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Timer – productivity quicktip



There are many time tracking apps and what not, but for me personally i find it very helpful to just set a timer and a small goal.

Its kinda like the pomodoro technique. I’ll ussually use 25min timers, and go: “i will do these 3 points of revisions in the next 25 minutes”.

I also do the same thing for breaks. I’ll set myself 12 minutes to check out forums or what not. And setting a timer helps there. Or do some cleaning around the house for 25 minutes.

So why am i writing this? Well there is this website called e.ggtimer.com, the handy thing about it, is you can set the timer with a url, so i have these handy timers in my bookmark bar on my brower.


Hope you find this useful!



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I use Toggl for recording my time but have never thought of using a timer, I'm going to give it a go, thanks.

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Me too! I use Toggl and review my time allocation at the end of every week. But never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing!

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I use ProjectTimer, the paid Pro version. You can have multiple projects and switch between them to track what your spending your time on. The Pro version also lets you print out PDF reports that you can give to clients to show your time worked. This works really well for me and I would recommend it for anyone who wishes to track their time for projects. However I believe it is Windows only.





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