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    • Flawless and inspiring!! I love that you even included where the rain has gotten his shirt wet.   I would love to see this guy animated. Sat at his desk completed un-motivated by his tedious job.
    • Great work mate. Would love to see the topology.
    • @AbdulrahmanHave you been doing 3D long? The only reason I ask is that although possible to do these things it will take years of experience and a lot of in between stages to get close. When I first started I wanted to make grand animations like your examples and what I found was sorely disappointed when I realised that I would have to do much more work to get there. Many years later and I am still not there but still working at it.   Another thing that will work against you if you are on your own doing it is the time it takes to render animations. If you have access to a / or can afford to hire  a  render farm then fine, if you are running on one machine even with top hardware it is going to be a slow process.   Basically don't be too disheartened by the guaranteed setbacks. It will take determination and a lot of patience to get where you want to be. What I am doing these days is doing lots of little projects with a focused goal in mind in different disciplines and eventually will try and put it all together to make something I can be proud of.   goodluck
    • That really helps to know in a little further information, as yes...a short-ish explanation is what I got from them. They have been very good on the whole, with customer service however!   I think I managed to find the problem glass texture. It was fine in one or two of the sub takes, but I couldn't have updated the main take, to filter it through all of the renders!   On speaking with Evermotion about the DR problem, they have also been really good and are looking in to the models I have currently.   Thank you for all of your help, this community really is a brilliant place to get things explained!
    • so this will probably  be the final, I may end up tweaking a couple of things , mainly because I don't know when to leave things alone :D any critiques or comments are welcome. make sure to view it full size (clicking 3 times) to catch a look at all the little details;)   V  
    • Tutorials that demonstrate the entire workflow are few and far between, and most cost money because it takes about 16-20 hours of video to go through it all. However you can learn it piecemeal for free by searching Youtube for 'c4d rigging', 'c4d character animation' etc   You will find (in general) 2 types of C4D rigging tutorials - ones that use the joints system, and ones that use the character object (also the joints system, but hidden behind some easy to use character setup tools). You should look at both types.   Here's a good one to start you off with the character object / C-motion.   CBR
    • No, but also sort of yes. C4D is not a nurbs modeller so can't give you anything like the amount of control you'd get with Rhino, but Cinema does do slightly nurbsy things with its loft object. There is also the Coons Mesh available from MAXON labs, which generates patch surfaces between neighbouring splines, or for bit more cash, there is SplinePatch, which does offer cage based modelling in its latest incarnation.   CBR
    • No. Cinema 4D does not have Nurbs. However you can use the Splinepatch plugin with a spline cage and do something similar although it takes longer than doing it with a Nurbs modeller.
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