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Found 92 results

  1. Hello everyone. Been around here a short while, been asking questions and trying where I can to help out with my very limited knowledge in Cinema 4D. So im not new to 3D, in fact iv had a pipeline going with Zbrush, MODO, and Unfold 3D, and wanted to venture into Animation, and Mograph. My first learning stages have been to bring what I am custom to from MODO to C4D R16 Studio. Its been a delight to learn C4D so far, and appreciate the help from others here. So this project started off out of C4D a while ago, and now im bringing it into C4D to set up shaders, lighting, hair, rigging to do my finnal work with it while learning the process of C4D. My next project which is under way will be entirely made within C4D to learn its features and tools. For now I thought id share what iv come up with so far. I have plenty of work to do on it, but its a good learning process. All render shots are C4D standard renderer. Full image size: Thanks, Daniel.
  2. I'm in the process of creating 12 characters for my Robin Hood project - here's the first one, Robin, just before rigging. Comments and critique welcome!
  3. Hey Everyone, Does anyone know how to approach weighting this shoulder joint? I built this rig from a tutorial, and he never explained how this joint works. I am new to rigging, so could someone explain how I should go about weighting this? The top joint is the shoulder and the bottom is the shoulder blade? I'm not sure. Should the lower joint only be weighted on the back? Any tips or advice would be appreciated! WIP RIG screenshot - Shoulder Joint
  4. I did a bit of searching and could not find a lot of information on this problem. The subject line pretty much sums it up though. at level 5 I've got around 9.5 million polygons (Is this irregular?) and then if I try to subdivide again, the new mesh has a bunch of polygons stretched to the center of the object. This was happening to me a few months back trying to go from level 6 to level 7, but now it's from 5 to 6 so it seems to be getting worse maybe. any thoughts on this? here's my system specs. C4d r15, windows 10, quad core i7 3.6 ghz, 32 gigs ram, gtx 970 gigabyte edition. 7200rpm hd, monitor1 2560, monitor2 1080
  5. Hey Everyone! I am new here, and also recently picked up C4D, so I figured I'd join the cafe and introduce myself to you guys. I have read over the terms and rules, but forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section. My name is Coleman, and I am a 2D/3D animator with a focus mainly in after effects utilizing tools like element3D to implement 3D objects. I have decent skills with mograph in AE, but I am really hoping to branch out into 3D mograph. Basically, I want to eventually be primarily a 3D animator who implements 2D. I have some experience with Maya for sure. My modeling skills are pretty good, but my lighting and rendering are not too hot. I imagine my animation skills will transfer, but again, I don't have a lot of experience animating with actual 3D programs like maya and c4d. With that being said, I am fairly new, but I learn quickly. Currently, I have modeled a fairly simple character in C4D and he is rigged, but I am having an issue with painting weights. I knew it would be hard, so of course with time this will be easier, but I feel like I could use some guidance. My character mesh has over 23k polys, is this too high? Because I honestly feel like if I had more polys to work with, I could more easily deform my mesh. I watched a digital tutors course on how to rig a character, and it was great, but it did breeze over the main concept of painting weights and left me a little empty handed in terms of philosophy and technique to approach my own character. Feel free to just say hey though because I'd love to get to know some other animators here. If you think you know of a good tut or another resource, please send it my way! Also, if anyone is curious to see my work, message me and I can show you my site. I am not sure if I can include my website URL or not, so I'm going to be safe and leave it for PM Thanks, Can't wait to get into this software with you guys
  6. I again. I'm a comic artist seeking new software and I've settled on C4D for now. It seems that I am not the only Poser user looking into C4D, so other folks will also be interested in this thread. So most questions will be about trying to find the parallels between Poser (and perhaps other apps too) so that the switch can be as painless as possible. I should be able to start my switch from Poser to C4D some time in the next few months, but before I do that I need to plan my lessons in advance so that I can resume comic work asap. Any help from you will be enormously appreciated! I will also update this thread in due time, once I find more tutorials. You can find examples of my work over at Deviant art. My Background Currently I use 3DSMax to model stuff in; zBrush to refine it; and Poser to render and animate it. I could start using 3DSMax for animation and character rigging but 3DSMax is not as user friendly (and as efficient) when it comes to character animation. With 400 frames per comic, one needs user friendly! I've done it before, so I can compare. Poser is way easier and faster to work with... but the newest Poser versions have been an enormous disappointment and its becoming more of a pain in the ass to use than anything... not to mention the limitations. Why C4D? C4D seems like the next best thing for me, with a simple intuitive UI, a content browser, fairly simple rigging setup and a more visual materials editor among other things. I need simple, because I have a lot to do! ... but I still have a LOT to learn What I can do / need to learn I have done a simple rig before and followed some great lighting tutorials. What is IDL in Poser is Global Illumination in C4D, more-or-less. This rigging video is also useful. So I think with lighting and rigging I should be ok. And as you might have gathered, I'll mostly be using C4D for rigging, animation and rendering. But its the details that I might struggle with. I expect that C4D will have entirely different names and terms for things that might otherwise be similar to Poser. Like for example what are 'Morph Targets' in Poser, seem to be 'Pose Morphs' in C4D. So in light of that, if you could post any tutorials related to the following, that would be enormously helpful (also for other Poser users visiting this thread). I can of course probably find this all myself in due time, but it would be stupid not to ask first. Questions: In Poser you can rig clothing with the same skeleton as the intended host figure. You can then conform this to the figure. Does C4D have the same thing and what is it called? If I make a base figure, and at some point I update it, when I save it into the library, will it update all my older scenes with that figure? Does C4D work with 'Joint Controlled Morphs', or 'Joint Correcting Morphs' too? Or is it all weighted skinning? I presume C4D can also work like Poser with a base figure in which you can dial in a unique character, right? Anything I'd need to know about that? I've seen that it is possible to group morph dials in C4D in a special tab / tag, is there a tutorial that shows you how this is done? In Houdini (and Poser) you can program dials to control limbs, props, morphs, etc etc. In C4D most likely too, but what is it called? In Poser you can pose a figure and save that pose for later use (ideal if the scene is so large that posing becomes laggy). Can you also save a Pose in C4D? - Apparently this is possible, but have yet to figure out how. In Poser you can copy keyframes and paste them further up and down the timeline. Can this be done in C4D too? (any tuts?) In Poser you can save 'smart props' which are basically props parented to a bodypart of a character (like a sword). When reloading it back from the library it automatically parents itself back to the same bodypart. Can that happen in C4D too? Can you make C4D start up with your preferred scene (and lighting setup)? I've seen that C4D can work with zBrush through GoZ. Does that work like Poser? Does anyone here have experience with Interposer? Should I buy it? For the rest if you perhaps know of some nice tutorials about the following that would also be cool. Skin shaders volumetrics muscles and skin deformations Thanks so much in advance. I hope its ok for me to blurt this all out here. I figured it might also be useful for future ex-Poser users. I have the feeling they might become more plentiful. I will also update this thread if I find anything particularly relevant for Poser users looking into C4D. cheers! e
  7. Hi every one. I made a standard character in c4d r17, and then added a new joint in the middle of the spine called "spine2" The problem is when i select a joint upper this spine 2 in the hierarchy such as the chest or the shoulders, the attribute manager stuck on the spine 2 joint and i can't modify the coordinates for example. Any one have an idea about this problem ? Thanks a lot. Phil PS. I've added this joint in weight expression tag joint list.
  8. Hey All! Its been a good long while since I've been around the Cafe. Life has been busy, and work busier than I'd like! Butttttt... It's 4:00am where I am at and I've been up half the night making some progress on a character I just started developing. I rendered out a couple of WIP pics and thought "I should see what the Cafe looks like these days...". Wow! Does it look different from what I remember! I'll have to swing by more often. This was my first forum back in the day when I got started in 3D and Kiwi's video's were invaluable in getting me off the ground. Can't say thank you enough! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post my WIP pics here since it's been so long. I'll try to keep them updated as I continue developing this character. Everything so far is modeled/sculpted in Cinema 4D (v 15... I know, I need to update..). I plan to texture in PS and will probably dress it up a little using body for finishing touches. Nice to be back, Cafe looks great! -Rob
  9. Personal project , I used zbrush and Cinema 4D
  10. Control

    From the album theleast's Work

    © David C. Simon

  11. I'm trying to make a thumbnail and I've had an easy time but when I was about to render it wasn't rendering certain parts... Only the front face and the arms are rendering but nothing else I would jump of joy if I get this fixed I really need youtube thumbnails because I want to give my new videos more quality I'm trying to render this still image but I really don't know what's happening here is the cinema4d file
  12. Hi everyone I am trying to rig a model of a scorpion, I really should be better at this by now Can you help? I have tried several approaches: 1: Character builder 2: importing a pre-made rig for a scorpion from Maya both attempts failed at the point of binding. Would anyone be able to take a quick look at the model and advise if the Maya rig is worth continuing with. The file is here (R17): Thanks xxxxx
  13. Honey Bee Queen at work. :) Cinema 4D R16 and vray
  14. Hi, I'm new to C4D so I might not make much sense but bear with me! My problem: I have created a character rig using the character object auto rig. I weighted some of the mesh to that rig by dragging an object from the objects manager panel down into the Binding list of the Character object. The trouble is I have a massive amount of objects to drag into the Binding list and as far as I can tell I can only drag one object at a time. So I thought I could probably automate it with a script. My plan is that I would select a bunch of objects and a script would go through each one and programmatically add them to the binding list. so far I've figured out how to get the selection and iterate over them but that is about it! def main(): selection = doc.GetActiveObjects(c4d.GETACTIVEOBJECTFLAGS_SELECTIONORDER) s = doc.GetSelection() for i in range(0,len(selection)): sel = selection new_name = sel.GetName() print new_name I looked in the SDK for any clues on the next step of adding these objects to a binding list through script but could not find anything. (I'm sure it's there) Can somebody please post me a simple example code snippet of how to add an object to a character binding list via script? Thanks for reading Dan
  15. My Friend made this in cinema4D Breakable mesh which is IK and binded to bones I need help in remaking it any ideas
  16. Hi guys! I'm working on my graduation project, it's going to be a videoclip about a man climbing a mountain while escaping from a sea of clothes. The character I'm working on is almost completely wrapped with pieces of cloth. Most of the clothing don't have a cloth tag on them, some bigger pieces have a Jiggle deformer on them with a spherical falloff, and 6 large pieces of cloth have the cloth tag on them and are held by fixed points. I'm rigging the character with the character tool in Cinema. I'm nearly done with rigging the body of the character but now I'm not sure how to continue. What I want is to constrain all the pieces of cloth to the body in a way that the cloth can form realisticly to the shape of the body. I've tried to put all the individuel pieces of cloth in the binding, but that didn't work. Now I'm trying to use the constrain tag to parent the pieces to the body and the aim constraint tag to aim the pieces to the body. But that doesn't give a useable result. I want to have a way for the pieces of clothing to form to the shape of the body. Does anyone know a solution?
  17. I'm rigging a complex character with some automated functions. Some of these functions need to be driven by the IK to FK slider in the character object. When I have a control curve selected in the viewport I can drag the character object into the XGroup window and see that function available to select in the node list, but when I de-select the control in the viewport, the node data in the XGroup window becomes 'undefined'. Does anyone know how to access this in XPresso so that it doesn't disappear when it's not actively selected?
  18. Hi! Im having some issues with my mocap rigs. I know how to use the motion systems to animate between them which really is great. But the problem comes when i want to link two mocaps where one is not an 'in place' mocap i.e the character is not at world zero at the end of the mocap. So the character then jumps back to zero with the new mocap. I understand the work flow when you have all your mocaps 'in place' or on a treadmill so to speak. Just to be clear: mocap one moves from point A to B, mocap two now needs to start at point B (for example 100cm away from 0) Surely there is a way to move the rig so it no longer starts at world 0? I have tried nulls, nulls in nulls etc etc. I cant seem to find any help online. I feel like there may be a way in the layers in the motion system but im very new to it and cant seem to figure it out. The character just always jumps back to zero or with enough nulls, the mesh goes mental Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  19. I'm extremely interested in the CMotion mechanics but it's not as simple as I thought. I understand that I can apply actions to joints and animate those actions over the cycle.. but it seems like half of them are broken! I'm trying to create a simple human walk cycle that I then want to tweak with CMotion to feel of the character (it's for a video game - I want it to reflect a free spirited, agile, forest girl). However, I can't even get a good generic walk cycle to start tweaking. Half of the time I apply actions to joints, I see no update, even if I crank up the settings to the hundreds. I'm trying to make the foot bend on the ball of the foot properly because it stays rather flat during the whole cycle. I also am having trouble making the arms swing properly (they too are rather straight and stiff). I really want to figure this out! Do joints have built in restrictions that certain actions violate and therefore there is no change.. I even apply the ones specifically named FOR joints to their respective joints such as the "knee twist" to the knee and still no update!! What?! Thanks, ASD
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  21. HEY! I'm currently learning character animation for a videogame project I'm a part of. I haven't done much rigging, but I believe I know the basics. The real problem comes with weighting. No matter what tool I use for weighting, whether it be with a brush or using falloffs, my character doesn't move naturally, or theres always some part of the mesh that jumps out of place. If anyone has any tips as to the art of character weighting, please do tell. As for riggings, I'm starting to learn more about poles and restraints and other fun goodies in the character tags menu, and I'm wondering which ones are the most important for humanoid rigs. Thanks, ASD
  22. I've been trying to add hair to a character and something very strange is happening - the guide tips (those black dots at the ends) are showing up at the ROOT of the guides. The image below illustrates the problem. I've tried flipping the mesh's normals and aligning the normals but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks!