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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 

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There are many time tracking apps and what not, but for me personally i find it very helpful to just set a timer and a small goal.

Its kinda like the pomodoro technique. I’ll ussually use 25min timers, and go: “i will do these 3 points of revisions in the next 25 minutes”.

I also do the same thing for breaks. I’ll set myself 12 minutes to check out forums or what not. And setting a timer helps there. Or do some cleaning around the house for 25 minutes.

So why am i writing this? Well there is this website called e.ggtimer.com, the handy thing about it, is you can set the timer with a url, so i have these handy timers in my bookmark bar on my brower.


Hope you find this useful!



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Here i cover how to use Sub surface scattering to get a softern skin effect. Also cover using Inverse AO as an alternative and using fresnel in both hair and silk materials.

Check out my glass render tutorial here: http://ace5studios.com/glass

and the progressive render stuff at: http://ace5studios.com/progressive-rendering-and-render-settings/

rigged stock characters: http://ace5studios.com/5j


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Fully rigged #Bony4D character for cinema 4D

Bony Cinema 4D character rig ace5 studios



Check out the new Beefy Rig for cinema4D. When i released the first one i wasn’t that good at rigging, and had Brett Do it, but since them ive improved a lot, and developed my own style of rigging, and even taught Maria how to do it too. So i decided beefy deserves to be ri-rigged in the Ace5 studios way. So here it is, enjoy!


The original Character and rig was made by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin

Hint: Bind “reset psr” to an easy shortcut if you haven’t yet 

	<ul class='ipsList_inline ipsSpacer_top'>
		<li><strong><a href='https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/blogs/entry/482-ultimate-bony4d-cinema4d-character-rig/' title=

  • Vozzz

    Well it’s a bit belated, but its been a bit of a busy Christmas time here.

    So here is a fun little rig with some christmas balls :)))

    Best Wishes for the new year!
    -Maria and Aleksey


    download here:

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