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    • Hi, As the title siaid. I found some Instructions on redshift help website.  https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Baking   But it did not have detailed steps.   How to Creating Bake Sets in C4D, and how to Executing Baking?   Thanks.    
    • Paha yea gotta love the balls! good to see you're still kicking around this place,even though it's not as often ;)
    • fun character!   Gotta love the details, especially second picture, left character =D Ha!
    • I had a quick Google for Python dictionary and came up with this - make sure you get the correct curly/square brackets (and compile after editing)   lookup.c4d   in Python, you should also check in menu - script - console for error messages
    • Jed, Thank you !   The removal of that extra = solved my problem !   I've also read that C.O.F.F.E.E. is going to go from the next version of C4D but when I searched the net for python info it seemed a bit daunting to get into for my current project. I will, however, explore it deeply once this one's over.   Thanks again for your help.   Lauri
    • I use Python, so this is just a guess. In Python double equal is reserved for an equality test, single equal is used to assign a value   if Input1 == 'A': Output1 = '1' If you've never used Coffee or Python, maybe you should learn the latter - there's more Python videos on YouTube, and I think Coffee is being phased out of C4D.   Although I don't use them, in Python there's 'dictionary' - which is like a list of data pairs that can work as a look-up table to save all the if-this then-that typing.
    • I'm trying to make a scrabble tile rig that, amongst other things, changes the text of my motext "number" based on the "letter" that's been entered in the user data.   i.e.: The User data has a field for the letter which will appear on the tile and I want this letter to determine the value, (another motext item)   A=1  B=3  C=3  D=2 etc..   I've tried using C.O.F.F.E.E. (never used it before) but I can't seem to get a string out. This, extremely short, bit of code is what I tried...     main()
      { if (Input1=="A")
      } if (Input1=="B")
      } if (Input1=="C")
      } if (Input1=="D")
      }   Input1 is from the user data letter string   Both input and output are set to "string" The editor says no errors The results node (set to string) remains empty   I've tried using just one "if" (for A only) but that doesn't work either   A results node showing the user data for the letter shows the letter entered     I'm sure I'm making a schoolboy error somewhere, but I can't see it.   Any help is welcome   Thanks    
    • Because 3D is such a vast area, very few people can be brilliant at all aspects of it in one lifetime. So, everyone needs a good level of understanding in their target software generally, and then they should specialize in the few things they really like doing so that their showreel has more of that sort of work in it, and attracts the sort of jobs you actually want to do.   I specialised in SDS modelling about 10 years ago, and now nearly all my work is that.   Now, if you are more interested in explosions and smoke and fire and more VFX end of all this, then modelling is not so important you, and you can get away with only basic skills there. If you are using Cinema and want to do this then your specialisations should be XParticles, dynamics and Xpresso, Rendering, Compositing / Post work.   But if that IS what really floats your boat then C4D might not be the best software for you - it can't really do high-end VFX without help from external plugins like TFD, Xparticles and Realflow, whereas something like Houdini is far more VFX oriented and has all that built in right out of the box...   CBR
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