continue detailing, but for some reason I can't seem to do that. Is this because of the Sculpt tag attached to the head? Do I seriously have to delete all my sculpting and start over after attaching the neck to the head or what am I missing? Hope someone can help! Cheers
  20. Hello fellow C4D Cafe members! I am a C4D beginner with a modeling conundrum. Attached is a screenshot of what I am attempting. I have sketched out (in blue pen) what I need to 'add' to what i've already modeled (a loft + atom array from 4 circles). Any idea as to how to add a secondary circular opening to the model while keeping the polygon count down (I need reasonable spacing between the cylinders). Thanks in advance for any help/tips you can provide! Alex
  21. Curious about my workflow here - If I sculpt a bust (started from either a sculpt content head, or from scratch), then want to paint in BP, seems like I have 3 choices - 1) paint sculpt while it still has sculpt tag - this seems to go slow and clunky in BP viewport - then bake, and load my painted channels into newly baked material - so I've created displacements for sculpt after I've painted on an accurate model. 2) create polygon copy of sculpt (in Tools pulldown menu), then take to BP to paint. Seems to work more quickly than painting directly onto sculpt, but I'm left w/ millions of polygons, which makes it a useless model. 3) bake sculpt when done, then take to BP - this seems optimal EXCEPT that I can't see my displacements when painting, making accurate painting impossible. I'm impressed with the Sculpt features in C4D (I'm sticking w R16 for now), but (negativity alert!) I'm not a fan of BP. As an illustrator, it seems unintuitive, clunky, and very fragmented. May be my lack of knowledge w it though...
  22. Hey guys! Today I've finished sculpting a character and have been running into an issue while baking ever since. The problem being, that when I render, a single hand is missing. Here, this is what I'm talking about: Circled is the part that keep disappearing, no matter what I do. Does anybody have any idea what went wrong?
  23. Hello everybody! I'm trying out Pose Morph for the very first time, and I've run into a minor(?) problem. Let's say I've sculpted something, baked out displacement and normal maps, changed a few things and baked it out again. Then I tried morphing between these two objects and absolutely nothing happened. My question is, am I doing something wrong, or is what I'm trying to do not possible at all? Thanks a bunch in advance
  24. Hi all, This is my first post here, as i am picking up 3D modeling again. I've been using 3ds in the past, but that is already long time ago, more then 10 years ago. It's crazy how i keep coming back to 3d modeling just as a hobby. But even more crazy is the change of software. So this time i decided to give Cinema 4D a chance, since i heard a lot of good about the latest releases. There are some significant differences, but i really like the interface and the logical buildup of the layout in c4d. Dunno why, it's just so smooth to work with. There is one new feature what made me jaw-drop, and that is sculpting. It gives modeling just a whole new dimension, wow! Man oh man, what a crazy feature. But off course i have some questions about it, so maybe somebody can help me or direct me to a good detailed or advanced tutorial. 1. I need to use a image as stencil, i there a way to limit the dept of the brush. If you keep adding the brush on the same spot, you can keep adding and adding. Is there a way to limit that? Imagine like a mask or some setting i can use to set the max depth/height of the sculpting brush? 2. When i sculpt, it does not really give me a "clean" sculpt, sometimes there are bumps or traces that are deeper. So not a smooth trace, does that has something to do with my polygons subdivide Top Level? (mine is already at level 6) 3. I created an alpha layer in photoshop, with transparency, but the transparency seems to get lost once inside c4d. I already imported it as psd,pnd or jpg but the result is the same, no transparency. Is there a setting in need to keep in mind or does C4D does not support transparency? Thx, in advance to help me out.
  25. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a model of a fish that needs to be 3d printed but I'm having trouble with the scales. The scales are made with the sculpting tool in cinema 4d r16, however the scales are not even in size along the back of the fish as seen in the attached image. Also when I brush the scales on, at some parts they overlap each other. I would like some tips or ideas on how to fix this. Thanks in advance! Tim