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Faking Liquid (Guinness)

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#1 gwest

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Posted 16 March 2011 - 11:34 AM


So, for the up coming "holiday" I was working on a Patty's themed render, and was considering animating it, but the problem was liquid.

I've gone over a bunch of the different hacks for faking liquid, but I needed something that worked within an object, like a glass, or at least looked like it did.

Found a quick tut on what looked like liquid filling up a cylindrical container using the Random Effector. This only really gave the appearance of wobbling/waving but wouldn't react with gravity/the glass moving.

So, I ended up with this, animating a shear deformer, and rotation, as well as a minor scal adjustment to keep it touching the glass to keep the refraction looking proper.

Not perfect, but it was fun to search for a solution.

I don't think I'll be doing the actual animation in the end, at least not for this Patty's Day. It would work for just taking a drink, which was all I was really planning, though I the head goes above the edge of the glass when it tips, but still is shaped like it's inside the glass. Not sure how I would go about fixing that, though, if I wanted to have it pour out, then the emitter and metaball liquid fake would work. Though I'd be curious to see how I could work that with the head and the body.

Any who, just thought I'd share what I ended up with:

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#2 gwest

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Posted 17 March 2011 - 11:41 AM

An updated video. Probably was a really pointless endeavour. I doubt I'll ever actually end up relying on this for liquid. Bit of a bummer. Wish there were some better ways to imitate liquid in C4D. I know there are some plug ins out there, but I wish there C4D itself had something to create liquids.

Any who, anyone else have any suggestions for liquids? I guess the general consensus is Realflow, but that's not exactly in my budget right now.


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#3 baramdo

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Posted 17 March 2011 - 12:32 PM

Actually, I like the results that you've gotten. Remember that nothing is done 100% in a 3d program. That is is good start and base for more convincing fluid in a glass.

#4 gwest

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Posted 18 March 2011 - 06:06 AM

Thanks Baramdo. There ended up being quite a bit of tweaking to keep the "liquid" touching the inside of the glass. When it does not, then you see a bubble between the glass and the liquid. You can see it a bit in the final vid, closer to the back, where the beer meets the head. Looks like just a reflection, so I left that one. There were many more incidences of this before, much more noticeable.

Besides the random effector, to make the beer go down, and not be floating above the lip like in the first vid, I had to add a morph shrinking the upper part of the beer/head, as well as a second one to rotate those polys to keep it level with the ground, and then add a shear to then make the sides parallel with the glass, and then tweak the aforementioned morphs to expand the top of the beer to keep it touching the glass, and then a third morph tag to adjust the remaining pints that weren't touching the glass, and I still had a few spots, like mentioned, where it wasn't touching the glass, lol.

Of course, any "solution" will probably require tweaking. Granted, even from the first vid to the second, there were significant changes.

Originally I had a separate object for the moving part of the beer, and another for the bottom half of the beer. Because it's Guinness, the issue wasn't that noticeable, but there were minor variations in the refraction where they overlapped, as well as a tiny noticeable difference in transparency at the same points (Guinness isn't 100% opaque.) Originally this was because of the orientation of the effector, which effected from the bottom up. Turning it 180 degrees, I could taper off the effector so only the top of the beer was effected, which allowed me to make the beer one object again. Of course the shear had to be placed to only affect the top portion as well.

Hopefully I'll be able to simplify it even more. Next step will probably be trying to combine this with the metaball liquid stream method and see if I can make it look like it's pouring out of the glass.

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