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    • Thanks for all the Advice everyone! This forum is awesome :) A tracer is indeed the most simple solution. I figured it would have been easier baking the spline, I was wrong! Haha   So now that leaves the starts of the trail. Is there anyway I can control that?
    • Figured it out after a bit more research, indeed doesnt need the texture as lighting, just reflective material and some illumination. Also, I'm pretty sure now that the in the video he uses 2 layers (one for the cubes, one for the texture) in his VJ software (I assume Resolume). Thanks for the help!
    • Thanks for applying the principles you've been conveying into my model, and I totally see where you are coming from.   This has taught me a lesson in regards to model quality, and I've since begun a process to try and find the original CAD model, acquire a license for it, and then potentially find a better way at importing the model to C4D so that I can retain as much of the original model as possible rather than get a loss of quality as I have here. I know nothing about importing/exporting, so I'm sure that'll be a fun road to travel on once I get the CAD software.    I think I'll stick to key frames for now while I work on other components of my model to animate, but I will apply these lessons once I have a model worth of using a bounding box. One day I'd love my entire engine animation to be driven by xpresso so I can adjust the entire animation on the fly, but I suspect that'll be at least several years down the road.    Cerebera, as far as modeling a new nozzle/lobe is concerned: I'm such a noob at it, and while its totally possible, I'm going to do my best to find a proper file first to import before going down that road. I can hardly draw stick figures IRL much less model in 3D, I'm scared of it lol!
    • The main reason behind it is that I was doing a fair amount of coloring and masking in the reflectance channels. So you're right in saying that its probably not the best because you want the reflections to be dynamic, but I was looking for a way to get that information over to Unity as a starting point. I was also wondering about the Irawan layer and how to get that over.    Using the sky with all white seems to get me most of the way there. From there its probably just rebuilding the shaders in Unity.
    • As you can see from the uploaded file, I am trying to rotate the left hand, but the animation is running in the opposite direction.   I suppose this happens because I have just modelled one hand ( the right one), and the mirrored one (the left one) is all messed up.   How can I fix this? tubo 3.6 problem.c4d
    • Yeah I just told him how to do it, but very much concur that it's not a good idea in most circumstances I can think of... Additionally perhaps not wise to have lighting independent of reflections.   CBR
    • Hmmm... I'm no expert by any means in baking textures (or Unity), but why would you want a baked reflection?  Especially if you don't even want the shading from the lights in your scene baked, why would you want reflections baked onto your object?  Wouldn't you want them to be dynamic in Unity?  Seems like you just want your Color/Diffuse and Reflectance maps, not baked textures.  Can't you just create a new material in Unity and input the same maps you're already using in C4D?  I'm pretty ignorant to how Unity materials work, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it this way.
    • Don't use bake Object for this. You need Bake Texture, then you can select reflection pass... obviously there will need to be something in the scene to be in the reflections, so Sky / HDRI most usual for that...   CBR
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