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Found 97 results

  1. I want to use Motion Capture with a Kinect to rig skeletons which are then attached to human characters on Cinema4D, using software like Ni-Mate and Faceshift. When doing research into this there seems like allot of different ways of doing it and I'm not sure where to start and video tutorials are often half complete and not from the start to the end of the process. I also currently am unable to get Faceshift to detect my Kinect which is a Xbox One Model 1520 and cannot get any technical support because Faceshift is no longer available to purchase, however all other mocap software trials and demos detect it. In my last animation I manually rigged the characters, but it seems like there must be more efficient ways of doing this now, any suggestions of where to start would be really helpful.
  2. So I have a couple BVH files, one of which I took a long time to attach to a character model. What I did was make the pose of the first frame of the animation fit to the character model, then bind them. This took a good hour to do, and I was wondering if there is some way to "switch" bvh files, so I could skip the whole step of having to re-bind everything. The BVH's are the exact same size, layout, and name. They came from the exact same source, and are basically identical, except for the way they move. Is there a way to copy the keyframes or something? Or maybe an easier way to bind the character to the rig instead of messing with the first frame? Any help is greatly appreciated ;)
  3. Has anyone had success rigging a sculpted object? I've baked out the sculpted object using the Bake Sculp tag. I've dialed up the source mesh and dialed down the target mesh. Additionally the displacement and normal methods that I've applied uses "Tangent". But when I apply a character rig and smoothed out the mesh at 100% strength, I get these weird low poly surface deformations in the render is this just something that Cinema doesn't do well? I"m happy to try anything if you guys have had success with this. Thanks in advance.
  4. Here's an original character I've been working on for a while. The character took about a full day to animate, (I haven't had a lot of experience animating characters.) I gave up on the cloth after a couple days of trying to get a working sim. so right now it's just a Ik chain with dynamics but in the future I'm thinking a spline Ik would do the trick, unless someone here has a better suggestion.
  5. I have a character which I am looking to simplify the animation process (oxymoron, I know). Now I know how to create facial morphs for blinking and speaking etc, which works fine. But what I am hoping to do is create controls so that I can have his body poses controlled by controls or targets so I can have him wave hello, raise arms and a few other poses since is the movements that hell be making most often. How do I set this up?
  6. I am looking to build a crew to help bring a children's story to life. The story, which I wrote, is called “The Kidnapped Moon.” Although I do not currently have a budget, I would really like some interested volunteers to get this animated short film project in motion. I truly believe in this project and its positive message about friendship to our children. Finding and meeting someone that understands how you feel - that can relate, comfort, and accept you as who you are - make friendships special. A little more about the film – “The Kidnapped Moon” tells a story about a special friendship between a young fox, Faer, who is searching for his special and only friend. While on his search he meets a bunny, a caterpillar, and an anteater that join the search. Below is a reference link to the look and feel I would like for the film. Also attached are 3-D model images of a few main characters. My contact Information: Justin Thomas email: info@its4gx.com - Thanks
  7. Hi, I've been looking at example C4D rigs I downloaded for free from places like T3DFM just to get an idea of what is possible in C4D rigging wise. I'm now a bit worried because 1) selecting bones in those rigs is really tough and 2) its even tougher to pose a figure in C4D than for example, Poser. Now its entirely possible that these rigs are bad, with no limits / constraints etc. Would any of you know a place where I can download a nice representative example of a C4D rig? Also I've seen that one can make handles in a rig to control the figure using IK, but sometimes I prefer IK to be switched off. So instead of selecting a foot and moving it about (and the leg following it) I'd wanna just rotate the shin itself. Can IK be switched off? PS: does this forum filter out 'bad' words or something?
  8. True Cats is a comedy-action parody on "Cop Drama" shows starring a cast of wild felines. It's Sin City meets Zootopia meets Grand Theft Auto in a 1980s-90s parallel cat universe. I am a CG Generalist of 13+ years turned Development Producer for my start-up animation company, currently launching "True Cats" independently to pitch to major networks to get series distribution. I have performed 95% of the work to date using: C4D w/ Arnold Render Pyro from Turbulence4D and VDB from Houdini All dynamic fractures from Max (Rayfire) Realflow for Fluids Perception Neuron Motion Capture system for blocking out all character animations, through Motion Builder > Alembic to C4D. I need help! I have too much to do all by myself and seek either a partner (stake holder in project) or associate (paid help at discount + some ownership of project). I have not yet incorporated, hoping to find the right people to join the team. Please contact me to see samples and talk specifics. I'm open minded to your level of involvement and expectations. I can also simply pay if you're interested, but don't want a longer term involvement with a stake in show. I hope this show creates opportunities for the C4D community! Thank you, Will
  9. I've run into this issue before but forgot how I resolved it. I have a character in which I'm trying to have him sway side to side yet rather he is sort of rocking back then bending to the side. He's going to be bending left to right in rhythm with music, very simple movement but it looks awkward to rack backwards then to the side. I've changed the keyframes to linear but that makes no real difference. What step am I missing?
  10. Hey Everyone, So I recently found this approach for handling weights: Joints and Weights in Cinema4D - by demafleez I really like the concept of utilizing primitive shapes around my mesh to block in the main shapes. Feels more intuitive as one can tweak the falloff shape in a uniform way, then detail areas with the weight tool. The only problem is that my Falloff shapes are not influencing the weights for the corresponding joint on the mesh. I tried erasing ALL of the weights and block in with the Falloffs, but I can't seem to get them to work. Anyone have any ideas or help? EDIT So the FallOff Shapes are making an influence on the mesh. With no visible weights painted, The joint still had influence on the mesh, so I know its working. With that being said, I can't see the actual visible weights made by the shape, so it's hard to judge.
  11. So I've been working on an animation in which I want a rigged character to fall over after being hit by something. As much as I would love to, I absolutely suck at animating, and it always ends up looking VERY unrealistic. Is there any way to make a "loose" armature where all the joints kinda just go flop? I've heard of things like Endorphin from NaturalMotion, but I'm not able to get that. Can anyone help? Or even just give me some tips on how to animate this better? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a C4D character rigger for a commercial project. There will be about 15 characters (many of which will be background) , but they are going to be very simple bipeds with simple shapes for head, body, etc and almost wire-like arms. See this stop motion Chipotle spot for a reference of what the characters might look like: They won't need any facial rigging (other than texture swapping for blinks and a few mouth shapes) and they don't have fingers or anything too complicated. I could probably do it myself, but have limited time and not much experience rigging. Ideally someone who's worked with Cmotion for walk cycles would be great, as one of the characters is walking almost the entire minute and a half. If you could respond with a reel I'd appreciate it. We will hopefully have you start in mid-to late June and would want it completed by early July.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to make a seamless loop of some cached point animation using Pose Morph. I followed a few tutorials, and I just can't get it to work. The point animation is PLA based rather than point cache tag. I had this working a few days ago, now, using exact same technique, its not working. So either there's some sort of glitch, or there's something I've missed this time around (I deleted the old scene file since I was overwriting prototyping like mad) my scene file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24304389/PLA%20test_2.c4d I've set it up according to the tutorials, the target pose strength goes to 100% at frame 90. whats strange is that if I pause the time at 90f mark, then I click on the pose morph tag, the geometry suddenly jumps into the init state, but it doesn't when I hit play, or render. Anyone had this issue before? I baked the geometry using a plugin called PLA mate, it would be good to see if the issue happens with other PLA meshes. the tutorials I was refering to: (30 mins in) https://vimeo.com/78684377 - this one helped me get it to work a few days ago by setting the priorities, although that's not helping anymore!?
  14. I'm trying to work with .bvh files from Carnegie Mellon University's motion capture library and whenever I merge a file, the .c4d grows significantly. A 2MB .bvh file grows to a 90MB .c4d file! I was hoping to pile a bunch of mocap animation into a project, but realize the .c4d file is going to quickly get out of hand. There appears to be 4 keyframes for every frame in the timeline, which I'm guessing means the mocap was done at 120 fps? I'm wondering if there is a way to just delete 3/4 of those keyframes and maybe it would reduce the file size. I've tried using the 'Key Reducer' function in the timeline, but even at 2% it created choppier animations, and it didn't reduce the file size at all. Was wondering if anybody has had any experience optimizing mocap data, or even if anyone has suggestions on better motion capture to work with. Thanks!
  15. Hi. I would like to know how the artist made the wings animated smoothly without wings crossing each other like 01:10 of this video I also want to know how to make flipping layers like that of 01:17 of this video without any awkward angular fold:
  16. I'm extremely interested in the CMotion mechanics but it's not as simple as I thought. I understand that I can apply actions to joints and animate those actions over the cycle.. but it seems like half of them are broken! I'm trying to create a simple human walk cycle that I then want to tweak with CMotion to feel of the character (it's for a video game - I want it to reflect a free spirited, agile, forest girl). However, I can't even get a good generic walk cycle to start tweaking. Half of the time I apply actions to joints, I see no update, even if I crank up the settings to the hundreds. I'm trying to make the foot bend on the ball of the foot properly because it stays rather flat during the whole cycle. I also am having trouble making the arms swing properly (they too are rather straight and stiff). I really want to figure this out! Do joints have built in restrictions that certain actions violate and therefore there is no change.. I even apply the ones specifically named FOR joints to their respective joints such as the "knee twist" to the knee and still no update!! What?! Thanks, ASD
  17. Hi, I'm just trying to learn the workflow for rigging and character animation. I've stumble upon a problem that might just be a bug: Sometimes when I'm using the Weight Tool to paint out weights on the mesh the colored painted area disappears on mouse click. Is this a setting? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a bug? I'm using R17
  18. HEY! I'm currently learning character animation for a videogame project I'm a part of. I haven't done much rigging, but I believe I know the basics. The real problem comes with weighting. No matter what tool I use for weighting, whether it be with a brush or using falloffs, my character doesn't move naturally, or theres always some part of the mesh that jumps out of place. If anyone has any tips as to the art of character weighting, please do tell. As for riggings, I'm starting to learn more about poles and restraints and other fun goodies in the character tags menu, and I'm wondering which ones are the most important for humanoid rigs. Thanks, ASD
  19. TracerMan View File TracerMan is a fully-rigged, animatable, ‘bendy’ character built from a few Null Objects, Mograph Tracer Objects, and SweepNURBS. One run-cycle Motion Clip is included. For Video click here: TracerMan 3.0 – Free C4D Download Submitter metagrey Submitted 04/27/2016 Category Rigged Characters
  20. Hi I am new to C4D so forgive me if there is a very obvious answer to this question. I have modelled a foot and rigged with joints from the legs down to the toes, all works well apart from when I rotate the large toe I get this distortion on the mesh??? Any advice would be great! Here are some images of the distortion:
  21. Hi everybody! I'm new to this character animation part in C4D, usually I do motion graphics. Now I'm planning a 10 second short starring a character. So now I have some basic workflow questions around how to set this up: 1) Is it possible to link a rigged character into multiple scenes or do I have to simply import it? How do I manage changes to the geometry and rigging once I start? Or is the only way to be 100% sure that you wont make any more changes? 2) Different cameras. Is it possible to cut from camera to camera, basically make edits and render out an edited version – or do I have to render out each camera and then make the cuts? 3) Workflow question: is it better to keep everything inside one scene file or separate different parts into different files? As you see I'm new to this. So any helpful links and tutorials and tips is very appreciated. Best M
  22. Hi there, I would like to create a character animation who is flying and crashes in a floating rock (without gravity). The first solution is to create the animation of crash frame by frame. Is any other solution to create this with dynamics, to get more realistic animation? Thank you.
  23. I use the Character System in a larger project, they loaded these characters by xref. When the number reached more than 10 character, c4d become very very slow, I now use a proxy model to solved this problem. But i hope discuss a better answer my machine is i5 4210 and 8 gb ram
  24. hi all we are in need of an experienced c4d character rigger to help us over the hump in perfecting a character rig for an independent feature. i am relatively new to c4d and am having a blast working with it - i have any years logged with after effects 2.5D etc but no full-on 3D - but i have been having issues (and ran out of time) perfecting the weighting. cheers bruce