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    • another excellent production, you do this so well.
    • God, thank you very very much!   Everything is solved!
    • Done I guess!  I didn't rush through this by any means and it pointed out some things I improving with but still need to work on. Like walking characters... I think I tend to exaggerate walks because of my Dramatic reading series where everything is exaggerated! I have  a couple Poe's tales on the back burner, they will stay there for now I want to work on a couple new characters and hoping a new series plus a new Dramatic reading short.  I HATE my voice but it's all I had for this one, sorry!     
    • Spend quite some time to turn the concept plugin into a usable one. It's always the little things that take the most time to do, so getting a release-ready plugin required many things to be polished-up from the concept version. With that out of the way, I sat down and started designing the configuration part of the plugin. I envisioned a full graphical, drag-n-drop user interface ... but as this would require some time to implement, I went instead for a very low level and less time consuming solution. While not being a fancy nor state of the art configuration window, the user can now specify the tools to be made selectable.
      I hope the configuration window is self explanatory, but if needed I will provide for a short tutorial video, showing how to set things up. (in the meantime I did a short video ...)
          Tested on R16 and R19 only, but I expect no issues with R17 nor R18. While in theory every available (native) tool in Cinema 4D could be inserted in the Wheel of Tools, I have only tested some selection and modeling tools.
      I might expand the functionality of this plugin in a later version (provide "double" wheels, extra "layers", options, presets, ...) for now I will leave it as is, and see what the general response will be. And may even rename the plugin into "Toolbelt".   Earlier today, I had posted this message, and had provided a first beta. While making the demonstration video above I realized the plugin had a major fault. As such, I removed the download as well as the whole post. It didn't make much sense to report anything without the actual (beta) plugin being available. So, I took the time to fix some things, re-record a demonstration video, and upload the whole thing all over ... as beta 2:   (anyone having downloaded previous beta, do yourself a favour and throw it away ... download this one instead)
      A "first" beta version (windows only for now):   WheelOfTools beta 2.zip     Just press the "ESC" key.  
    • Search the Timeline for the keys responsible. Some things get inadvertently keyframed so check your Position keys.
    • Hello, i have a proyect in cinema 4d in wich i have a tracking. All is fine and good, but, when i export it in mp4 or images its moving around and drifting. What can i do?
    • Sculpting/same polycount/animation/deformer maybe could be the way. I mean something like in this video from one tool of 4D Publish plugin created by Kent Barber ("kbar" here on forum)    
    • Perfect job Daniel, Could be implement option for "disable" plugin by pressing same shortcut as call/enable plugin? (currently need to use/select some of tools in wheel. //or add "closing" icon into radial wheel as default for cases when plugin is called by user mistake/accidenatlly pressed shortcut)
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