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About this blog

This blog is made from my continuous endeavour to learn many aspects of Cinema 4D deep enough for production use.  I have already made many videos started with the hair system, and continue to explore other areas directed at primarily character creation and animation.  I will adapt, and change what ever is needed in order to stay current, and to attain accuracy in accordance to any error.





Entries in this blog


Nonlinear Animation

Here is a video showing C4D Nonlinear animation system.  I cover some basic aspects of animation first, then we look deeper into Retargeting, Mixamo, then into Motion clips.   C4D NLA -  Motion Clips   -------------- Watch on Youtube here for direct chapter linking found in the video info (Show More) tab------------- 1: intro 0:00:00
what this chapter will cover.
Basics of key frames and frame rates
Brief workflow with Mixamo
Non Linea Animation system
2: Animation basics 0:00:31
Basic Animation  (Ball)
keyframes (interpolation types) time stretch alt drag selected)
frame range
fps in projects
limitations of retargetting
working with mixamo 0:23:16   3: Re-targeting  0:19:40   What is re-targeting
what are its usages
what is the limitations   4: Motion clips (Nonlinear Animation) 0:30:58
what are motion clips?
Motion clips is C4D method of NLA.  It allows you to contruct a entire animation from multiple individual animations.
what can you do with motion clips?
convert key frame animation to clips retaining or deleting original frames
move animation using pivots without effecting the animation
composite multiple clips on a single layer
composite multiple clips on multiple layers
transition between clips
speed up and slow down animations
merge multiple clips into one
convert single or multiple clips into keyframes
convert multiple clips to a new motion clip
save and load single, or motion clips sets for later use
Applying Motion Clips 32:56:00
From a object
From a joint hierachy
how to make motion  clips from mocap data 0:37:15
from joint hierachy
how to navigate the time line and its interface 0:40:46
alt + right mb zoon in out
alt + middle mb pan
S = frame view to slected clips
H = frame all clips
O = frame view to current time   Display Options 0:42:04
how to view different aspects with the motion view (motion system menu/motion view)
View summery path (select motion clip tag check option view summery path)   Using pivot objects 0:44:05
How to add a Pivot object via atributes (pelvis location)
Why add oa pivot from animation menu (at feet)
How to move them using keys (move and manual key add)
How to switch from one to another with keys (relay race) (attributes/advanced Pivot key frame)
changing pivot colours (pivot basic tab/display colour) how to loop clips 0:53:00
Loop on spot animation
Loop in motion How to cut/splt clips, and limitations for looped clips (ctrl cuts before shift cut after) 1:04:12
cant cut looped clips (limitation)
how to bake looped clips and why you need to in order to cut clips 1:07:16
Why bake? (cant cant looped clips) (less pivot objects)
Getting around baking issues of rotating joints 1:10:05
convert to  motion scource (unlike bake which keeps it on timeline it will make a new combined clip for later use)
how to add layers
how to move clips between layers. (shift key)
how to transition betwene layers. (transistion tool)
How to keyframe layer strength (Alt Key click on key button)
how to transition between clips on one layer (overlap one clip into another)
how to change the transisiton curvs (only works for transition clips)
how to make walk paths (Align to spline) 1:31:39
how to time walk paths turning off spline interpolations.
compound complex clips into a single clip (unlike bake clips it wont include looping)
add moion source to quickly make new clips in dope sheet   Visual aids 1:36:01 add markers
Addtask notes
refference colours to markers
Using Book markers to zoom to areas of time line (Book mark menu)      




C4D Hair System

This is the first post in which I cover the hair system within C4D.  Here is a set of videos I made a while ago which covers most aspects of the Hair system.   C4D Hair: (11 Videos)    



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