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    • Personally I would feel better if they got a CEO with less experience juicing their customers for every dime.  They should have taken who they thought was the best person already in their employment and made them CEO or one of the three founders has to have a kid, grandchild, cousin, friend that truly loves C4D and wants to make it better.  There really are so many choices for CEO better than this guy from Adobe it really turns my stomach.   Here is another way to think of it.  First they make a C4D for Adobe, now get an Adobe CEO that has been at Adobe for 20 years, next part is easy to see.   I was considering getting R20, but even if it is the big one I hesitate to pay the MSA with the path they seem to be going down.
    • I have not tried this workflow, but I imagine it could be enhanced by adding a random effector to the size of the cloned spheres to make the point cloud appear more organic   
    • Sometimes C4D acts up. You can try creating a new project and importing that file and see if that solves the problem.
    • Probably a bug. I guess there's no way around it. 
    • That's awesome news.  I was one of the early testers for effete, and while powerful it was frustratingly difficult to use even for a relatively advance user.    Here's hoping we get the simple UI of x-particles to make full use of it. The liquids you could do with it were amazing, but again I found the messier overly complicated and very rarely could create the same simulation twice without having to research step by step again.    These were some of the things I did with it back then. Even had a whole bunch of tutorials (until the framework of the plugin changed)                
    •   There's a few ways you could go about this, working in an array or with symmetry  is a good approach as you literally only have to model the bare minimum.   i just quickly dropped a cylinder into the scene, gave it 6 rotational segments, cut the cap off the end where it's going to attach, and dissolved a couple of edges on the rear cap so you're left with one horizontal cut in the middle       I then did a few loop cuts to add the extra edges needed to connect to the second cylinder later     i then just selected some points and moved them to give the desired curve     i then  grabbed a second cylinder, gave it 24 segments and scaled it slightly smaller, selected both meshes  and did a connect object and delete command, then loop selected the edges on both connecting parts,  in either point or edge mode, using the stitch and sow tool holding shift and dragging a point across to bridge the gap between the two with poly's .    Then just  select all points and run an optimise command, you might also need to do an align normals also as sometimes that bridged section can have the normals reversed          then it's just a matter of adding in a few control loops to tighten up the edges like so       
    • Ditto about using UV Peeler. Just a matter of selecting an edge loop running the length of the pipe then select the UV Peeler tool. You then drag around in the viewport until you get the optimum result. Because your pipe is a weird shape you will still get some texture stretching.
    • Here's my effort doing it with the minimum number of polygons that you can achieve the shape with. I'm using edge weighting. If you wanted a slight bevel to the edges then you could either fake it with a bevel edge shader, physically bevel the edges, or crank up the sub-vision some more then mess around with edge weighting. Scene file attached.     Scene file:   Hex.zip
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