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    •   Thanks, I am currentky using the 2nd version to test it out but it does seem strong and durable.    There is a new one ready to print which shaves 5mm from the total thickness but at the cost of 2 pockets from 1 side.   The design is boring though so now I have the mechanics and proof of concept working I actually need a compelling design to make it worth it.   What it isn't though is a viable product for mass production as they take way too long to print. Materials wise though they are really quite cheap not counting electricity usage.
    • Moved to the correct section, which is not 'the job Line' where you posted this originally ! That is only for offering paid work.   CBR
    • Hello guys, Here is my first character model that I made using Cinema 4D. I am new to the world of 3D modelling and animation still learning. I thought sharing it with you people. I know there are lots of imperfections in it like shoes and dress but its in progress and will be improved.    I learned from lynda.com and youtube. Now learning to rig from Pluralsight.    Any advise and suggestions are always welcome   Thanks
    • 1) Selection tools - Double clicking any type of component,  in any type of transform  and selection tool to select loops and rings just like in Maya. Partial loop and ring selection again just a matter of double clicking the end of the loop or ring.   A key modifier to temporary activate that thing called Live selection (In Maya its the tab key).  Rectangle selection doesn't need to be a different tool just drag a damn square in any selection tool  or transform tool you  might happened to be.   2) Modeling tools -  Advanced  and refined : Circularize, Bridge and Wedge (Hinge from edge)  just like in Maya - Precision tools for adjusting "loops" post factum  and fixing topology like all the freaking 3ds max Loops Panel lol  - Set Flow, Make Planar, View Align, Grid align 3ds Max wise   3) A Refined and consistent Symmetry mode for most of the modeling tools. (partial symmetry supported ) and some tools of that like.   How is the Cinema 4d  workflow for Open subdiv ?  What about smoothing groups. I would add thse as well  but Im not familair with how C4D use them Any equivalent for them. Max really excell at this with lots  of selection and crease sets management   So yeah mostly modeling stuff from what i happened to  figure it out in the program by now coming from a  different background ( some modelling in Max, Uv maping and Motion graphics done in Maya).    Regarding Motion graphics I couldnt help myself  not noticing how slow is the viewport compared to the sexy 2.0 of  Maya which is so weird considering  its C4D (the) main  motion graphic app that has to handle lots of objects and dynamics simulations) Furthermore,  at this Point, MASH seems way more powerful than Mograph and the Mainframe dev continues to deliver very consistent updates. It has a lot of potential  for Modelling purposes as well (I suspect  in the future the MASH editor will somehow suplement the lack of Max modifier stack).  It will probably be a away more advanced procedural modeling than Max stack but Maya it will do it in its own Frankestein-ish way (to be read very convoluted).   I dont know why motion graphic artists say MASH has a a cumbersome workflow. First of all assuming you have a minimal experience with  Maya youll notice that motion graphics seem to its by far the simplest,fastest and  most interesting thing you can do  with the program in order to achieve some decent results. Back then  when MASH it was first integrated I was  stunned how easily is to replicate these UI aniamtions (you can get them free from Autodesk Creative Market) and other cool medical animations.       I would like to see these new level of control MASH brought to the table and  that viewport performace  improvement but I keep my expectations very low Same for the UV mapping tools. 
    • You'd be better off dropping the objects in link lists and driving the whole thing from one iterator.   Xpresso2.c4d   or use one hierarchy to drive the other 2   Xpresso3.c4d
    • Hi   I opened your file but i'm having a little difficulty understanding the purpose of these controllers. I suggest you to try to use the IK spline because it's a little simpler.  
    • Well there's a gap in my knowledge banks plugged ! Thanks, jbat :)   CBR
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