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I hadn't viewed a Hair video since 3D Fluff put out a boxed version with a simpler (and less manageable) workflow. Well done and very useful! A further exploration  of the Hair editing tools would be welcome (tweaking Hair objects that were created before watching your tutorials).

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Thanks guys.  I added another tutorial on NLA, the blog seems to hide posts quite well.



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17 hours ago, bentraje said:

@Anthony Owen I think Rectro provided grooming tools included in the video. 

Yes, grooming tools were explained very well and some were demoed but I refer to the Edit tools that were explained but not demoed. My chief interest would be to clean up hairlines that are jagged from the selection not being smooth.

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I do intend on making a video tutorial on going trough making a hair style from beginning to render.  For long hair styles I make sure that the collision radius is set higher so there is initially more volume to the hair. I then use the smooth brush which smooths but flattens it back, and I dont add too many segments too early.  Layers are crucial for long hair styles more so.



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