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    • I'm on my phone not at home.  What version of cd are you using?   Dan
    • Glad you got it working, although it was HSrdelic's suggestion to make a rig, not mine. I learnt the time offset trick from Ej Hassenfratz who runs https://www.eyedesyn.com a while ago and found it useful on a few projects.    I think it's great that your projects have a definite goal in mind, I often find I retain what I learn from those sorts of projects, either commercial or personal because they're so challenging, and can take a few approaches to get a working file.
    • Hi I'm trying to get verts in a pose morph to behave when they are deformed by a posed rig and I want to push them into the desired direction using the pose morph tag. Think elbow being bend and the inside verts should be pushed out.  When the rig deformation is extreme obviously the vert deform axis are no longer as they appear on screen. Is there a way around this so that Z stays Z on a deformed vert in a pose morph? I have attached a simple example and uploaded a video here https://youtu.be/IDzDEq7PFxY   Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks Philip pose morph.c4d
    • To do that, I use pySerial. I started with this tutorial here: http://pushbuttons.io/blog/cinema4d-ardunio-pan-tilt-servo You should also pay attention to the comment section. But do consider, that serial communication slows down you micro controller a lot. If you send a lot of data over serial, especially when using Stepper Motors,  it will slow down the speed drastically.    But anyway, I'll try using FK for now ... but I fell like it will be a pain in the ass :/
    • A couple of issues: First, I'm missing the dirt map you're using in the platform (blue) material reflection roughness channel. It might not make a big difference in this situation, but it helps to have all textures to be sure we're working with the same setup. The easiest way to do that is to 'Save Project with Assets' from the File menu. This will package everything into one tidy zip archive.    Second, the camera ISO is only active when Physical renderer is used. The file you attached is set to Standard where ISO is disabled. My initial test of the scene looks noticeably darker than your example, so again not sure I'm working with the same setup that you've shown.   In the meantime, I tried using Light Mapping in secondary which seemed to help, but testing is limited because of the stated discrepancy issues.
    • Hi,   I try to build a rig which automatic rotates a sphere dependen on the distance.

      the perfect case would be if its dependend on velocity.

      Here is my current xpresso setup, this only works in x direction.
      When I try to add the z axis, everything get screwed up.

      Did anyone already a similiar setup?

    • @Fastbee hey man. would you take a look at this image also? just how to begin the lighting? is it sky with custom colors? which material should set for lake to exclude from all those purple? btw here is the animation for the last issue u might like to see. i did not use volumetric at all and seems its nicer this way: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mklmw2h2yweuma3/doll house.mp4?dl=0
    • Thanks. yea very nice one: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/interface/grease_pencil/introduction.html but demands intall and learn new software. its kinda confusing when im just on c4d for 3 months :/
    • By the way, I forgot to mention how geeked I am about your project!  This is something I've been dreaming about trying for a while (not the elephant trunk specifically, but controlling real life motors with C4D).
    • The proclivity to form spirals isn't the problem. It is an artistic installation and its not about precise control over the movements, roughly is enough for this use case. Although, I understand it might be easier to use 4 strings; but this is a part that cannot be changed right now :/
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