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About this blog

Digital Meat is a training resource for Cinema 4D and Unity users, I also cover plugins for Cinema 4D.

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Entries in this blog


In this Cinema 4D Video tutorial we take a look at The Shadow Catcher Shader. Not only can this Shader export our shadows with an alpha channel, it can also export reflections too. I also address a problem in which exporting shadows using the Physical Renderer appears not to work.



In this video we take a look at all the awesome features that are new to Cinema 4D R19. There have been many updates and improvements including, Viewport Enhancements, LOD object, and Pro render just to name a few. please view the links below for my video sources.



In this Realflow for Cinema 4D we take a look at the Collider Tag, This tag allows us to make geometry be taken into account with particle interaction. we can also define the surface of our collider object, whether it is rough or smooth or if it has a high friction or not.



In this video tutorial of Realfow for Cinema 4D we dive into the settings for the Magic Daemon. This Daemon effectively turns an object into an Attractor, but with the added bonus of being able to tweak the approach and escape velocity so we can sculpt our forces for the desired look.



In this video tutorial we take another look at the Realflow for Cinema 4D plugin. We specifically look at the DSpline Daemon. This Daemon allows us to control particles along a spline path using forces, these forces can be mixed to control the rotation of particle around a spline, and the strength of the attraction towards the spline.



Hey Guys and Girls! I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know about the current state of Digital Meat and where i hope to take it in the future with your support. Please comment below because i would really love to know what you think, all thoughts are welcome.

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