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About this blog

A blog about 4D Publish showing the features and workflows.





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Hi everyone,


For those people who have an HTC Vive this may be of interest to you. I did a bit of work on the VR viewer over the weekend and added in some new features. 


  • You can now grab and inspect any object in your scene
  • Teleport around your scene
  • Create a custom tool pallete using a Canvas and apply it to any object in your scene. Click on the buttons to activate the tool in Cinema 4D. Or pick it up and click on buttons when its in your hand.
  • Tell an object that its a tool. Then just click on the object to activate the tool.


These additions will make it possible to now write tools in VR and create your own custom tool palletes and UI to control them. I will also add in some popup style UI options and also temporary ones that fade out over time. 


This makes it possible for you to prototype interesting game style UI directly in Cinema 4D then see and feel how it is in VR. When your happy with it then you can export it out to Unity or Unreal engine and hook it all up there. 


It also allows me to  start adding in the actual tool functionality soon so you can start modeling and texturing directly in VR and have your changes mirrored in C4D itself. 


If you have any wish list of features you would like to see in VR then just let me know. ie Tilt brush, Quill, Volumetric sculpting.  


In an ideal world where everyone had a VR setup, what would you like to do most when it comes to being a 3D artist.





This video goes over the new features coming to the next update of 4D Publish. The features are designed to help users who like to use both the Sculpting and Painting systems. Allowing you to use your sculpting masks and sculpted layers to help in your texturing workflows. There are also a few other additions, fixes and optimizations. 





This tutorial will take you though sculpting and using the mask and inflate tools, grab brush, mirroring masks, painting using 4D Publish paint tools, rendering with octane and HDR environments using Texture Connections.





This tutorial goes over setting up a basic workspace for sculpting and painting, then takes you through a quick sculpt using custom stamps. Next you will learn how to use the 4D Publish painting tools to paint up your model, change HDR images for octane and paint with live updates to the Octane Live View. www.4dpublish.com






This video goes over how to get started with some basic sculpting, using the sculpting symmetry dialog to mirror your sculpting to the other side of the model and finally how to paint the model, while its still a live sculpt, using the Symmetrical Painting features of the 4D Publish Paint Brush.




This video shows a quick workflow for creating uvs for your object by dragging and dropping an object (or its uv tag) onto a canvas. You can also move UVs around add change the uv line color, thickness and opacity for previewing the uvs. 



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