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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:

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    • I've never seen this one before. I'm trying to make some windows on a ship hull but I can extrude faces outward, but when I go to extrude IN it won't go. I even tried extruding out away from the main hull and then extruding in once again, still nothing. What gives?    
    • Apart from using Quantizing I suggest working in actual Lego sizes and using the Lego scaling system i.e. 1 brick length is 8mm and height is in multiples of 3.2mm. Then what I do is change the grid to 8mm spacing so that you can snap to the grid and then use quantizing set to 3.2mm for vertical positioning.   Hope this helps.  
    • thanks for your time..   I think you may be looking at a file from earlier in the thread .. I had to send a link w all the textures in a folder which should be the last one I sent.. the first screenshot is where the project is and you can see that all of the textures are all linked.. and in the second screenshot you can see the that the paneling is still grayish.. still wondering why that is   also I'm not sure what you mean "are you used more renderers at the same time".. I'm just using the physical renderer.. does it look like I'm doing something wrong?
    • That should do the trick, I'll try it. Will update my profil! OH MY GOD, found out what the problem was. I'm using HB modeling bundle and he modified the move tool so you have to Shift Click to Enable Quantize Snapping or something like that, and the E shortcut defaulted to HIS tool rather than the usual move tool. Eureka!
    • Hey,   I have two meshes of the same character, one base subd mesh rigged (left) , one subdivided lv1 with morphs unrigged (right). Both have almost identical UVs, the shapes are the same, the points are quadrupled for the subdivided mesh.   Is there a way to transfer the Joint Weights from the rigged character over to the non-rigged subdivided one using where the joint colours would appear on the UV? I thought VAMP might work but I believe the transfer is based on closest points as opposed to UV points.

      Any suggestions? All knowledge welcome.   Cheers, Jai
    • Hello , here is a screen shot that may help you fix the problem (I have had this problem before , and it drove me crazy LOL )
    • Open texture manager, select all missing textures, relink textures (navigate to folder where are stored all picture files). Result isn´t good since there are still missing some textures. These textures are not attached in your textures folder, so  you need to find these textures and put them into folder where are all others. In case you save scene with project assets, will be saved whole scene with texture files (inside "tex" folder next scene file)     btw, in your attached scene are used more renderers at the same time....???  
    • we're running till the end of the month to give late starters some more time to finish, you'll notice that now there's a final entries tab, in the club menu, courtesy of @Igor so i'll be creating a final entries topic for the fly hook challenge and future challenges. so 1 final rendered image and 1 wireframe mesh shot to be submitted as part of your final entries :D
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