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    • Check if your computer overheats. It is most likely if that happens when it only occurs when you try to render. 
      Happened to me a while ago, when I was installing a new motherboard. Totally forgot to configure the CPU fans. 
    • I would have thought what you did was the correct way, although I should check that a) you turned up the reflection depth by a suitable amount in the render settings, and b) used glass with real-world thickness. Also, how did you do the lights ?   CBR
    • Ha, I noticed that too - no - it's not people - it's a random texture thing that sort of looks like it might be :) I agree with you about the sky behind the far-most mountains, but am also struggling to know what exactly is wrong about it !    CBR  
    • If this is a legal copy of the software, then contact MAXON, who will be happy to help you.    CBR
    • I don't know where you got 50 mm from. Although the focal length of an actual human eye is down around 17mm (calculated via Optometric diopter), the standard the world works to is 22-24mm, which is the value if you calculate it from the physical refraction in the eye.   CBR
    • Hi All,   I am working on a project that requires me to build an infinity mirror. I would simply like the logo set within on side of the mirror to reflect infinitely into the box. In reality this effect is built by simply layering a piece of glass over a mirror. I did try this literal setup within c4d, and havent found the correct effect yet.  example attached. Any thoughts? Thanks for all your help.
    • Hello guys, I have a serious problem with the C4D. The problem is when I try to render some simple scene (By simple I mean just a cube,floor,3 light sources and 2 materials) I can see in the Picture Viewer that it makes calculations and after that when its starts to render my screen goes completely black and my keyboard and mouse wents off but my pc keeps still running. I have updated my C4D R18 Studio to the latest verison which is R18.057 and deleted the app installed it again 2 times and checked my drivers also the windows updates. Everything is up to date but the problem is not fixed and at this point I dont know what to do. If you guys have any idea why is this happening please help me.   My PC Specs: -Asus PRIME x370-PRO -AMD Ryzen 1700 -Asus ROG STRIX 1080Ti -16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB at 3200Mhz -Corsair RM1000i Power Supply
    • I have created a scale model of an installation that I am building. I am using a texture projected from a camera onto a model which is a series of offset planes. The intention is that the image will resolve if a person stands in a particular spot in the room. Everything is working OK except when using a 50mm camera to project the texture the person will need to stand a long way back from the installation for the image to resolve. Much further than I was expecting. Is a 50mm focal length the most accurate approximation of the human eye?
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