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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 

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    • I’m hoping someone maybe able to help with a relatively noob question to what seems to be a very specific problem?   I have looked extensively for a solution to this and found nothing even remotely useful... I have a very basic scene with multiple objects (simple planes) in various different positions and rotations. I would like to be able to export the data of the objects as either a txt or csv file. I have managed to accomplish this with 3DS Max scripting, but there is another requirement that Max can’t seem to do. I need the resulting data to have a level of decimal precision (e.g. x:123.123456)   The end result would ideally be a txt file with all of the objects listed something like this:   object 1 position x:123.123456 y:123.123456 z:123.123456 rotation x:123.123456° y:123.123456° z:123.123456°   Object 2 position...   I have tried to export an .obj and inspect the results in a text editor, but it only provides the positions for the individual vertices which is not what I need.   I suspect that it would be a Python COFFEE script? I’m amazed that something that should be relatively easy is so exceptionally difficult to achieve??   Thank you for reading this and hopefully someone can help?
    • Ah, yes, that makes more sense. When all ram sticks are the same the included profiles are preferred, but in my case I'd need to do them all manually to get around the minor differences between the different included XMP profiles.   Thanks for the recommendation on the PSU, will definitely be getting that first!
    • Hi there   You can use cafe attachment facilities to upload files, no need for external solution :) I am not sure what you are after, maybe there is completely different approach. Is there a link to graphic or video where I can see the effect you are after?   Cheers
    • Hi,   When I mentioned not to use XMP profiles, I meant not using it when you have different sticks, like now, otherwise with same/identical sticks, you can use XMP, of course. About your PSU, I never heard about "Standard" PSU's, and seems they are not good choice. You have nice machine, go with some quality PSU, for example Seasonic Focus Gold Plus 850W or EVGA G3 850W, one of the best gold PSU's and 10/7 year warranty (I currently have SS Focus Gold Plus 850W in my machine - 7820X 4.3GHz, 2xGTX 1080 WF, 32Gb DDR4 RAM, CM MasterLiquid 240, bunch of 140mm vents, and it's fantastic PSU).   Cheers, Danijel
    • If your scene have no background, make sure to choose "Alpha/ straight - unmatted" in Interpret footage option.
    • Update: I changed the Plain effector for another Shader effector to give the whole animation a ripple/wave effect which works nicely   Still struggling with getting the effect to translate across all the    ... Latest file attached   https://www.dropbox.com/s/irnyiksvr338cp5/Metal Mesh 3.c4d?dl=0
    • Can anyone explain why the IK Goal in the attached scene file isn't following the final joint in the chain please? I need to be able to animate the goal null in the Y Axis so that the joint chain moves up and down from it's tip while simultaneously wrapping around the cylinder object.   I've enabled the "Constrain Goal" option in the IK settings, and initially the goal will follow the joint chain, but after a few frames it stops.     IK Chain.c4d
    • It is set up the only way I know. Drag the sky into the environment slot. There is something strange going on in those areas. I not sure I have that scene anymore to check it out. I was going to see if there was too much reflection in the image since there is a lot of color spilling from the side of the cars. Not sure though.
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