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    • The only way I know to blend the alpha channels of multiple mats is to tick the 'Mix Textures' option found on the material tag attributes. However, this also forces C4D to treat a material as additive to the material below it, which means that the white will be added to the blue iris making it render as a lighter tint.   I was inspired by this interesting approach to eye animation, so I decided to play around a bit. I've built a material using Layers and the Projector shader, which gives projection properties within the shader. You will see in the file that there are two projector layers, but you can probably wire both into one controller so you can control both the pupil and iris movement simultaneously with your Xpresso, then maybe another controller for just the pupil projector for sizing if you wanted to get that deep.   Annoyingly, the two projector layers render smaller than the viewport preview.  Not sure why that is, but I found that changing the projection properties on the material tag itself only affects the white background portion of the material, so you will have to play around between the tag and the projector shaders to get the iris to be proportional to the white.   vizn_eye_rig.zip  
    • Yeah second what @Fastbee said about pictures. More answers that way. Also, ZIP your scene before uploading. This can protect the file. I'm going to assume you are very new to 3D and C4D.   I was able to open your file (from an educational version of C4D). I made a couple adjustments just to show you what to look at. I changed your fence material mapping from UVW to Cubic since your fence is still a parametric object (not a mesh). It was all stretched out. I also added roundness to your square spline to give the fence some more natural edges. Nothing is real life is razor sharp. Same material change for the chainlink.    The poster I changed was simple. Select all the points and in the Set Point Value window, there is an option to Crumple. Just play with those settings. I found a poster online and also some grungy paper texture and popped it into the Alpha channel. I'm sure I could get some holes if I tried. I also put some noise in the Diffuse channel ust to add a layer of color change.   Finally, I added a Physical Sky and chose a gloomy preset and hit render. There are plenty of things to work on to make this good. I've given you some things to look at. If you don't understand what a button does, right-click to Show Help and it will take you right to that page.    Good luck.
    • Hi, I'm very sorry. I was finally able to get to this and I found out I was thinking of a Real Flow for C4d and not x particles. Sorry that I may have lead you astray.
    • So I uncheck the box in the Team Render Machines window and now it came back online and began rendering. So odd, but hey it's working for now.
    • So I'm rendering a project via Team Render. I have four Macs and one Windows 10 node. Everything's humming along nicely for over an hour, then I hear the Windows 10 box wind down. It goes offline and gives me this message:   "Downloading Asset(s)
      (Error) Download of Asset(s) failed because of: Windows System Error #11001: No such host is known. [network_ip_impl.cpp(295)]"   No idea why it dropped off. That box is running just fine. I can access the network to and from it. I restarted Team Render. I did not restart the computer yet, but still want to know why it would just stop. It's still the fastest render box I have.
    • I know this doesn't answer the question, but when I tried Iray a long time ago it was much slower than Cycles, Redshift, Octane, or Corona.  After that it died so I would assume no more work has been done on it.  Corona for c4d is free right now.  Cycles is free if you don't mind exporting your scene to blender.
    • When I tried to open the file in c4d it said unknown file format.  Dropbox might have corrupted it when uploaded.   Uploading some pictures of what you have now might be better as a starting point to get help because opening the file is an extra hassle that takes longer.  Make it as easy as possible on the person helping you when asking for help.
    • Nope. But it's strange. I opened the scene with my base mesh again. Then I subdivided the mesh to the same level. And everything works. It's similar like I've done any wrong but don't know what precisely. Any ideas? I can share the scene.
    • Fair question, but I don't actually know!? I thought it looked like a spaceship or a drone of some sort. Let's call it an 'interceptor'.

      It's really a boolean modeling exercise I banged out in about an hour with Groboto, C4D and Polygnome.  Anyone else remember Groboto? I wanted to see what I could do with these things together. I think I could make some more finished looking work than this, but I wanted to share because Polygnome is awesome and I'm having fun with it. Need to make more parts for the junkyard. The assetizer works beautifully too.
    • Nice. What was the complete pipeline? Zbrush, C4D for rigging, rendered with what engine? Animated in C4D too or exported to FBX for use in another app?
    • nice render... ...What is it?
    • Thought I would post one of my first tests with Polygnome. I LOVE this plugin. Amazing addition to the C4D toolkit!

    • Why not use Xpresso concatenation of User Data? This file requires an audio file attached (and preferably Haze of Love by Cake).   Xpresso Formula Concatenation.c4d.zip
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