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Found 249 results

  1. Hello. I have 2 PC's: PC1= Processor Intel i7-3770 CPU 3.4GHz with 8GB RAM PC2= Processor Intel i7-4790 CPU 3.6GHz With 24GB RAM I'm calling the PC's by the name: EXAMPLE-PC:5400 I test a still image alone, and it takes like this times rendering: PC1= 37 seconds rendering alone Mastering In team render: 2:08 minutes PC2= 28 seconds rendering alone Mastering in team render: 1:17 minutes Why this is happening? What I'm doing wrong? I falied make the computers calling each other by the IP adress, (maybe it can cause an influence) Thank you for any help to accelerate the teamrender process.
  2. I'm having the same issue as this chap: Here's my render set up: OUTPUT: 1280x720, 60fps, "All Frames" SAVE: File path is named, PNG format, 8bit, Name0000.TIF, Alpha Channel, 8bit dithering Physical Render: Auto, 5%, DOF, MB AO: Contrast 8% GI: Primary QMC The Scenario: If I render a single frame using Local or Team Rendering I get the file type (PNG) and file name (ribbon-####) that I'm telling C4D to render. If I render multiple frames via Team Render I get all .B3D files which can't be opened by Photoshop, Preview or AE. (Files remain unusable if the extension is changed or appended to .PNG) If I render multiple frames locally I get the correct PNG output, named correctly. There are only a few clues here and you guys closed the original topic before there were any real answers. Has anyone else experienced this with TR? More importantly, has anyone solved it
  3. Hi Guys, I am having issues rendering the reflectance channels in the materials I create. I apply the reflection material to an object and apply lighting which in my view port seems to display accurate reflection. However when I click on render, the object displays no reflection what so ever. If the material contains colour in the reflection it only displays a matte version of that colour in render viewer and if the material applied is a pure reflection channel with no colour it comes up in render viewer as completely black. Also I am using R16 studio. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Iver.
  4. Hello good people! This is not a render comparison per se, or any attempt to spur a controversy over which renderer is best. I'm simply looking for your opinions, experience and thoughts. My specs are at the bottom of the post. I've rendered a very simple scene with the three different renderers, trying to replicate the setup of lights, colors, dof etc. It's not a correct comparison, but it's a ballpark comparison to see what the rendertime/quality I could get from them. The scene is two spheres with a transparent material, 1.3 ior, no blurriness. Pronounced dof to see how the bokeh on the small lights in the background would turn out. The first one is Physical render. The render took 15 minutes. I used GI with low settings, and Sampling quality set to High. The graininess is minimal, the gradients are smooth, it's totally production worthy. However, the bokeh is very unsexy! I couldn't get any decent bloom, however much I turned up the intensity of the lights. The second one is Octane. The render took 26 minutes. I used the Directlighting method with enough samples to get up to 26 minutes. The bokeh in this one is my favorite, like a real camera would produce. Although some parts are smooth, the background lights are really grainy and not production ready at all, for a render that took almost twice as long as the Physical render. The third one is Arnold. The render took 22 minutes. The lights in the background are arranged slightly differently, but with enough similarity to do a comparison. The bokeh is nice, but the dof is super grainy. Not anywhere near production ready. The fourth one is also Arnold, cranked up to 2 hours and 15 minutes. Some parts are really smooth, but the background lights are still too grainy. Still not production ready! What's your take on this? What kind of hardware setup does one need to be able to use Octane effectively for animation? To use Arnold effectively? My specs: MacPro 5.1, 12 core @ 3.33 Ghz, 48gb RAM, 1 x Quadro4000 to run monitors, 1 x GTX980 Ti to run Octane.
  5. Hallooooo, I'm playing around/trying to learn C4DtoA and i stumbled across this really awesome shader called: JF nested dielectric shader. it's on pysop's website if you just google it. ...and it's free. However, when i download it, it only has source folders for maya and SI. I am not fluent enough in computer to know if i can just open up the terminal and swap some shiz around, OR if there is a C4D version floating around somewhere under my radar. Also, just in general I'd love to hear if anybody else is as pumped about this as i am!!! maybe this could be a place to share other free links and tutorials? A
  6. WHY US? The RenderStorm team has a over 20 years experience within the 3D animation and computer hardware industries. RenderStorm offers support for some of the most popular 3D Applications. RenderStorm delivers simple, secure and automated uploading, rendering and downloading with full control of the service. CPU Rendering - AutoDesk MAYA - Arnold, VRAY, IRAY, Software Render - AutoDesk 3DSMax - Mental Ray, VRAY, IRAY, Scanline Render - MAXON Cinema 4D - V-Ray, Arnold, Standard Render, Physical Render - Luxology Modo - Standard Render - Blender -Cycles, Blender Render GPU Rendering - Blender GPU Cycles - IRAY Ease to Use - Simple in-application plugins. (3DS MAX, MAYA, C4D and Blender) - Feature-rich desktop utility. (RenderStorm Cloud User Interface) Powerful - 3000 modern Intel XEON CPU (physical) cores. 30,000 CUDA GPU cores - Telecom-rated network infrastructure - Solid state server technology - 400Mb/s fiber internet connection - Secure, encrypted 256bit SSL data transferser Flexible - Support for a wide range of rendering workflows - On-request 3rd party plugin support - In-house custom engineered pipeline development and consulting - On-demand or reserved leasing options Friendly - Email, skype and telephone support - We work with you like an extension of your studios' pipeline - Strong focus on personable service If you guys experiencing problems or have suggestions, make sure to send us support ticket.
  7. I don't know if you guys seen this ... but I was mostly impressive. Amazing quality of work. There's also some behind the scene info on their website.
  8. Check this out: Pretty cool. You can get these "old" 8-core/16 thread Xeon cpu's for $50,- a pop on eBay! (even cheaper than what's in the article) That's not a typo. These cpu's used to cost anything between 1500,- and 2000,- Euro's only a couple of years ago! Insane value. Buy two and you have a 16-core, 32-thread monster. The most expensive thing is the motherboard (can be had for about 275,-).
  9. So I made an animation that's 1500 frames long. I rendered it out and 9 hours later I was excited to see it but when I opened it it gave me an error. I cant put it in any editing programs. so I put it in freemake and compressed/converted it and now I can open it, but only half the animation is there. the sound is all there and the first half of it is just a still image and then half way into it it plays the rest of the animation. I then tried rendering it at a low quality and it rendered out fine. after that I tried rendering it at full quality again and 9 hours later it did the same thing. I rendered at 1080p 24fps as an avi. I right clicked on the folder in the picture viewer and saved it again and now all but 50 frames is there and the sound is missing. I don't really know what to do now. can anybody help me?
  10. Hi : I've heard that in R16 you can now stop Team render and render again only the missing frames , it wont rerender the existing frames , I couldn't know how to achieve that , when I click Team Render to picture view , it asks me if I want to overwrite the existed files with yes or no options only , yes will overwrite the whole frames again , and no will do nothing . Any Ideas ?
  11. Hi community, I've been rendering out a fairly long scene (3 mins) that is basically an animated map. For the most part it does not require very high level render settings, however there is one point at which I would like to use some reflective materials on some elements that just enter the scene briefly, then animate out of frame and then disappear completely courtesy of a compositing tag. At the moment those elements have a rather ugly flicker on the reflective surfaces and after trying a few things, the reading I have done seems to suggest that the most likely remedy is a much higher level of AA. At 3 mins for the total animation that is not a viable option, however if I could render these objects at one level of AA and everything else in the scene at the default level, I believe my problem would be solved. I'm quite new to C4D so please excuse me if the answer to this is obvious but my head is already full to the brink with new learnings. Cheers, DHB
  12. Whenever I go to render out an animation (I'm fairly new to C4D), I choose the Quicktime option when I am saving. I have QuickTime installed properly but C4D only shows QuickTime movie, QuickTime VR Object, and QuickTime VR Panorama as options. On top of that, when I select one of those formats and then click on options next to it, nothing pops up. I've checked if it's popped up in another window, and nothing has popped up. When I just choose QuickTime movie, not mess with the options (I couldn't even if I tried), and attempt to render it out, I get an error message stating that it is "Unable to write file." The file path is perfectly legitimate and no other file has that name. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
  13. Greetings, This is my first time posting but I’ve encountered a rather strange problem. I am attempting to render out a scene and the camera movement seems to be off. From what I key framed. When I play out the scene in the previewer the camera makes the correct movements but when I render it out the camera stays still until it jumps to the next key frame. Is there a way I could get the key framed positions to flow into each other? The camera is filming a key framed door I have rigged to open with user data. Could this animation be throwing off the camera movement somehow? Doesn’t seem likely but I figured I’d ask. Thanks in Advance, Dberger
  14. Hi Guys Im trying to install c4dtoa on a render client. The render client does not have the cinema software installed. When im installing it and do a test render via teamrender the client doesnt find the plugin. I dont know if i have to do anything else but installing c4dtoa to the clients plugin directory. Did anyone install c4dtoa on a render client allready? I really need some help because i dont know any further. Thanks a lot in advance. Greetings
  15. Hi guys ! Last week I worked on a new motion graphics work , but unfortunatelly something happened. When It's rendered in rebusfarm and rendered files uploaded to my computer , I decided there are some frames rendered as a black . After all of this i checked out to frames dont rendered. In the preview menu everything is clear and there are have no any problem , but when I try rendering it in main viewer or picture viewer , it's again shows black. It happens just some frames not in all . my render settings is simple standart renderer with GI , irradiance
  16. Hey, I am quite new to C4D and I am struggling to achieve the look that some others have in their renders. I render builds in a game called "Minecraft" and here are some screenshots of my renders and renders of other people. I'm wondering if anyone can speculate what's wrong with my settings or lighting settings and things I need to add to achieve the same look as the examples. If more details on my render settings are needed, just ask below and I will post it :) Render Settings: My Renders: Other Renders:
  17. I need some assistance on creating a render like the one shown in the video above. I know a lot of post effects were also utilized to obtain this look so any instructions on that would be nice as well, but if unsure then just explain as far as possible in Cinema 4D. A lot of attempts have been made to produce a similar render but to no avail. I seem to be missing something... Any bit of help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hello everyone, Currently I'm working on a big project and I have a city scene in cinema 4d (bird's point of view). What I need to do is to "bend" the ground (give a camera some kind of effect) to make horizon visible without rotating the camera (see attachments). I've tried cinema's lens distortion in camera settings, but that's not quite what I want. I've also tried rendering much higher resolution image and then squeezing it in photoshop, however, I believe there is a better way. Thank you for your help!
  19. Hi guys, i'm going crazy in messing around with rendering settings. I realized that my renders are never the same in correlation with what i see inside Cinema. I've attached two very clear jpeg examples; one is a screenshot of a zoom in inside Picture Viewer and the other is the screeshot of the same image rendered out Cinema. There are clearly artifacts, especially on the edges. Now, i spent much time hanging around with settings. I touched almost every option in Anti-aliasing tab with absolutely no results; so i don't think issues are there. I'd want you to know that the same artifacts are present if i render out an animation (i use H.264 compression). Have you got some suggestion for me? Many thanks! Render.tiff PictureViewer.tiff
  20. Hi every body I want you to watch this video and help on these questions 1- How can i render 3d object with those visible lines and transparent surface? 2- How to make those transition effect that reveals the the object? 3- Last thing do you have any advice on the process of tracking a shot like this and making 3d object and then applying the effects on them? Thanks guys. here is the link
  21. In Terragen 3, there is an interesting option: " Stop screensaver and sleep while rendering " I think it's interesting to incorporate something like On long renders for turn off my monitor I use PushMonitOff 1.0
  22. Hi guys! I am trying to create a render set-up which would allow the following - Say I have debris orbiting a central point, but I want to put footage of a person in the middle of that orbiting debris, so the debris closest to the camera goes in front of the person, and stuff further away from the camera goes behind the person, is there a way of setting up a render so that it only renders objects a certain distance away from the camera? I use Octane and thought Object Tags may be the answer, but I don't think it works with object tags because it is a single object that has been exploded using the Explosion FX, and as the objects are orbiting from foreground to background I can't just set up two separate exploded objects for fore and back to render separately. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm really stuck on this one! Thanks in advance, Jeb P.S. I use After Effects to composite, so I'm afraid the deep compositing abilities of Nuke are a mystery to me!
  23. I have followed Stefan's guide to camera animation settings I baked the GI and tried to render animation sequence, but to my horror found that frames were taking 35 mins to render each compared to 8 mins at same settings from the preset menu. 1. Is this normal? I would have expected that the baked GI would speed things up?? 2. before reaching for Stefan's guide, I simply used the first camera motion preset (IR+LC), which gave fairly decent results with a tiny bit of flicker - any suggestions for which settings to boost to reduce the frame to frame flicker? I realise this will raise the render time, but hopefully it will be less than 35 mins. Thanks xxx
  24. Hello Wise Community! My render crashed after 132 F out of 600. It was chugging along smoothly with approx. 9 minutes for each frame. After resuming the render, the frames are now different -- the sky has changed and lighting a landscape is different. I haven't changed anything -- merely started at 133F and kept moving. Also -- now the renders are taking 3 hours for each frame. I have GI, AO, and Hair enabled on only the Standard renderer. I've looked in many threads and couldn't find an answer. Help! Thanks to the community as always!
  25. Hello friends, I'm new here and may be this question is too simple for most of you... I'm so sorry because of this already. :) I need to take a render in an exact size. For example in an A4 size paper format... Simply I have an A4 sized plane in my scene and I also did my render output settings. But I couldn't fix my A4 sized plane in my scene for render. In "view options" there is "frame selected objects" command but when I choose this it has still an empty frame around it. I don't want to fix it manualy because line thickness on my A4 is very important. If you share your ideas about it I will be really grateful.