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    • I didn't look at your file, but how about something like this? tree popping.zip
    • I'm not sure what you mean either.  With stitch and sew the polys are always made the same way.  Maybe you could post some pictures of what you mean?
    • keep in mind that c4d rigging people are comparably rare, that's a good thing if you are freelancing. competition is much higher in the maya world. i'm only aware of a handful of c4d rigging people as good as you are, and given the fact that you're only into this for 2 years now i'd say your future is bright. so maybe not such a bad idea to stick with c4d, just sayin. ;)   just like dan i also suck at math, and also coding, and i'm also surprised that i'm able to understand most parts of expresso setups i look at, but i still find it hard to come up with more complex solutions in xpresso by myself. my main enthusiasm for rigging is purely the fact that i want to animate comfortably, but i don't really enjoy dealing with priorities (i guess no one does though) and the general process of debugging. and although i'm much less capable in rigging than you are i've managed to get rigging gigs every now and then. people just need to know you even exist, so don't forget to work on that as well. 
    • Hi guys, finally you can render vray c4d a small video of my personal work, I hope you like it   https://www.artstation.com/artwork/WOV2D    
    • I need to animate this rigged character pushing a lever with its two hands. The lever is already animated going up and down. Now I need to animate the character. I'm trying to do a frame by frame animation but it's long and difficult, specially since I want to make it look natural. It's especially hard to make sure the character's hands are holding the handle properly. Any tips in making this easier and more accurate? 
    • I have both disabled, i use it only to overlay edges. =\
        Well, the thing is it's not for animation purpose, i can't imagine where it would be needed to toggle it for that purpose.
      I just have some material parameters animated on static frames and then i use Photoshop script to assemble resulting frames into compositing sprite layers. So i also need few frames with edges overlay, which for i use Sketch and Toon. As to post-processing i rarely use it at all cuz mostly i just use material animation or different render settings in a batch renderer, but in this particular case, it will be just a waste of time, same as using another render setting, cuz i need just 2 frames with edges overlay enabled...
       So i rly want to find a way to toggle it thru the keyframes.
    • I would think you would best do this in post, as you can tweak the transitions and not have to completely rerender to move a frame over. You can also do a dissolve this way, which would look better than an abrupt transition from a single output. You don’t even need after effects or nuke. Any of the standard nle’s would work.
    • Hey guys,

      Just thought I'd pass along a hard-won lesson I've discovered,  using Corona for C4D Beta.    It's this:   You won't get the surface Material effects you're looking for if you plug in real-world indices of refraction to your Diffuse and Reflective channels.    Real-world values just won't give you the shine,  reflection of environment,   and "pop" you need for most renderings.  Especially on things like metal,  glass,  gemstones,  shiny plastics,   polished wood,  bodies of water   and things that should "pop" like eye corneas and lipstick on human figures.

      No,  you have to dial your Materials'  IOR values way beyond what you might suspect would be normal.    To get a convincing shiny metal or car paintflake layer---   what might be IOR 2.0 in the real world,  at the most---   you must dial in at least 15 IOR and even much,  much more...  like 30,   40,   50 IOR.     To get a "mirror" texture....  like,  a real world mirror....   the manual advises you to crank up your IOR to 999 !!!

      So,  IOR values in Corona are merely "rules-of-thumb",  haha,  even if you imagine yourself to be using PBR standards.   May this save you some time and experimentation if you're working in Corona.   One of those artistic situations in which you must "cheat" in order to get a dramatic effect.

    • GO inside the Render Settings>> Sketch&Toon>>Shading... And animate the Background (On and Off) and the Object (On and Off)     Good Luck
    • I think, you are looking for Bake Sculpt Object, this has RayCasting under the settings tabs.   So, go to Sculpt>>> Bake Sculpt Object Or go to Window>>Customization>>Customize command.... Here type "Bake Sculpt Object". I hope this helps   Good Luck
    • Looks like subdivision is on zero - try 5.
    • I'm trying to work on a scifi blaster type weapon but when I try to bevel the edges of the handle it's not working. What am I doing wrong, or is there an easier way to smooth it?

      here's a video of what it's doing Untitled 1.avi
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